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I expect sensational atmosphere in Zabeel.. Caio Canedo: I know Al Wasl Well


“All is set for the coming match against Al Wasl,” Caio Canedo stated in the pre-match press conference dedicated for matchweek 7 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Wasl scheduled to be held on Thursday 21st October at Zabeel Stadium.

He added: “I know the opponent, players and the coach very well. The team players are known for their high-speed and this pushes us to play with high concentration as of the kickoff whistle until the last minute of the match. We are required to deal with the small details that are critical in such big and clash matches. I expect the match’s atmosphere would be sensational and wish my team all the best and be back to our fort with three points in hands.”

Responding to a question on whether long halt due to FIFA days would have any impact on the team’s performance, he commented: “I believe it is a good period. I am sure that my team during the last two weeks trained well although I was missed these training sessions as I joined the UAE National Football Team. However, the squad fought well during the last match against the Emirates FC in the PLC Pro Cup first leg match.”

He signed off the team won great gains including the outstanding performance of Brazil’s Jonatas De Santos and Yahiya Nader’s recovery of his recent injury.

We Analyzed The Opponent Very Well.. Sergiy Rebrov: We Only Focus On Our Team and Respect Al Wasl’s Aspirations


Opening the pre-match press conference of matchweek 7 of ADNOC Pro League, Al Ain Head Coach Sergiy Rebrov stated that the team’s preparations for Al Wasl clash match went as planned exactly like any other match considering that the team defeated the Emirates in the PLC Pro Cup held during the FIFA days.

Ukraine’s coach stressed that he well aware that all players have the desire to join their national teams’ lineup during the FIFA days, in which not all things go well with the team.

Responding to a question on his expectations for the coming match against Al Wasl, he commented: “I have watched several matches for the opponent. The team enjoys aggressiveness instinct specially in the front line and got a number of international players. However, we respect Al Wasl’s aspirations and we only focus on our team and how to prepare the players for such a clash match in the right way. Indeed, we all know what we are meant to do.”

Replying to a question on whether the Boss squad will miss any key players, he said: “We still have 48 hours ahead of the match. We encountered minor issues with the international players rejoining the squad. At any rate, we hope that all will be ready and in form on the match day.”

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Expressed his Pleasure with the Team’s Performance.. Sergiy Rebrov: We Achieved A Deserved Victory Over the Emirates in the First Leg Match


“I am so happy with the team’s performance tonight as it was not an easy match considering the FIFA days during which international players join their international teams and sometimes they come back injured or need time to bring into line with their teammates,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the post-match press conference dedicated for his team’s match against the Emirates.

He stressed that the cup games are always different and “today we did not appear with full power as usual, but happy with the squad’s performance.”

The head coach of the Boss pointed out that his team dominated the match expect the early minutes of the first half, but they handled all mistakes and back to a balance way of playing and that the team was able to win the guests.

The Boss Beats Emirates by 2-0 in the First Leg Match


Al Ain Team won Emirates by 2-0 in the first leg match of the first round of PLC Pro Cup. The match was held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Friday 15th October 2021.
The first half ended with a goalless draw. Christian Guanca scored the first goal at 72 minute and it took Soufiane Rahimi minutes to score the second goal.

Al Ain: 2
Goals: Christian Guanca (72) – Soufiane Rahimi (81).
Starting Lineup: Khaled Eisa, Mohammed Shaker, Yahiya Nader, Ali Eid, Christian Guanca, Eric Jorgens, Soufiane Rahimi, Mohammed Ahmed, Kwame Aton, Jonatas Santos, Mohamed Abbas.

Substitutions: Caio Canedo replaced Jonatas de Santos “64” – Khaled Al Blooshi replaced Mohammed Abbas “64” – Sultan Al Shamesi replaced Soufiane Rahimi “84”.

Yellow Cards: Mohammed Abbas “63”.

Red Cards: None.

Emirates: 0
Goals: 0

Starting Lineup: Ali Saqr, Ahmed Issa, Walid Sabbar, Joseph Qenado, Abdullah Malallah, Hassan Youssef, Abdullah Musa, Lethiri Silva, Sultan Al Suwaidi, Firas Saleh, Zakaria Boulahia.

Substitutions: Ahmed Mahmoud replaced Abdullah Malallah “68” – Iago Leonardo replaced Zakaria Boulahia “68” – Saeed Al Kaabi replaced Hassan Youssef “82” – Salem Al-Aidi replaced Sultan Al Suwaidi “87” – Sultan Qasim replaced Lethiri Silva 87″.

Yellow Cards: Abdullah Mal Allah “14” – Firas Saleh “54”.

Red Cards: None.

Match Officals
The match was managed by Ali Al Zarouni, “Match Referee” assisted by Mohammad Al Mazmi, “first assistant referee”, Hassan Al Jilani, “second assistant referee”, Ahmed Al-Naqbi, “fourth official”, Khaled Al-Doukhi, “Referees Assessor”, Ahmed Issa Darwish, “VAR referee” and Ali Rashid Al-Nuaimi , “Assistant VAR Referee”, and Abdul Rahman Al Darmaki “Match Commissioner”.

