Al Ain Club Files A Protest Against “VAR” Decisions and Calls Upon PLC to Intervene While There’s Still Time


Recurrent referees’ questionable decisions and failure to deal with the VAR technology, which is basically adopted to establish the principle of justice and the concept of fair play have cost the Club a lot and resulted in losing seven points to date, Al Ain Club announced in an official statement published on its website and social media platforms by the end of their matchweek 7 of AGL against Bani Yas.

“Not speaking out against the mistakes led to the repetition of committing mistakes,” Al Ain Club stated.

“Th Club would not play the role of the apathetic spectator in the UAE sport system, considering its significant position and great responsibilities which the Club has always been holding locally and continently.

Al Ain Club pointed out that the imbalance of using VAR technology is overt and imposed a new reality. “One of the competitors should play against its opponent plus the VAR!”

Indeed, the VAR has proved to be a successful technology in numerous competitions and fulfilled the desired goals of using it. However, the situation in our local leagues has been different. “The VAR harms the referees’ performance. This raises concerns and antipathy of using the state-of-the-art technologies that keep pace with the indices of development in the world of football.”

Al Ain concluded its official statement by calling upon the UAEFA to fulfill their promises in furnishing a reply to Al Ain’s recent protest focused mainly to further improve the referees’ performance in using the VAR.

Al Ain Club also called upon the UAEFA and PLC for early intervention while there is still time to get things back to the right track. “UAEFA and PLC are to protect the member clubs, players, and the UAE National Football Team from such mistakes committed by referees who do not have complete mastery of using the VAR. We have to keep in mind that clubs have been allocating weighty financial budgets to achieve their pre-set goals and defend honorably the name of the UAE in regional and international competitions and make their fans happy. This shows that the damage exceeds losing the points of matches.”