Ahmad Al Mehri Draws Stunning Painting in the Best World- Class Stadium

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Al Ain Club Investment Company has launched an exceptional initiative by granting the creative Ainawi fans the chance to exhibit their artistic works in the architectural masterpiece representing the concept of luxury in the football world, “Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium”.

The initiative has been introduced to compensate for the absence of spectators due to the Corona pandemic’s breakthrough who miss attending matches in the most beautiful football stadiums in the world.

Artist Ahmed Al Mehri succeeded in gaining the stadium management’s confidence to draw a painting exhibited at the official entry point assigned to the two teams. The majority of Ainawi fans hailed the initiative.

In an exclusive statement to Al Ain TV Channel, the Emirati artist Ahmed Al Mehri expressed his honor and pride for granting him the opportunity to be one of the loyal fans of this lofty sports entity.

“It is an honor for me to win such a great chance, although it was so difficult to have, such without the support of the Club’s management initiative. I feel thrilled and overwhelmed by giving such an invaluable opportunity. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to Al Ain Club Investment Company for such an unprecedented initiative.”

As for his artistic painting, he stated that he chose the purple color that symbolizes the color of the Club and the gold as it refers to the Club’s significant accomplishments throughout its history. It is a great honor that you have the destiny to be Ainawi.”

Al Mehri stated that the calligraphy he used to embody the Club’s logo and write specific phrases that trigger the loyalty feelings of the Boss fans and make them proud for being part of this lofty Club, including the “Global Boss” and “Ainawi” and other jargons that all Ainawis know well.