Al Hajeri commends Al Ain fans’ awareness and support

Addressing hundreds of fans at the stadium, Al Hajeri said: “The coach has assumed full responsibility for the loss before everyone; no other coach would do that; many of them deny their mistakes stubbornly. Doubtlessly, Al Ain was able to win the Asian title given the support and confidence from the Club’s leadership and everyone.”

He went on to say: “You have enough prudence and supportiveness to realize that there’s no work without mistakes, no perfect coach and no one of us spared any effort, but we lacked luck. We understand the calls to dismiss the coach and some players; but you should know that the AFC tournament is the most challenging event to the best teams in Asia; yet we advanced to the final which was not possible without the coach.”

“If my son worked hard but failed to achieve the first rank in his class, it’s not the perfect solution to dismiss him from the house because he did his best. On the contrary, I must support him again to reinforce his self-confidence to get the first rank next time,” he elaborated.
“Finally, I have to remind you that you can mirror a good image of our club and the team expects a lot from you.” He concluded.