Ainawi Fans are the Key Motive for the Boss’ Superiority.. Mohannad El Enezi: The Coming Back of the “International” Players Enhances the Boss’ Sticking Force Against Al Wahda


Al Ain’s “international” defender, Mohannad El Enezi, stressed that it is important to win the postponed matchweek 13 against Al Wahda scheduled on Sunday 10th February 2019. “It is important for us to win the coming match to clinch the title of the current season and achieve the desired goals by the end of the season.”

“The return of “international” players to the squad will boost the team’s power and give us the motive to achieve the desired goals and make the Ainawi Nation happy,” he added.

He also stated that the head coach has already set up the plans in the training sessions to ensure achieving the great positive result on Sunday.

Mohannad stated: “We all have trust in receiving the massive support from Player No. 1 to realize Al Ain’s aspirations. The Ainawi Nation is always the main reason behind achieving the great positive results, especially we are used to seeing them in massive numbers in the standings of the stadium in such big matches. We all are required to defend the logo of the “Boss”.”