Congratulated the Squad Fighters for Their Deserved Victory.. Leko: The Collective Performance and Tactical Discipline Give the Boss the Upper Hand Over Al Jazira


“I would like to congratulate the stars of the squad for their deserved victory over the home team by three clean goals in round three of the Arabian Gulf Cup,” Al Ain Head Coach, Ivan Leko stated in the post-match press conference.

Croatia’s coach stressed: “Winning by such a great result over the home team and among their grassroots makes you satisfied. However, as a coach, I do not only look at the result as much as I consider the performance of the team. The squad did well as of the kickoff whistle until the last minute of the match. They were the best in both halves of the match, and they deserved to win despite the hot and humid weather.”

In response to a question on the advantages the team has gained out of this confrontation, he said: “Gains are massive and the most important lessons learned is that all the players know now that determination, hard work, good movements and focusing on carrying out the field tasks and adherence to tactical plans we practice during the training sessions gives us strength and superiority over the opponents. We are all required to push ourselves to the limit and continue winning all the coming matches this season.”

“We are all fully focusing on winning our next match, and our goals are crystal clear. Of course, it is not logical to talk about all matches to avoid any misinterpretation. You all know that the journey has already started, and we still have a long way and lots of challenges to overcome.”

Commenting on the difference made by the team’s foreigners this match, he said: “When talking about the concept of making the difference, it is difficult to attribute that only to the foreigners and only in one match. We need at least three months to assess their performance. Winning matches is the result of collective efforts and the flawless implementation of the tactics practices during the training sessions. Also, do not forget that we are missing today eight key players of the squad.”