Al Ain Plays Against Al Orooba Friendly on Friday Evening.. Abdullah Ali: The Boss’ Objectives are Crystal-Clear, and PLC Pro Cup is an Ideal Chance for All Players


Al Ain First Team Supervisor, Abdullah Ali, stated that the PLC Pro Cup is an ideal opportunity for all the players selected to play its matches to show their genuine skills while defending the Boss crest.

“All the players must avail this opportunity and invest in it very well to fulfill their aspirations, particularly players progressed through all age group teams in Al Ain football school and academy,” he added.

Commenting on a question on the team’s program during the FIFA days, he said: “Upon the head coach’s request, the team would play a friendly match against Al Orooba FC on Friday 8th October 2021. Therefore, Sergiy Rebrov selected certain names of the reserved team to replace the international players, including Bandar Al Ahbabi, Mohammed Abbas, Caio Canedo, Yassin Mariah, Soufiane Rahimi, Laba Kodjo, Khalid Al Blooshi, and Naser Al Shukaili.”

As for the team’s objectives to be achieved by participating in the PLC Pro Cup, he said: “Al Ain Club’s objectives are always crystal-clear in all challenges and competitions. The coaching team adopts a pronounced strategy, i.e., to improve the team’s performance by boosting the players’ skills and handling all mistakes.”

He concluded his statement by stressing that this competition is critical to all players who desire to be part of the team’s starting lineup. He expressed his complete confidence in all the players’ quality skills and competencies to achieve the desires aspirations.