I Apologize for My Emotional Reaction I Could Not Control by the End of the Match.. Pedro: The Ainawi Fans Were Fantastic, and I Expect Exceptional Support in the AFC Champions League Match on Tuesday


Al Ain Portuguese Head Coach, Pedro Emmanuel, opened the post-match press conference by hailing the players’ exceptional performance while stressing that his team deserved to win the three points of the match.

“The only thing that motivated me to accept being the head coach of the team in the mid of the season was the stimulating atmosphere at the Club and the emotions I experienced tonight against Al Sharjah at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium and the quality performance we all witnessed tonight,” Pedro stated.

He added: “I can’t forget that before each match, we have a promotion for playing good football full of enthusiasm, confidence, and enjoyment. All of this is to be considered to encourage the Cub’s fans and lovers to attend and enjoy the team’s outstanding performance.”

Pedro Emmanuel expressed his sincere apologies for the emotional reactions he showed by the end of the match. “These are genuine emotions and related to the match events. Sometimes they are tough compared to what we saw on the pitch. Indeed, my team deserved to play more minutes than the referee considered as added on time, and in such case, we could have won the two points we missed tonight.”

He went to say that he believes that the match referee’s role is to control the match, and the opponent succeeded in scoring after two minutes and then started to kill the game by wasting the playing time.

“Our opponent is the winner of the last season league title! In the world of football, we work hard to play genuine football and increase the actual time of playing football to improve the game further locally. Tonight’s match was outstanding as our team dominated the match by 75% and sent 29 direct shoots to the target and won 15 corner kicks. I believe we deserved a better result than that was shown at the results board,” Pedro pointed out.

He also emphasized that the team played this match is not Pedro Emmanuel’s team, but it is Al Ain Club. “The big team with its brilliant stars and great fans. This is why we are always required to push ourselves to the limit in each match we play.”

As for the players seem in a rush to score and wasted abundant chances, specially Caio Canedo, Emmanuel said: “By the end of each match, we could tackle several points. As you have seen, we conceded a goal only after two minutes of the kickoff whistle. All of you know well that we are required to fight to snatch the match’s three points to improve our spot at the standing table. This goal motivated the players to level the result and back from square zero. Indeed, it is not fair to talk about only one player as we have seen numerous attempts to score through Caio, Laba, Jamal Marouf, and many other players. By the end of the day, I am a bit unhappy as we deserved to win the match three points.”

The Al Ain Head Coach addressed a message to the Ainawi Nation by the end of the media conference, where he stated that the atmosphere in Hazza bin Zayed Stadium was immaculate seeing all these numbers of fans in the stands of the stadium. “By such unprecedented numbers of fans, we promise to give more and do our best all the time. We have an important match on Tuesday 11th February 2020 as part of the AFC Champions League 2020, and I am expecting to experience a similar atmosphere as we did tonight against Al Sharjah.”