Putting An Accent on Emirates Match’s Significance.. Naser Al Shkaili: Sights are Set to Win All Matches with All Due Respect to Emirates’ Aspirations


Al Ain First Football Team player, Nasser Al Shukaili, stressed that his team’s preparations for the Emirates match scheduled to be held Friday 15th October as part of the first leg of the PLC Pro Cup went on as planned and in the usual way.

He stated: “We are well aware of what we are meant to do, especially we are playing at home and among our fans. We must do our best because our goals are clear against all competitors, that is to win the opponent. We have to play this first leg match by high concentration and not to miss any chance to score.”

In response to a question about the team’s preparations in the absence of the most prominent players, particularly the “internationals”, he said: “The coaching team, led by the Ukrainian Sergiy Rebrov, works on the principle of giving confidence to all the players who are eligible to defend the team’s badge and to make the appropriate substitutions ready to face all the circumstances that might face. We work as a team to achieve one goal, i.e., to beat the Emirates in the first leg match with all due respect for the ambitions of the opponent.”

Regarding the Professional League Cup, he said: “It is certainly an official competition, and any player who has the opportunity to enter the challenge and defend the Al Ain logo is well aware that he has a great responsibility, because the Boss does not play in any competition for the sake of participation. This is what we are brought up in this great club since childhood through all age groups.”

He concluded his statement by whishing his teammates all the best of luck and be able to achieve all goals that consistent with their ambitions and the aspirations of the Al Ain fans.

Our Mission Won’t Be a Piece of Cake.. Sergiy Rebrov: I Focus on The Squad’s Match Against Emirates Rather Than Personal Rewords


I was Surprised to Win September Best Coach Award. Thanks for the Fans for their Support and Voting for me

“Actually, I was surprised to when I was informed that I won the September Best Coach Award. It is my pleasure to thank all who nominated my name to win the award. However, I am focusing on my job and winning matches which the most important thing for me,” he said.

Sergiy added: “We have been preparing for the coming match which is significant for the team as it is the first match in PLC Pro Cup. I do hope that the players understand that it does not matter who is the team we are playing against or in which emirate; they have to understand that we have t [lay seriously and with high concentration.”

He pointed out how it is difficult to play after the FIFA days as players rejoin the team with different conditions and levels of readiness. He stressed that they understand the significance of the first match in this competition but, again, he confirmed that all is well and all would play seriously.

As for the absence of the international players might have impact on the team’s performance, the head coach of the Boss said: “I cannot say that their absence would have a negative or positive impact the team’s performance as this is the nature of football game. For me, matches of the UAE National Football Team are far important for the players and we all do respect the ambitions of the national team.”

He then said that international players need time to bring into line with their teammates as “after two weeks they are away from the training sessions and having different set of goals to achieve they are now back to the league. However, they have to focus and consider the importance of each match and kickoff training sessions with the same level of enthusiasm they had while playing for the national team.”

In response to a question on whether he is planning to involve more new young players in the coming match, he said: “We are always involving them in the training sessions. They are good and perform well. Indeed, the question will be whether they are ready for to play for the first team or not where the responsibilities are higher. I am sure we would see some of them playing for the first team soon.”

He also pointed out that certain players of the Reserved Team play for the UAE National Olympic team and that it is great to have a new generation who are the second line for the current generation.

He expressed his happiness to see the young players coming to training sessions and playing official matches.

Regarding his expectations for the coming matches as this is the second match for the team against Emirates, he commented: “Yes, it is the second match and the most important thing is to play against the guests not according to their spot on the standing table, but to play seriously.”

He signed off by saying that the Emirates team will be different this time as they have new players in the squad and that he is sure they will play more heartily to win. He stressed it will not be an easy mission.

Al Ain Loses to Al Orooba 0-1.. Ahmad Al Shamesi: The Boss Achieves the Desired Gains of the Friendly Match


The Head Coach Gives the Squad Key Players A Break and Tested 17 New Faces in the Match’s Three Halves

In preparation for the team’s coming matches of PLC Pro Cup scheduled on 15th October 2021, the Boss squad played a friendly game against Al Orooba FC at the Humaid Al Tayer in Al Nasr Club. The Boss squad lost to Al Orooba by 0-1 by the end of the match third half.

Noteworthy, the Al Ain Team would play their next match in the PLC Pro Cup on Friday 15th October 2021 against the Emirates FC at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium. Meanwhile, Al Orooba would play against Ittihad Kalba at the Kalba Stadium on the same date.

Ahmed Mousa scored the winning goal for Al Orooba in the second half of the match in the 37th minute.

Ahmed Al Shamesi, Al Ain Team Manager, pointed out that the Ukrainian head coach achieved the desired technical gains by organizing the friendly confrontation against Al Orooba. As a result, both teams agreed to play the match in three rounds, half an hour for each game.

