Al Ain fans set an example of loyalty

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If loyalty is tested when times get rough, then Al Ain fans have successfully passed it. Although grieved by the loss of the 2016 AFC Champions League title, a large number of Al Ain fans took the advantage of the UAE 45th National Day Anniversary and decorated KBZ Stadium, where Al Ain players were training, with the UAE flags and displayed large signs with cheering phrases that reiterate confidence in the players.

Receiving warm and nice greetings that reflect Al Ain fans’ fine manners and culture of perfect cheering, Al Ain players held an extraordinary meeting in the middle of the playground before they start their training. It was chaired by H.E Ghanem Al Hajeri, Al Ain FC Company Chairman and attended by H.E Ahmad Humeid Al Mazrouei, Vice-Chairman and other Board members including H.E Mohamed Obeid ‘Hammad’, Captain Sultan Rashid, Captain Ali Messeri, the players in addition to the technical and admin staffs.

Reiterating the Club management’s confidence in all players, Al Hajeri addressed the players: “You were brave players and staunch competitors to the most powerful teams in Asia and as a result you deserved the appreciation of everyone. We highly regard your efforts during the AFC tournament. We’re confident you can stand on the podium next edition.”

He praised the team’s success to play the final believing they deserved to win the trophy. He urged them to go beyond the chokepoint and make a prompt comeback.

“We must not allow the loss of the title to discourage us; we need to cheer each other up in order to shake off the loss. It’s all past now and we have to get prepared for the new challenges. Finally, I kindly ask all of you to walk to the fans and return their greetings; they have decorated the stadium and came to cheer up and support you.” he concluded.