Extended His Sincerest Gratitude to H.H. Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed.. Khalid Eisa: Ainawis are Natural Champs


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You cannot Reduce the Boss Squad Performance in the Mondial in One Player Only

Players’ Aspirations Are Linked to Fans’

Life of Professional Player is Full of Challenges, Situations, and Sacrifices

Losing the Final Match of AFC Champions League is our Motivation to Embrace the Continental Glory

Congratulations to All Ainawi Nation on Launching Al Ain TV and Never Had A Clash with the One Family of the Boss

We Do Not Suffer from Shortage in Goalkeepers in UAE and Marvick” is Our Man

Austria Message

The goalkeeper of Al Ain FC and UAE National Football Team Khalid Eisa goalkeeper congratulated Al Ain citizens, the Boss’ fans, the one family of sports media and all those who are interested in cultural, tourism, economic and sporting activities, on the occasion of launching Al Ain TV. “I wish the teams of Al Ain TV all the best in presenting added-value programs, innovative ideas, and interesting and attractive media content,” he said.

He added: “We are required to support the channel’s product, especially in the current period which marks the real starting point of the channel to attract the highest numbers of followers and top levels of views by Al Ain fans and lovers. I felt there is a great interaction with the channel content since the official announcement of establishing Al Ain Media Company. Indeed, all of us are so eager to get to know the details of the new ideas that the channel offers, and we must support our new channel.”

In response to a question on the general atmosphere of team’s preseason training camp in Austria, he said: “My teammates and I spent nine days in the training camp of the UAE National Football Team held here in Austria and then directly joined the Boss training camp a few days ago. The atmosphere in the Boss camp is wonderful and stimulating. We did not feel we have new stars onboard though the team has witnessed major changes. These changes include having a new head coach, new stars who have signed to the club recently and promoting several young players from junior teams to join the first football team because simply we all are used to working in an ideal one family atmosphere.”

Champs by Nature

On the team’s preseason preparations, he stated: “First of all, I would like to avail this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, the First Vice President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, and the First Vice President of Honorary Board, for his sponsorship and unlimited support he is extending to Al Ain Club, for his generous and unlimited support of the team. Back to the question, I would like to say that since I joined Al Ain squad, I discovered that winning titles is demanded by all Ainawis. Anyone knows them well could feel that they are champs by nature, and their sole target is to win titles regardless the circumstances they are experiencing. For example, during the recent AFC Champions League 2019, the team was not well ready to compete to play in the advanced stages considering the super capabilities of the opponents. However, there is no way that you will hear from any player of the administrative staff or even the fans that our target is to play honorably. They all were demanding us to compete strongly to win the title. Our target was to qualify to the final rounds for nothing except that we are Al Ain FC. We did not achieve our goals in that competition, taking into account that other teams have the upper hand in terms of capabilities.”

He added: “The Club management and the Ainawi fans are always ambitious to be crowned with titles. This is why we are seeing new players signing to the team to add more teeth to all lines and further boost the strength of the team as a whole. We all have our sights set to achieve the club’s aspirations under the supervision of a reputable head coach who enjoys a prestigious history during his career in the Belgium league and has great strong charisma.”

Never Experienced Any Disputes With Al Ain FC

When we asked him to respond honestly to a question about whether he would actually leave the team if he experienced any disputes with the Club management after the end of his contract, he said: “As a matter of fact, there were no disagreement or disputes between me and the management or even with any other player on the issue of renewing our contracts. However, the players who entered the six months were not only me but the other seven or eight players. This, as you know, takes time in terms of preparing all the paperwork and getting the coaching team’s approval before submitting the documents to the competent committee and then the management for their further approval. I repeat it loud and clear that I have no disputes with my club.”

Honor and Pride

Commenting on a question on his assessment of the past six years he spent protecting the Boss den; he said: “Absolutely they were magnificent. I participated along with my teammates in winning numerous titles and achieving great accomplishments. Each player of the Boss has his name attached to a record of achievements, making him proud of himself. We did face lots of challenges and shared our fans great moments, and we do look forward to winning more titles in the new seasons and years to come.”

