Attended by Ahmed Al Mazroui.. Prime Festivity in Al Ainawi Football School to Celebrate Achieving Positive Indicators of Strategic Objectives

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Ali Masarri: Our Ambition Has No Limits and We Look Forward to the Best in the New Season

The Football Sector of Al Ain Club organized an exceptional festivity to mark the conclusion of the Football Season 2016/2017 dedicated for Al Ain Football School and branches. The ceremony was attended by Ahmed Humaid Al Mazroui, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company, Ali Masarri Al Dhahiri, Board Member of Al Ain Football Club Company, all the success partners as well as a large number of the parents of Al Ain Football School players.

Ali Masarri stated that he considers this festivity dedicated to celebrate the end of the current season at the Football School as a great occasion to meet all partners in addition to members of the Football Sector who greatly contributed to the realization of the praiseworthy achievements in the most recent season. During the event, achievements realized were highlighted, in addition to honoring all the distinguished of the concluded season. Also, the Technical Support Unit, the winner of the Excellence Award which was initiated for the first time during the last season, were honored for their tremendous efforts in analyzing processes, communicating with the coaches and keeping and archiving information.

The Board Member of Al Ain Football Club Company praised the sincere efforts made by everyone through their position. Likewise, he commended the important role played by the parties which led to arriving at this stage of significant achievements. He also extended the sincerest appreciation to the administrative, technical medical staffs and parents as well. He stated that we could confirm that we all achieved the objectives set up at the start of the previous football season.

Masarri pointed out, “One of the most important outcomes of 2016-2017 Season is the establishment of an ideal and well-thought-out communication cycle between the Football Sector and the influential partners “parents, teacher and coach” to build the player’s artistic, behavioral and mental capacities.” He added, “A modern communication mechanisms were established to be used to set up a positive communication system among the three sponsors who play a significant role in building up the competencies of these players.”

Al Ain Football Club Company Member acclaimed the immense support furnished by the Board of Directors of the Football Company Chaired by H.E. Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri, who led the Football Sector to achieve its planned objectives during the last season at all levels by getting most of the goals done. He underlined the fact that the Football Sector is moving forward in a steady paces track in harmony with all development benchmarks with the aim to achieve the best result by resolution and determination. This has been achieved with the presence of the Parents Council, the Residential Neighborhoods Championship held in cooperation with the Al Ain Municipality and the issuance of the one and only Sports Certificate for the Football School players.

Al Masarri stated, “The mechanisms of technical processes implemented in the external branches, which are the main spurt for Al Ain Football School, in order to detect talented players are based on 4 themes, namely: the attraction process through filed visits to public and private schools, residential neighborhoods and the Festival of Private Academies. Then comes the selection process with the purpose to nominate the good candidate players for the external branches. This process goes along with improving the skills of those players who were not selected to join the Football School to join the Technical Program through which the process of pre-qualification is implemented to screen and then select the best players form the branches to join the Football School. The final and last process is taking part in in sports competitions organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, in addition to the internal competitions held among the branches through the role of the centers and festivals dedicated for young players’ groups.

Ali Masarri concluded his statement by saying, “There are 3 stages for the private academy. The first stage was held under the theme “The National Day” where certain distinguished players who participated in the event and it was so successful due to the splendid gathering. The second course was held under the theme of the “Year of Goodness” which witnessed the participation of nearly 200 players where many players were honored by valuable prizes. As for the (Third Course), it witnessed the creation of the first girls’ football team of 9 years old trained by a female coach holding the Asian License. Indeed, it is the first initiative of its kind at the level of the sector and was attended by numerous female nationals.”