Expressed His Happiness with the Deserved Victory Over Al Wasl.. Garrido: Congrats for the Players for the Performance and Result


In the media press conference held following the end of matchweek 25 of the Arabian Gulf League between Al Ain and Al Wasl, Juan Carlos Garrido expressed his deep pleasure with the performance of his squad that led them to win the guests, Al Wasl.

He stated: “Tonight the Boss players showed their genuine charisma and through their dedication and high concentration they did not commit mistakes, specially in the back line and took advantage of all the chances they had and turned them into goals. Indeed, all of them fulfilled their tasks as planned with full determination and seriousness starting with Khalid Eisa, Ismael Ahmad, Shiotani and Khalid Abdul Rahman Saeed Jumaa, the midfielders and frontline, including Bandar, Yahiya, Falah, Khalid Al Bloushi, Caio and Robin. They all did well and achieved the required positive result.”

He added: “The match actually ended by the end of the first half following scoring five goals while we kept our sheet clean. In the second half we kept the same level of seriousness and the most important thing was winning the three points and being so close to achieve our goal to qualify to ACL 2020.”

Responding to a question on the secret behind the recovery of the team and regaining the tone of victories in the past two rounds, he said: “I believe the reason behind that was three key factors, namely: since I assumed my responsibilities I was looking forward to playing with full squad but we were always suffering from absences due injuries and other reasons and today we recovered the key and important players, in addition to the young players like Falah Waleed and Khalid Al Bloushi who gained a satisfactory level of experience in the league matches. Finally, I believe we committed many mistakes during the past matches and did not take advantage of the easy chances we had, but in the recent two matches we did not commit such mistakes and players and they were able to turn these chances into goals. I would like to congrats all the players for their exceptional performance.”