Ceiling of Ambitions

“In the initial stages, I aspired to have my name in the starting eleven players and play matches as much as I could to boost and refine my skills,” Khalid said in response to a question on the ceiling of his ambitions prior joining Al Ain squad.

He went on to say: “I was well aware that it will not be a piece of cake for getting the chance to be in the starting lineup requires me to redouble my efforts and to meet all requirements ad qualities of a professional player. Thank God I was able to fulfill my aspiration and also be able to win five or six championships with the Boss, i.e., one title per season. Not to forget the unprecedented global achievement at the local and Gulf region levels when the Boss squad won the silver medals of the FIFA Club World Cup when we ended as runners-up of the champs Real Madrid. I can assure you that the aspirations of this big club will never soar below the sky and never have an end.”

“The aspirations of Al Ain players are always associated with those of the fans. This is why the team’s goals are crystal-clear before kicking off the season. Their aspirations are always linked to winning local and continental titles.”

The Most Difficult Moments

“Honestly, losing our final match against South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the AFC Champions League 2016 is one of the toughest moments I have ever experienced, given the fact we were so close to clinching the title based on the results of the home and away matches,” he commented on the question on the most challenging times he had with the team. Eisa also said that losing a match does not mean the end of the world as challenges never end and efforts should be exerted to attain the desired goals.

He also stated that he felt upset by seeing some of the photos posted on social media platforms for young children and older men feeling sad following the end of the match and missing the great chance to clinch the title. “Losing that match triggered our motivation to boost our efforts to compensate them for losing that match.”

On the same match, he underlined that the team received massive support from the Ainawi Nation along with the fans from the UAE, Gulf region, and all Arab countries. He said: “Receiving such great support made me so happy as it showed how all fans supported our ambitions to win the Asian title again. This is one of the great gains we attained out of that experience.”

Situations and Sacrifices

On the secret behind attaching his name to tremendous and honorable situations especially playing despite suffering from injuries, he said: “I believe that the life of any professional players is full of situations, challenges, opportunities, experiences, and sacrifices. Therefore, once you feel that your team needs you, you should not allow anything stops you from sacrificing to achieve the team’s aspirations as long as there are alternative solutions in coordination with the management and the doctor to reduce the pain. Yes, I experienced being injured in several tournaments including the Gulf Cup in Kuwait, the FIFA Club World Cup, and the Asian Cup.”

Top Head Coaches

Khalid Eisa stated that he benefited from all the team’s head coaches. “I always focus I am boosting my strengths and improving weak points, and above all, I do not pay attention to negativities that might have an impact on my level. Indeed, certain coaches had an indelible mark on my career both in and off the field starting from Brazil’s Abel Braga, Croatian Zlatko Dalić and his countryman Zoran Mamic. The remaining coaches played a key role in improving my skills.”

Feelings of Injustice

When asked whether he felt he was not treated justly by not awarding him any individual award by the end of the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018, he said: “I’m certainly not concerned by assessing and analyzing my performance in the FIFA Club World Cup. Also, I do not like to talk about personal awards, as some critics and specialists are tasked to cover this aspect. Still, I can assure you that was satisfied with what I did in Mondial and the honorable performance that the Boss squad exhibited during the tournament. Also, you could not reduce the achievement attained by the whole squad in only one player as there was a massive collective work realized by the whole team who comprises my teammates, the management, coaching team and the loyal fans of the Boss.”

“During the 10-day tournament, we felt we played real football considering the atmosphere we experienced, speed of performance, challenges, excitement, fans in the standings, media coverage, the average number of minutes of actual playing and the high rhythm of matches. I believe that playing ten days in the World Cup will make the difference for us,” he said.

“I believe that Al Ain was the uncrowned champ of the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018 based on the commendations we received from our Sheikhs and the testimony of all concerned in sports affairs. We thank God for all what we have achieved, and I know it will be a long journey with big dreams,” he pointed out.

