As part of the team’s current schedule of the summer camp in Slovenia, Al Ain lost their first friendly match they played against Croatia’s Inter Zaprešić FC of the Premier League by 3-0. The first half of the match ended by the Croatian team taking the lead by 1-0.

The starting lineup of Al Ain FC in the first half included: Khaled Issa, Mohamed Fayez, Mohamed Ahmed, Ismail Ahmed, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Amer Abdul Rahman, Shiotani Tsukasa, Ahmed Barman, Khalid Abdul Rahman, Ibrahim Diaky and Caio Lucas. In the second half of the match, the Head Coach changed the lineup and gave the chance for new players, including: Daoud Suleiman, Saeed Massabah Al Menhali, Saeed Jumaa, Ali Al Hayazani, Yahiya Nader, Suleiman Nasser, Khalid Khalfan, Jumaa Saeed, Mohsen Abdullah, Khalid Khalfan and Fayez Mhanayeh.

The Manager of Al Ain Team, Matar Obeid Al Dhaheri, Al Sahbani, described this new friendly match as an advantageous experience regardless of the result. He stressed: “I always say that results of friendly matches are not always the standard against which we assess the desired gains to be achieved.”

“Al Ain squad missed several players in their match against a strong team,” added Al Sahbani. He emphasized the fact: “Al Ain has just kicked off their preparation phase of the summer camp, unlike the opponent who has already completed their schedule of friendly matches in preparation for their new season. Al Ain squad missed six players, namely: Omar Abdul Rahman, Hussein El Shahat, Marcus Berg, Mohannad Salim El Enezi, Mohammed Abdul Rahman and Rayan Yaslam.”

Commenting on the performance of Al Ain players during the match, he said: “Al Ain’s performance was stunning, and they exhibited their superiority and dominated the match prior the opponent taking the lead as a result of a counter-attack to end the first half by 1-0. Absolutely, Al Ain players did realize the desired goals out of this friendly match!”

Al Sahbani hailed the performance of the team’s youngsters selected by the Croatian coach Zoran Mamic to participate in the team’s camp in Slovenia, especially when they are given the chance to play in the second half. Additionally, he commended the commitment of all the team members by the morning and evening training sessions, which includes training programs for muscles in the gymnasium, swimming and recovery and curative programs.