Mohammed Ahmad: Al Ain is My First Home and My “Dream” Club


It is an Honor to Defend the Boss’ Logo

I Made Up My Mind Without Considering the Financial Issues

I Experienced Historical Moments with Al Ain FC and I Obtained My International Badge

I Accept Criticism with Opened Mind but Never React to Those Who Go Beyond the Limits

Ready to Join Al Ain’s Squad as of the Summer Camp

On the occasion of renewing his contract for five seasons, Al Ain FC and UAE National Football Team, Mohammed Ahmad, expressed his pleasure and deep appreciation to the Club’s management for their trust in his skills. He said: “I and my teammates have the right to be express our pride and honor to be part of our lofty big club. We do understand that defending the Boss’ logo is a big responsibility and we have to boost our efforts and exhibit our genuine fighting spirit to be able to achieve our Club’s goals and our own personal aspirations and above all to make our loyal fans happy.”

He added: “It is a fact that defending our big Club’s logo is a great honor and this is why I did not even think about the financial issues when I signed my contract as I am so keen to stay with the Boss squad.”

Called by his teammates and fans by his nick name he likes, “Bambo”, he stated that he used to say that Al Shabab FC was his first home and the Boss is always his dream team, but after the merge of the two teams Al Ain becomes his first home and dream team as well. “I hope that I will play my last game with my beloved team where I have spent 7 years so far. I feel I am with my real family and thanks God I will play for another five years.”

“My goal since my childhood is to play only for Al Ain FC and then to join the UAE National Football Team. Thanks God I have been able to fulfill my ambitions and as I am staying with my teammates for another five years, I will have a new challenge but only with myself as any player who wears the Boss’ logo has to raise the ceiling of his ambitions. I vow to be a significant player of our league and hope to be lucky enough and be one of the prominent players in Asia,” Bambo said.

On his current status following his recent injury, he said: “I underwent my second surgical operation since I joined Al Ain. I had a medical checkup with my surgeon last month in Croatia who expressed his satisfaction with the medical examination reports with regard to my response to the treatment and assured me that I can join the squad right now. However, I preferred to continue in my recovery program to ensure I am fit 100% to avoid any negative impacts if I am in rush to join the team.”

On the secret he was injured twice in his knee and both incidents took place in the matches of the national team against the Australian team in particular, he said: “It is certainly my fate and nothing to do with the Australian team. Hope all is well and thank God anyway. I could not play during the past six months, but I assure everyone I will be back and compensate my absence especially I am highly motivated following signing to the team for another five seasons.”

Commenting on a question on his assessment of Al Ain’s performance prior the final match of the FIFA Club World Cup, he said: “Nothing stable in the world of football and it is the world of the unpredictable; sometimes you are dominating the match and nearly you are the winner but you lose in the dying minutes of the match. However, we did our best in the FIFA Club World Cup and pushed ourselves to the limit and at this moment we are not looking for excuses for the significant drop in the team’s results and performance as such a case is normal. The team suffered from the absence of key players but will recover and back to the right track sooner because the team has the potentials and the stars who are able to rebalance and back to the coronation stages again. We all determined to fix the current situations and overcome all the challenges.”

As for the new offers he received during the past six months as the case of all other international players, he stated: “I have received several offers since I entered my last six months of my contract with the team, but my decision was stay with my squad. I had a chat with H.E. Mohammed Obaid Hammad, Board Member of Al Ain Football Club and General Supervisor of the First and Reserved Football Teams, and assured him that I feel comfortable with the team and my plan is to stay for additional seasons as this the team that I achieved titles with and experienced my happiest moments in the eye club, which has achieved championships and lived in the most beautiful moments. I assured him also that I will not take any decision without the consent of the Club’s management. In return, he expressed the management’s intention to renew his contract and based on that I made up my mind to refuse all other offers with the aim to stay with the team regardless of the financial attractions I received. I am sure that things I enjoy with Al Ain will never find it in any other club.”

Bambo responded to a question on his happiest with the team by stating they are numerous. “I as stated earlier, Al Ain is my dream team since my childhood and every minute I spend with the team mans a lot for me. As for the happiest moment is when I signed to Al Ain. I achieved several great achievements with the team, including wining the league title several times, clinching the double historical titles in 2017-2018 season, we were the runners-up in the FIFA Club World Cup, I scored the fastest goal in that championship against ETS Tunisia, Champs of Africa and Al Ain opened the door for me to join the UAE National Football Team. My ambitions with Al Ain will never soar below the sky.”

On the most difficult times he experienced with the Boss, he said: “That was in 2016 when we played the final match of the AFC Champions League and lost the match. I was injured at that time and watched the match from the standings. I wished I was ready to play that match as I felt the squad in need for my efforts.”

Mohammed Ahmad responded to a question on his expectations for the team’s results in the next season by saying: “Al Ain is always nominated to be the winner of the titles of all competitions. This is why we will spare no efforts to prepare well for the coming season and wish all my teammates all the best.”

He commented on a question on the secret behind being positive when dealing with the social media messages criticizing his performance, he said: “When you have a chance to be part of the starting lineup of a big team like Al Ain and our national team, this gives you the motive to work hard to improve and sharpen your skills to prove that I am eligible to be part of the team and meet the expectations of the coaches who show their confidence in my talent. Also, as a professional player and this is my career through which I earn my living, I have to do my best in the field. observers do not watch me during the training sessions and the great efforts I do pay to push myself to the limit, but it committing mistakes is expected in the world of football and I am trying my best to avoid such mistakes.”

He added: “Sometimes I see messages criticizing coaches for their agreement to select me to be part of the options which I consider something positive. Sometimes there are individuals who do not like me as a person, but I accept that any way.” He also said all the social medial platforms he uses are open to the fans and he accepts criticism with an open mind but does not react to those who go beyond the limits.