Al Ahbabi is Ainawi Until 2024.. Bandar Al Ahbabi: So Proud to Wear the Boss’ Badge


Thanks for All the Fans for their Great Support
Not All the News Right and I am Loyal Ainawi
Some Anticipations Are Far Away from Facts and Interpretations of Certain Messages are Not Right
Leaving Al Ain FC was the Most Difficult Decision I have Ever Taken

Al Ain Club has officially announced renewing the contract of Al Ain team and UAE National Football Team player, Bandar Al Ahbabi, for additional five seasons ended by 2024. He is the fifth player to renew his contract during the current week, in addition to the Japan’s Shiotani, Khalid Eisa, Ahmad Barman and Mohammed Ahmad.

Al Ahbabi expressed his pleasure to renew his contract until 2024 stressing that it is an honor for each player who has such a chance for Al Ain is a big team with a prestigious history full of great local and regional achievements. “Being Ainawi means you have to raise the ceiling for your ambitions to win more titles locally and internationally. I wish all my teammates all the best and be able to achieve the team’s big goals. For me, I have the desire to play my last match while wearing Al Ain jersey as a sign of appreciation to the Club that adopted my talent gave me everything.”

Commenting on certain media reports on signing to another club, he said: “Indeed, I received several offers from other clubs as any other player who enters his last six months of his contract, but already I made up my mind. Wearing Al Ain’s logo is an honor and I did explain to the club management that the priority will be always for Al Ain and not all news is right all the time.”

As for his recent tweets that were interpreted that he is leaving the team and other said he will stay, he commented: “My desire is to stay with Al Ain even before entering the last six months of my contract or during that period as simply it is Al Ain. Those who know Bandar are well aware that I will never leave the team as I am loyal to the team which means a lot for me. However, some anticipations are far away from facts and interpretations of certain messages are not right.”

“The confidence of the Club’s management in my skills gives me high motive and raise the bar for me to achieve the team’s goals. I know what I am meant to do next season to prove that I am able to meet the expectations of everyone. As I stated earlier, my aspirations are unlimited and will do my best to achieve my personal aspirations and with the help of my teammates we will make all the fans happy.”

In response to a question on his professional experience he gained during his career with Al Ain and other clubs, he said: “Since I was playing in the Al Ain Football School, my goal was clear, that is to join the first team and pushed myself to the limit to achieve my ambitions; indeed football sometimes rewards you! In 2013, I moved to Al Dhafra and that was a great experience where I obtained my international badge. Then I moved to Bani Yas and my ambitions were great and did well with the team until 2016 when I availed the opportunity to come back to Al An.”

“The most difficult decision I took was to leave my first home, Al Ain Club, in the 2012-2013 season. At that time, I was still immature young player and was required to redouble my efforts and prove that I enjoy quality skills. Thanks God, it was a successful experience,” he said.

On the most difficult moments he experienced in his career with Al Ain, he said: “That was in the 2010/2011 season, when the team faced great and massive challenges led to a significant drop in its results and we had to fight to stay in the league. At that season, the players were still young and immature, and they lack the experience of playing in the league. Also, in 2016 when we ended as runners up of the AFC Champions League and failed to clinch the title although we were so close to do so.”

Al Ahbabi also stated that the moments he spends with the team and every title he won are his happiest moments. “For me, all the matches we played in the FIFA Club World Cup were historical and unforgettable ones.”

He added that Al Ain’s match against Esperance Sportive de Tunisia is a memorable one and the goal I scored in that math will stay in mind for ever.

Bandar addressed a message to the fans by stating that we owe all the fans a better apology. “We are required to apologize to the fans of Al Ain for the poor results following the end of the FIFA Club World Cup though such a case is normal in the world of football. However, Al Ain is a big team and own the tools and potentials to recover soon and back stronger than ever.”

Al Ahbabi signed off by expressing his sincere thanks to the fans for all their support for him and the team in all conditions promising them to do their best next season to clinch titles and be back to the coronation stages.