Yahiya Nader: We Look Forward to Winning the Remaining Match with All Due Respect to Al Wasl Aspirations


In the pre-match press conference dedicated for matchweek 25 of the Arabian Gulf League, Yahiya Nader pointed out that it is so important that Al Ain wins the guests, Al Wasl, following the team’s deserved victory over Dibba two days ago. He stated: “We have to win Al Wasl to keep the team on the right track, to improve our spot in the standing table and be reserve our seat in the new version of the AFC Champions League 2020.”

“We all do understand what we are meant to do in the coming second to last match of the league. We know also it will not be an easy mission, considering that we will be missing many key players. However, we are highly determined to achieve the required positive result especially we are playing at home and among our grassroots,” he added.

He also underlined that both teams have a common target out of this match, that is to improve their spots in the standing table. At the same time, he put an accent on the players’ intention to win the three points at home. “We have to fight strongly and exhibit our genuine determination to snatch the three points with all due respect to the opponent.”

He signed off: “We look forward to winning the remaining three matches of this current season just to conclude it in the right manner and ensure we are earning an advanced spot in the standing table.”