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“We will not justify losing our recent match to A Sharjah as everything was clear, and everybody knows the reason why!” In an exclusive statement to Al Ain Official Website, Abdullah Ali, Al Ain Team Supervisor, said at the end of matchweek 13 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Sharjah.

He added: “It happens to lose matches in the football game, and it does not mean the end of the world, particularly the big clubs. Indeed, it is a real starting point for hard work and brings things back to the right track.”

Abdullah Ali pointed out that there are mistakes to be fixed and that “we need to improve our performance. We are all required to handle the current situation, rebalance and regain the team’s power. Nearly 60% of the team’s force who started the season is missing. We work day and night to keep things going despite the missing injured players and players who joined their national teams to be on the right track. On the other hand, we are ready for the coming quarterfinal match of the President’s Cup against Al Wasl. Definitely, it is one of the most important matches for our squad.”

Responding to a question on who is responsible for losing for the first time in the league, he said: “I stated earlier that everything is clear and will not seek justifications for such a loss. However, the players, coaching teams, and admin staff are brave enough to be held liable for losing that match. We tackled all the details in a meeting held after the match directly.”

He emphasized that “yes, the players committed mistakes that led to losing the match to the home team. Also, the team missed the services of certain absent and injured players, although it was not a direct reason for that defeat.”

“We still have confidence in the coach and the squad, regardless of all circumstances. They did prove that they were up to it on several occasions. We also have to hail the BoD of the Al Ain Club, who spare no effort to support the team and issued directives to fulfill the team’s requirements during the winter transfer window. So again, I assure you that work is well underway to meet all the requirements,” the Team Supervisor stated.

As for Yahiya Nader and the reason for keeping him on the bench, he commented: “In fact, Yahiya was not ready to play a full match, according to the doctor’s report. After the most recent training session, Yahiya felt sick, which surprised the coaching team. Therefore, the head coach preferred to keep him on the bench and give him the chance to play in the second half. The same applies to Danilo, the new defender. He has joined the team recently and participated only in one training session. This is why the head coach decided to give the chance to play only the second half of the match.”

He went on to say: “Ahmad Barman is suspended and was not part of the team’s lineup due to the accumulated yellow cards. Add to that he suffered from an injury in his nasal bone and will wear a face mask in the coming matches to avoid any further damages to his nose.”

Abdullah Ali also emphasized that Mohammed Abbas needs more time to be in form as he has just rejoined the team’s training sessions. He also commented on Khaled Al Blooshi’s injury, saying that it was decided to undergo certain medical checkups and posterior muscle arthroscopy.

He confirmed that “we all keep a close eye on the players’ situation and hope that certain injured players will recover and join the team’s lineup soon.”

He hailed the role of the Al Ain’s loyal fans by emphasizing that they were ideal in everything and embodied the genuine meaning of sportsmanship. Therefore, they must be commended for greeting the players despite the loss to Al Sharjah. This confirms that seeing the team and being together is the real cause of joy for the Ainawi family, regardless of the match’s result.

“We must apologize to the “loyal” fans who were behind the team in the stands of Al Sharjah Stadium in massive numbers as usual. However, an apology for the performance and the result must be in deeds, not words. This should happen by restoring rapid balance and returning to the right track of victories. We also greet the fans of the Al Ain squad, who were presented the Best Fans of our league clubs from the start of the season until the end of the first round. This is not unusual for the Ainawi Nation. They are the difficult number in our league and throughout the Club’s history since the start of the UAE league.”

Al Ain Team Supervisor added: “The events that we witnessed after the final whistle and the hysterical joy gave us the feeling that the season ended, contrary to reality, as there are still 13 matches to identify the winner of the league title. We hoped that things would go better than they were to raise the spirit of sportsmanship and safety. Celebrating winning Al Ain as one of the opponent’s achievements and winning championships, it is inevitable that these are positive indicators and that the team is moving in a positive direction.

He signed off by saying: “Losing the match to Al Sharjah is no more than a cold “shower” for the team. However, there is great work awaiting us in the second round of the current season to restore our normal situation and continue to achieve strong positive results.”