Leko: Three Days Are Not Enough for Laba and Meziane To Acclimate Themselves to Teammates and Systems


“It is important for the team to resume their hard work in this critical stage of the preseason preparations for the new season. The team’s performance against Saudi Arabia’s Al Fateh was good,” Al Ain first team manager, Ivan Leko said.

Ivan Leko commented on the performance of Laba and Meziane, saying that they joined the training camp just three days ago. “They need more time and training to acclimate themselves to the new teammates and systems. As I stated earlier, the main goal of the friendlies is to ensure the players implement the plans they trained to execute. I did see a promising performance by all of them.”

Commenting on a question on his assessment of the days the squad spent in the training camp, he said: “Indeed, the late arrival of the international players and that Laba and Meziane joined the squad just three days ago are factors pushing us to do our best as our actual training sessions commenced with full squad. We will work hard with a high level of seriousness to achieve our desired goals.”