Khalid Eisa stated that everyone was wondering what Al Ain could do in such a big international championship considering the team lost their last match against Al Wasl a few days before the kick-off of the tournament. “But I have to admit that the meeting held with the Club’s management and the former head coach Zoran Mamic released us from all the pressures when they all required us only to enjoy playing in such an international carnival. The real starting point for our team was against New Zealand’s Team Willington.”

No for Leaving the Team

As for how he handles criticism, he said: “The player who gets the chance to play for Al Ain FC is required to handle criticism professionally as it is inevitable. I will tell you a story that happened to me when I had just joined the Boss squad in 2013. I received massive statements of commendation and criticism at the same time by all fans via social media platforms and out of the club and even in certain areas of the city. I was so exhausted and emotionally affected by criticism to the extent I had a meeting with a key figure of Al Ain Club management. I asked him to help me to leave the team as I could not bear with such a situation. For his part, he advised me to be patient and saying, “good things will come soon.” Thank God so much as we all become mature enough to handle any criticism addressed by the fans or media specialist, most importantly, without insult.”

I Enjoy Communicating with the Fans

Talking about his activities on social media sites, Eisa said: “It is not a secret to tell you that many other players inside and outside UAE and I look at social media as a good means to communicate with everyone, but ethically and with mutual respect with the followers. Sometimes it is necessary to convey a message spontaneously and a natural way of communication.”

He underscored the importance of holding each player liable for his acts and conduct, given that players are role models for future generations. He also confirmed that he enjoys communicating with the fans.

Appreciation and Blame

Commenting on a question on his message full of appreciation and blame expressions he addressed to the fans by the end of the past season for being away from the standings for a long time, he said: “All the fans who are keen to be present in the standings and support us via social media platforms regardless of circumstances we face, know well that I addressed that message based on the concept of the one family spirit “from a brother to a brother”. Also, I am fully confident that they will win the challenge and be there behind their big team.”

He also stated that repeating that same message before the kick-off of the new season comes at the right time.

He signed off: “Let’s close the past chapter and look forward. We cannot work or achieve our aspirations except in the spirit of the one team and one family who works together and side by side. I do expect the fans will react well to our messages upon the commencement of the new season.”

• When I was young, I was and indeed still a fan of Italy’s Gigi Buffon.

• In my point of view, the best goalkeeper in the world is Brazil’s goalkeeper Alison Becker and Germany’s Mark André Stegen.

• In the recent five years, Al Ain has been closely associated with the Croatian Football School. We are optimistic by adopting their style the and Leko Enjoys Strong Charisma with excellent manners. This helps a lot in boosting the language of the communication between the squad players.

• We Do Not Suffer from Shortage in Goalkeepers in UAE. The national team has several ideal options, including Majed Nasser, Ali Khsaif. I hope they will pursue their career for a long time as I learned a lot from them. Happy to see Adel Al Hosani, who is back to his actual level of performance, Mohammed Al Shamsi and Fahd Al Dhanhani joining the national team.

• We are required to repay the favor to our dear homeland, our Sheikhs, loyal fans, and each lover this great homeland. We will do that by qualifying to the World Cup and winning the title of the AFC Champions League. I do believe Marvick is our man because he works hard to establish the concept of discipline.

• I like quietude and peace following the completion of training sessions and be away for the world of football. This is why I enjoy my free time with people who are not interested in football, on top my kids and surely my friends who do not play football.

• I am interested in construction and structure projects. I believe that I am one of the gurus of real estate projects.

• Mistakes are part of football games, and we should learn from our mistakes. I am held liable for the goal scored from the middle of the field by Diop when he was playing for Al Dhafra. At that time, our head coach was Zlatko, who adopted the advanced defense plan and gave me the confidence to move forward to play behind the defenders.

• The negative aspects of social media sites are more than their positive ones. However, each one is required to assess the matter, and each of us has a role to play and a responsibility to hold towards his society based on the concept of the one family.