Al Ain’s Strategy is Based on Commitment and Seriousness When Preparing for Any Match Separately.. Rebrov: The Boss’ Squad Has No More Absent Players and I Expect Seeing Previously Injured Players Rejoining the Team’s Lineup


We Closed the Chapter of Winning Al Wasl at Za’beel in Pro Cup, and Sights Are Set to Qualify to President’s Cup Semifinals

“A different competition and we did well in the last match of it when we won the home team, Al Nasr, and qualified to the quarterfinal stage,” Sergiy Rebrov opened the pre-match media conference held this evening to tackle his team’s preparations for the semifinal match of the President’s Cup against Al Wasl scheduled to be held on Saturday 15th January at Al Wasl Club Stadium in Za’beel.

The Boss head coach pointed out: “I believe the players must understand that it is a different competition compared to the league where we are playing for 90 minutes and time might be extended for penalty kicks if we are held to draw. Therefore, we have to enjoy a high concentration in preparation for the match. Both teams know each other well.
Responding to a question on winning the home team in the Pro Cup competition, he said: “Yes, we played against A Wasl in another competition, but we have already closed the chapter of that match. We are taking advantage of our information about the opponent to prepare for the coming game. We also have to show on the pitch how the players prepared themselves for the coming match.

As for the players expected to miss playing the coming match, he said: “Indeed, we are expecting to see the previously injured players rejoining the squad’s lineup, and I do not expect any new injuries. Also, as I state every time, we still have 48 hours ahead of the matchday, and we have certain players suffering from minor injuries and will determine if they are ready and develop the starting lineup in due course. However, players who will be selected are only those who are ready by 100% to defending the Boss badge.”

Rebrov added: “I hope all the players took advantage of the recovery programs while the schedule is free from matches this week. We had a tight schedule during the past period and missed several players, and it was not easy to replace them. However, I believe that the previous period was sufficient to recover and prepare for the coming match.”

He concluded his statement by stressing that he will identify the players in form and that he is sure that all