He added: “The coaching teams of Al Ain planned to test 17 new players during the friendly match, namely: Mohamed Bu Senda, Sultan Al Mantheri, Mohamed Ahmed, Raphael Pereira, Mohammed Shaker, Saeed Ahmed, Ahmed Jamal, Ali Al Blooshi, Mohammed Jamal, Jamal Marouf, Sultan Al Shamesi, Christian Guanca, Jonatas de Santos, Eric, Ali Eid, Mohammed Khalfan, and Hamad Al Hassani. In addition, it was decided to give the following key players, including Khaled Eisa and Yahiya Nader.”

As for the injured players and still receiving medical treatment in the club’s clinic, he said: “We have no injured players in the clinic. Ahmed Barman joined the rehabilitation programs in preparation for his return to the team’s training sessions after he has completed his treatment program following his injury in the connective muscle recently. The Brazilian Rafael Pereira suffered a minor bruise in today’s match, and tomorrow morning he will undergo the necessary medical examination. We hope that his injury will be mild.”

Regarding the team’s preparation for the PLC Pro Cup, he said: “Coach Sergiy Rebrov decided to grant the team players a short break until tomorrow evening. Training sessions will be resumed on the evening of Sunday in preparation for the match against the Emirates Club.”

The Boss agrees partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai.. Mohammed bin Thaloub: Proud with Al Ain Club’s Partnership of the Largest Event Ever Held in the Region

Community, Press

Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club has officially signed a partnership agreement with Expo 2020 Dubai this evening to join the largest event ever held in the region.

World Expos began 170 years ago, and have since served as a platform to showcase the latest inventions and innovations that have shaped the planet.

Expo 2020 will welcome Al Ain Club players and fans for on-site appearances, training sessions at the Expo Sports, Fitness & Wellbeing Hub, and collaborate on joint marketing and promotions. The Expo 2020 logo will also appear on the Al Ain Club football kit, with additional Expo branding at Al Ain Club home games and across their social media channels and website.

H.E. Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Deri, Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company, praised the generous support of the UAE’s wise leadership across all sectors to promote the nation in all fields.

He pointed out that it is the commitment of the UAE’s loyal people, who spared no effort to achieve the aspirations of the whole nation, that make it possible.

H.E. Al Deri added: “We are proud to sign the partnership agreement with Expo 2020 Dubai based on the Club’s vision, which supports participation in global forums, national events and community initiatives.”

“With the participation of 192 countries, we are honoured to enter into this partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai. It showcases the true capabilities of our beloved homeland, hosting one of the first events of this size and scale since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo where every participating nation will be showcased in its own pavilion.

Mukhtar Safi, Chief Financial Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Al Ain Club. The club shares our aspirations, and just as it has been an important part of the history of our nation, which will be celebrated this year with the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, I am sure it will be an important part of the future, as we look towards the next 50 years.”

H.E. Al Deri went on to say: “Our fledging country showed its firm will to win the most significant challenge globally and is dazzling the whole world with its sons’ inventions, innovations, developments in technology, digital transformation, industry, artificial intelligence, future sciences, arts, intellectual aspects, and various fields of creativity and humanity.”

The Chairman of Al Ain Club Investment Company expressed his sincerest pride in this partnership, as it coincides with the UAE’s celebrations of its Golden Jubilee and its aspirations for the next 50 years.

He concluded his statement by saying: “Emiratis and all residents of this blessed land have proved their ability to achieve success despite all the circumstances and challenges that face the world. Indeed, the UAE is writing an inspiring success story that definitely will be immortalised in history. It is turning the vision of the UAE’s late Founding Founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul in peace, into reality.”

Al Ain Plays Against Al Orooba Friendly on Friday Evening.. Abdullah Ali: The Boss’ Objectives are Crystal-Clear, and PLC Pro Cup is an Ideal Chance for All Players


Al Ain First Team Supervisor, Abdullah Ali, stated that the PLC Pro Cup is an ideal opportunity for all the players selected to play its matches to show their genuine skills while defending the Boss crest.

“All the players must avail this opportunity and invest in it very well to fulfill their aspirations, particularly players progressed through all age group teams in Al Ain football school and academy,” he added.

Commenting on a question on the team’s program during the FIFA days, he said: “Upon the head coach’s request, the team would play a friendly match against Al Orooba FC on Friday 8th October 2021. Therefore, Sergiy Rebrov selected certain names of the reserved team to replace the international players, including Bandar Al Ahbabi, Mohammed Abbas, Caio Canedo, Yassin Mariah, Soufiane Rahimi, Laba Kodjo, Khalid Al Blooshi, and Naser Al Shukaili.”

As for the team’s objectives to be achieved by participating in the PLC Pro Cup, he said: “Al Ain Club’s objectives are always crystal-clear in all challenges and competitions. The coaching team adopts a pronounced strategy, i.e., to improve the team’s performance by boosting the players’ skills and handling all mistakes.”

He concluded his statement by stressing that this competition is critical to all players who desire to be part of the team’s starting lineup. He expressed his complete confidence in all the players’ quality skills and competencies to achieve the desires aspirations.