Confirmed Barman Will Not Play Against Hatta.. Leko: I Have A Passion for Challenges and Show No Fear of Piling Pressures


Al Ain’s head coach opened the pre-match press conference of his team’s match against Hatta by describing the days that follow the FIFA days as often “difficult”. “During these days, six players joined the UAE national football teams, and they rejoined the squad recently, and things became better. However, Barman will not play against Hatta as he returned injured and needs further medical tests and treatment.”

When asked if he analyzed the opponent’s performance, he said: “Sure, we analyzed the opponent’s five past matches and identified its strengths and weaknesses. We all know what we are meant to do to win the opponent.”

“Football game always rewards the team that performs better and enjoys the qualities of high focus and determination to win,” he added.

Leko stressed that he respects the aspirations of the guests, but he trusts his squad potentials. “It is all about us in the first place, given that we are playing at home and among our grassroots.”

As for Ahmad Barman and his status, he said: “As I stated earlier, Barman will not play the coming match, and we have to wait for more days to decide when he will rejoin the team.”

Commenting on a question on whether he and the players suffer from any pressures as the team plays in three competitions and they are required to win titles, he said: “I have a passion for challenges and fear no pressures. Pressure and stress are always associated with football, and this is its essence of joy.”

He signed off: “I play each match as a final, and all matches are important for me with no exception. I do understand that I am the coach of a big club, and I have clear goals to be realized.”