Al Ain Club Made the Right Decision.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Have A Firm Well to Fulfil Our Goals in our Match Against Khorfakkan


“We have a new important challenge when we play against Khorfakkan, given that we lost our first leg match by 2-4, and look forward to achieving our pre-set goals in this coming match,” Pedro Emmanuel said in the post-match press conference dedicated for round2 match of Arabian Gulf Cup against Khorfakkan scheduled to be held on Friday 13th November 2020.

He added: “We believe in our potentials and what we could do. However, any team missing eight to nine players would not be a strong team and would not perform up to the expectations.”

“This match is a great chance for the new young players who usually do not play many matches to show their quality skills and that they deserve to play for this team. Indeed, this is my vision currently.”

As for the absent players, he stressed that these things are out of his hand for “some of them joined the UAE National Football Team and others are injured. However, we have to redouble our efforts and play a strong match against a competitive opponent.”

He also pointed out that Khorfakkan would be playing without pressures as they snatched the first leg match points. He confirmed that his team would play the next match as a final, “either we win and qualify or leave the competition. We have no choice except to win the home team and qualify for the next stage. This is what we are planning to do.”

Pedro hailed the opponent for being an organized team and has quality players. He stated: “I look forward to playing a genuine football with a higher level compared to the first leg match.”

He justified saying that fans would watch the match on TV and would not be at the stadiums, and they need to see a football match where players exert genuine effort and perform well.

Commenting on the status of Islam Khan, he said: “This is a legal issue, and we support Islam. It is not easy for Islam or the Club or even for us to work with him. However, the Legal Department is handling this case, and we are waiting for the final results to make our decision.”

He went on to say: “As for Laba, and the same applies to Islam Khan and Wilson Edwardo, the Club’s Board of Directors refused to allow the players to join their national teams. This decision was based on the regulations that do not force the clubs to release the players and let them join their national teams given the current conditions regarding the quarantine days, which lasts for at least five days.”

Pedro stated that he agreed not to miss his players for two weeks once they arrive in the UAE. “This would cause substantial harm to the team as they were expected to miss four to five matches if this would happen. This is something we could not stand at present.”

He also highlighted that those players have valid contracts with the Club, and they are excellent and professional players.

He also stated that if the situation were as used to be, he would not mind and let it go. He also referred to the FIFA regulations that allow clubs to deny any request to release the international players if the country where these players play implements quarantine rules.

He concluded his statement by stressing: “It is not Laba’s fault or the coach’s. It is a decision made by the Club, and I agree with this decision. We need all the players for the next match of AGC against Khorfakkan and for the coming weeks. They are important players for the team.”