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We Do Respect the Opponent’s Aspirations.. Khaled Al Blooshi: We Look Forward to Finishing the Season Exactly as We Kicked It Off


There is Nothing Called “Forgone Conclusion” in the Boss’ Dictionary, and We Play All Matches for History

“Al Ain Team’s strategy is crystal-clear when playing any match. We look forward to finishing the season exactly as we kicked it off,” Al Ain midfielder Khaled Al Blooshi stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 25 of the ADNOC Pro League.

He added: “We respect our opponents, given that Ajman has been playing well this season.”

Responding to a question on the significant drop in the players’ enthusiasm as they are approaching the end of the season and the last two matches are considered “foregone conclusion”, he said: “Nothing called “foregone conclusion” in the Al Ain Club’s dictionary. It is simple; we are Al Ain.”

He concluded his statement: “We play all matches for history, and we know well what we are meant to do in the coming match, and we have clear goals, as I stated earlier.”

Serving the UAE National Team Best Interest is a Priority.. Sergiy Rebrov: I Highly Trust All Players


I Only Focus On Preparing My Team and Show Respect to All Opponents

Ahead of Al Ain Team’s second to last match in the league, the head coach of the Boss squad insisted that the most critical aspect to focus on currently is to serve the best interest of the UAE National Football Team and other national teams as well, like Soufiane Rahimi and Laba Kodjo who are about to join their national teams soon. In addition, he pointed out that they have to prepare the players for the critical match against Australia.

In the pre-match press conference of matchweek 25 of the ADNOC Pro League against Ajman, he added: “I am sure the players understand well that they have to focus on the coming match against Ajman as they will not play the final match of the league. By that time, they will have already joined the national team’s training camp. Therefore, they have to prepare well to play a good match.”

In response to the players’ lack of enthusiasm after winning the league title, he said: “I do not doubt the players’ readiness. Despite the bad weather conditions, we all saw their genuine desire to play during the team’s recent match against Al Nasr. They played seriously and were well disciplined. As a result, the team deserved to win against the home team.

He went on to say: “I cannot expect the result of our match against Ajman, but I am sure that the players will enjoy playing the match not only to attack the opponent. I always tell them to enjoy playing the match and defend our goal. In our recent match against Al Nasr, they did their best in fulfilling their defensive tasks compared to offensive ones.”

As for his expectations for the coming away match against Ajman, he commented: “I expect it will be a normal but interesting match. I believe that the players of both teams will lack enthusiasm as it has no impact on the team’s positions, and they will play for the team’s reputation. I have to stress that we have to show respect to all opponents and focus on our affairs only. We have to be careful when playing against Ajman and have no idea about Al Wasl’s situation at their recent match against Ajman. I believe that was much was of no importance for them.”

Rebrov indicated that the coaching teams will assess the players in terms of their level of readiness pointing out that “after our recent match against Al Nasr, we did not have any injured player despite the bad weather conditions except Rafael Pereira who was replaced after he was injured.”

He signed off by saying: “Today, we will check his condition and ensure he is ready. As for other players, they are ready to go.”

Stressed the Match Lacked Enthusiasm.. Sergiy Rebrov: Al Ain Deserved to Win Home Team and Snatched Its Three Points


“It was a tough match due to the bad weather conditions and lack of enthusiasm among players as we approach the end of the season. Indeed, I played this match with three center backs,” Al Ain head coach, Sergiy Rrebrov, stated in the post-match press conference of matchweek 24 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Nasr.

He added that both teams know each others well and that he believes Al Ain deserved to win the home team and snatch the match’s three points.

The Champion of Our League Wins Al Nasr 1-0


Al Ain Team, the “Champion of our League”, achieved a deserved victory over the home team, Al Nasr, 1-0. Matchweek 24 of the ADNOC Pro League was held this evening at Al Maktoum Stadium.

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw, before Argentine Cristian Guanca scored the winning goal for the “Boss” at the 61st minute of the match.

With this result, the league champion boosts their balance to 61 points. While Al Nasr freezes at 32 points and remains in seventh place.

Al Ain 1
Goals: Cristian Guanca “61”.

Starting Lineup: Khaled Eisa, Saeed Jumaa, Mohammed Ali Shaker, Danilo Arboleda, Erik Gorgones, Ahmad Barman, Khaled Al Blooshi, Caio Canedo, Soufiane Rahimi, Cristian Guanca and Laba Kodjo.

Substitutions: Ali Al Blooshi replaced Khaled Al Blooshi “68” – Jonatas de Santos replaced Cayo Canedo “78”– Kouame Autonne replaced Rafael Pereira “78” –Sultan Al Shamesi replaced Cristian Guanca “86”.

Yellow Cards: None.

Red Cards: None.

Shots: 13
Shots on goal: 4
Shoots inside the box: 7
Shots out of the box: 6
Corners: 5
Offside: 5
Ball Possession: 58%

Al Nasr: Zero
Goals: none.

Starting Lineup: Abdullah Mohammad Ismail Al Tamimi, Rayan Isaak Mendes, Mahdi Obaid, Diaa Sabaa, Sebastian Lucas Tagliabue, Muhammad Fawzi Johar, Antonio Jose de Carvalho, Glober Sequeira Lima, Hussein Mahdi Mohammad, Abdullah Abbas Ibrahim and Mohammad Abdulrahman Al Mazmi.

Substitutions: Wesley Patrick Braga replaced Hussein Mahdi Muhammad “73” – Rashid Mohammad Omar replaced Diaa Sabaa “86” – Abdulaziz Dawood Suleiman replaced Abdullah Abbas Ibrahim “86”.

