Confirmed Caio and Bambo Play Against Al Nasr.. Leko: I Have Confidence in Young Players Potentials and Sure They Will Contribute to Help the Team to Snatch the Three Points of Round 4 Match


In the pre-match press conference dedicated to round 4 of the Arabian Gulf Cup against Al Nasr, Ivan Leko stated that the team’s training sessions went as usual. “We focused on handling mistakes committed in the past match against Al Sharjah, which unfortunately we lost it though we were the better team. However, we closed that chapter, and we are focusing now on our upcoming match.”

He hailed the opponent team by highlighting that Al Nasr is an excellent and reliable team with quality players. He also said: “We expect the match to be a tough confrontation, and there is nothing difficult match anyway.”

Leko stressed that the Boss squad is set to go to show their genuine quality skills, and their ability to win the guests and above all, is to make their loyal fans happy.

As for the players who are unlikely to play the next match, he said: “We will be missing six international players who already joined the UAE national teams. Also, we have injured players, and this means we will play with gaps in certain positions, but we are relying on the team’s young players. It is a good opportunity for them to show their quality skills, and I do trust that they will be able to defend the Boss badge honorably and contribute to snatching the match three points.”

On the players who are away from the pitch for a long time, he commented: “Rayan Yaslam is injured for a long period, and unluckily he will not play the match against Al Nasr. Additionally, we have Mohammed Jamal, who is injured as of the kickoff of the season and hope that he will recover shortly.”

Leko confirmed that Caio, Mohammed Ahmad, and Mohammed Fayez would be included in the team’s starting lineup. “As you know, Mohammed Ahmad did not play for nine months, and it is difficult for any player. However, he showed impressive improvement during the past weeks, and he is ready to play the upcoming match and did join the team’s training sessions. He showed great desire and enthusiasm to play the upcoming match.”

“Caio rejoined the team as of yesterday following being injured and away from training sessions for three weeks. He is a significant player and so happy to have him on board again,” Leko said.

He concluded his statement by confirming that Mohammed Fayez is ready to play the next match following being injured for a relatively long time. “We rely on his skills and long experience to assist the team in achieving positive results.”