Al Naser: The Match Will Not Be Broadcasted for Technical Considerations


“The main grounds behind not broadcasting the team’s friendlies is due to a decision taken by the coaching team. They decided to play all matches in Slovenia behind closed doors,” the Manager of the Media Center of Saudi Arabia’s Al Ettifaq, Khaled Al Nasser, pointed out.

Al Naser said that all past matches of the team were played behind closed doors based on an agreement with the head coach Khalid Al Atwi with all other managers of the teams which Al Ettifaq played against in the current away training camp in Slovenia.”

“We all in the Media Center strived hard to keep all the loyal fans posted about the latest news of the team. We provide them with full media coverage services. However, we abide by the decision to play the friendlies with no spectators allowed to attend,” Al Naser added.

He confirmed that his team’s past three matches in Maribor training camp were not transmitted for the same reasons. He signed off: “We communicated with Al Ain management and agreed not to do so for the same reasons.”