Stressed Al Ain is Fully Ready for Matchweek 13 Against Al Wahda.. Šobić: The Boss Has the Potentials to Make the Ainawi Nation Happy to the Utmost


In the pre-match press conference of the deferred matchweek 13 of AGL between Al Ain and Al Wahda, Croatia’s head coach of Al Ain Team, Željko Šobić underlined that the Boss squad are fully ready for the coming big match and no absences for any reason.

On his assessment of the opponent’s performance in their last match, he stated: “Certainly, Sunday’s match is one of the biggest clash matches of AGL. I watched the matchweek 14 between Al Wahda and Kalba and they did well in terms of performance that resulted in winning Kalba by 4-2. For me, it is important to prepare the team well prior thinking about the opponent’s style of playing. Indeed, I have no doubt that the players will be able to do their best on the pitch and achieve the desired result.”

The Croatia’s head coach underscored that the Boss is the winner of the two historic titles last season and the runners up of the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018. “Such a team is able to make their loyal fans happy, especially if they attend in large number as they always do. They are the key motive for their players to push themselves to the limit, and I am sure the players will be able to make them happy to the utmost. Al Ain is simply not a sport club but a great and lofty sport entity that aims to achieve the pre-set goals based on strategic grounds and the integration of roles.”

Responding to a question on the reason that the team lost and drew twice at home this season compared to the last season when they did not lose any match at home, he said: “I assure you that Al Ain players play all their matches with their minds set to make the fans happy by 100%. In the last season, I was part of the coaching team and know well that we are required to do our best considering the match is scheduled to be played at home and among our fans.” He pointed out “In the world of football you sometimes play well, but you are unlucky enough to achieve the desired result. However, it is undeniable fact that Al Ain has the potential to clinch the title of the current season. The team is away by five points from the first spot and we still have a postponed match. I do hope that Al Ain will achieve their goals this current season.”