Al Ain Fans Are a Significant Source of Happiness.. Rebrov: Our Match Is as Important as Our Match Against Al Wahda


Al Ain Club’s Vision is Based on Supporting International Players When Joining National Teams

“Preparations were good and as planned and above all they had good quality family time. Now we are back again and focus is on our next match which is not less in importance than our clash match against Al Wahda,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 20 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Nasr.

The head coach of Al Ain Team insisted that the coming match represents critical three points and this should push the team to work hard and play seriously to win another tough team.

Regarding any updates on the status of injured players and the time set to have Andrey Yarmolenko onboard again, he said: “Yarmolenko is not in form yet to play the coming match against Al Nasr, but it will not take much time to see him joining the squad again and hope this will be soon following the end of the FIFA days. The other players are in the same boat; they need more time for recovery.”

He also commented that after the match against Al Wahda certain players complained form minor injuries that require joining recovery programs. He pointed out that there is no serious injuries prohibiting them to pay with the team.

Rebrov hoped that all the team’s players will be ready and in form for the next clash match against Al Nasr.

As for the team’s program during the two-week break, he commented: “Nothing new or special. We work according to flawless strategies and wish all the players the best of luck with their national teams. I hope they will rejoin the Boss squad free from any injuries.”

Rebrov announced Al Ain Team will play friendlies during the two weeks and will continue training sessions on the same pace during the two weeks.

“We will play friendlies during the two weeks which are not long time compared to previous breaks that extended for more than three or four weeks. I hope we continue our preparations as planned ahead of our coming match against Shabab Al Ahli,” he said.

Rebrov did not forget to thank the loyal Ainawi fans for supporting the team during the recent match against Al Wahda saying: “I was overwhelmed to see massive numbers of fans behind the team during our match against Al Wahda. I believe they were happy not only because the match result, but also for the level of playing and fighting spirit that the players exhibited.”

“I invite them to be with us next match against Al Nasr and again I must say that together we are powerful and for sure will have great chances to win the guests,” Sergiy Rebrov concluded.