My dream turned to be true.. Caio to ainawi fans: I am here to play 200% and I do not believe in the impossible


I am so excited to defend the boss logo in the new season

I look forward to winning titles and embrace the glory with my new team

I wish I could play in UAE national football team and I feel I am patriotic and belong to UAE

I preferred al ain offer rather than others for reasonable reasons

I am expecting my first baby in al ain and the “garden city” suits me

Purple hearts amazed me and triggered my feelings of love and appreciation for Al Ain

In his first press statement following officially signing to Al Ain First Football Team, Brazil’s Caio Canedo stated that it is a dream turned to be true. “It is true that each player dreams to play in big clubs and Al Ain Club offered me this chance. Personally, I am so excited to meet my new teammates and I feel I have massive energy to defend the Boss logo prior the kickoff of the next season. I have a big desire to contribute along with the team stars to achieve the goals of the club and make the great grassroots of the club happy. They deserve it as they always there behind the team supporting the squad to realize their aspirations in all the matches and various championships.”

He added: “I am fully confident that I will be able to make the difference and be of an added value to the team. I really look forward to winning titles with the Boss and be back to the coronation stages during my journey with my big team. It is not a secret to tell you that I am so eager to play matches with the team and defend its logo.” He promised that he will spare no efforts to show his genuine fighting and determination spirit to win more significant local and international titles which is not new to the club whose history is full of great achievements.

In response to a question on the offers he received from several clubs during his negotiations with Al Ain Club, he said: “As a matter of fact, the negotiations with the management of Al Ain Club took significant short time. I received several offers from other clubs but Al Ain managed the negotiations professionally and with great attention to the details. This made me so eager to be part of this big club.” He also thanked H.E. Mohammed Obeid Hammad, Board Member of Al Ain Football Company and Supervisor of the first and reserved football teams, for his elegant and professional actions during the negotiations. He stressed that he believes that the mutual desire and complete consensus always lead to happy endings when handling such dossiers professionally.

On the other offers he received during the past period, he said: “I spent 5 years with Al Wasl and my average of scoring each season was 30 goals and 10 assists. Surely, this led other clubs to make offers to join me to their teams. However, Al Ain Club has all the modern facilities that match all the requirements of professionalism and will definitely boost my performance. All these reasons made me sign to Al Ain and to decline other offers. Also, not to forget the incredible interaction that the loyal fans showed on social medial platforms upon the spread of the word on my transfer to Al Ain Club specially when all comments turned to purple hearts. It is a fact that when somebody showed you love and care, you have to pay back such sincere feelings and show him high appreciation. Al Ain is a big team with unprecedented achievements and any player wish to be part of its squad.”

“I took my decision to join Al Ain to achieve my big ambitions considering the world-class facilities dedicated to further improve the players’ performance. As I stated earlier, I am fully confident I will make the difference and when Al Ain participates in any competition sights always are set to win the title and not for the sake of participation only,” he said.

Caio assured the fans of Al Ain that he will not exert 100% of his efforts but 200% as he is well aware of the value of the logo he is wearing and the club’s aspirations and goals. “As a striker, I have to turn all my teammates’ efforts into goals to make the Ainawi Nation happy.”

As for his ambition to join UAE National Football Team, he said: “To the best of my knowledge, when a player completes 5 years playing in the country’s clubs, he is eligible to play to the national team. By this September, I will complete my 5 years and I know little about this issue and procedures related to it but I will be fully proud and honored if I am selected to join the UAE National Football Team. UAE has given me and my family everything and become my homeland and I hope I will be granted the chance to give back. All the fans of all clubs show their love and appreciation to me wherever I go, including the fans of Al Wasl, Al Ain, Shabab Al Ahli and Al Sharjah. Personally, it is my desire to wear the jersey of the UAE National Football Team.”

He addressed his message to the fans of Al Wasl Club by saying: “We spent great time together during the past five years, but this is the life of professional players. Indeed, joining Al Ain Club was for the benefit of all parties and will earn the desired gains for Al Wasl Club and this the least thing I could do for my former club. I would like also to thank all the fans for their support and love they always showed in all occasions and the same to the management of Al Wasl Club.”

Commenting on a question on moving from Dubai to live in Al Ain, he said: “I am well aware that Al Ain is a great and marvelous city. I contacted many friends of mine including Al Ain’s former player Caio Lucas and they all assured me that the Gardens City is a quiet place and match my personality. I prefer the family atmosphere and spend the time with my wife, specially I will become a father sooner. During my free times, I prefer to go to the cinema and I believe Al Ain as a city matches my personal nature.”