Yellow Cards: None.

Red Cards: None.

Shots: 9
Shots on goal: 4
Shoots inside the box: 4
Shots out of the box: 5
Corners: 9
Offside: 0
Ball Possession: 42%

Match Officials

The match was run by Sultan Mohammad Saleh, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by Ali Al Shehhi, “First Assistant Referee”, Turki Al Zaabi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Youssef Al Jasmi, “Fourth Official”, Khaled Al Mulla, “Video Referee”, Khaled Najim, “Video Referee Assistant.”, Hussain Abdul Rahim, “Referees Assessor” and Mohammad Al Kamali “Match Commissioner”.

Extended His Sincerest Compliments to the Club’s Senior Management.. Abdullah Ali: The Boss Enjoys Features of Renewable Energy and Relies on the Team’s Spirit in Giving and Not Names


Rebrov Granted the Champions of the Pro League a 24-Hour Break
The Ainawi Nation Contributed to Crowning the Boss Squad with the 14th Title
Abbas Will Fly to London to Undergo the Ligament Surgery

Abdullah Ali, the supervisor of the Al Ain First Football Team, extended his sincerest congratulations and compliments to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and President of Al Ain Club, on the occasion of winning the ADNOC Pro League and PLC Pro Cup titles this season.

He also congratulated His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of the Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, founder of the Club’s strategy of excellence, superiority and success on the occasion of snatching the two titles this season. He commented that this could not be achieved without God’s blessings and then the care, support, and highly appreciated the attention of His Highness in the affairs of the Al Ain Club.

Abdullah Ali considered that Al Ain’s winning of the ADNOC Pro League and PLC Pro Cup titles was a fair and logical coronation of the efforts of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, chaired by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, his brothers Deputy and members of the Board of Directors.

He pointed out that they were committed to proceeding and realizing all pre-set objectives following a clear vision and successful strategic plans.

He added: “The absolute commitment of the players, the coaching teams, and everyone who belongs to the Al Ain Club to the strategic plan that defined the tasks of everyone to serve the great project. It is the project established on the principle of continuing to overcome the challenges in line with the vision of this lofty sports entity.”

“The Club’s vision aims to consolidate the concept of renewable energy in a team that does not depend on specific names as much as performing well and defending the Club’s crest at home and away events. We worked hard to have an integrated and balanced team with a strong personality, a team capable of conquering circumstances by keeping pace with the signs of development to stay on the coronation podiums.” He said.

He pointed out that everyone in the Club worked from his position and had an influential role, starting with the Pro Committee members, passing through the Analysis and Statistics Office, the staff, and everyone connected with Al Ain Club.

The Al Ain Team Supervisor congratulated the Ainawi Nation on the Club’s two accomplishments and added the 37th title in the history of “Boss” to the cabinet of cups.

He put an accent on the critical role that the loyal fans have played in winning the two titles and being crowned with glory throughout the Club’s history.

In response to a question on the team’s method of playing their remaining matches after winning the league title yesterday evening, he said: “Absolutely, the team will work to go on per its strategy in dealing with all matches. All the squad players desire to accomplish their mission as planned and will continue fighting until the end of this season.”

Regarding the surgery that the first team player, Mohammed Abbas, will undergo, he said: “It was decided that the young player and good man, Mohammed Abbas, will undergo surgery in the cruciate ligament in London. Then, he will kick off the rehabilitation program in the UK. He is scheduled to leave in the coming days to London, and we wish him a successful surgery and speedy recovery.”

As for the team’s preparation program for matchweek 24 against Al Nasr, he said: “As I mentioned earlier, the champion team must maintain its strong personality, and everyone understands the importance of continuing to provide decent performance on the pitch. We have to complete what we have started until the end of the season.”

Abdullah Ali signed off by indicating that the head coach granted the players a 24-hour break, and tomorrow they will resume their training sessions in preparation for the team’s upcoming match against Al Nasr.”

Proud of My Results with the Team and So Pleased to Work with Al Ain Club.. Sergiy Rebrov: I Will Not Sign to Another Club in ADNOC Pro League


“The players deserved to win the title of the ADNOC Pro League because of their hard work in the spirit of the one team and one family throughout the season. They did their best and deserve what they have already achieved,” Ukraine’s head coach of Al Ain Team, Sergiy Rebrov, stated in the media press conference held after the finish whistle of matchweek 23 of the ADNOC Pro League.

He hailed the Club’s fans and stressed that they deserved the victory and be happy for their contributions through their support throughout the season at home and away stadiums.

Sergiy added: “I would like to thank Al Ain Club management for furnishing all grounds of success and paved the way for the team to win titles by the end of the season.”

The Boss head coach responded to a question on his contract with Al Ain Club by saying: “I am so happy to work with Al Ain Club and there is one month in my contract. I am proud of the results achieved and the support of everyone here. Indeed, I did not renew my contract until this moment but I promise I will not sign to any club in the UAE except for Al Ain Club.”

He also commented that he will hold a meeting with the Club management to discuss the details of his contract in the coming days.

As for the match his team played and he felt that he is so close to win the title, he said: “For me, it was not important to be so close to win the title in any match as much as playing with high level of concentration and their best to perform well.”

He signed off by stressing that he focused on improving the team’s performance which is the target that is in line with my philosophy in training.

Al Ain Club is the Boss of the League in Words and Deeds.. The Boss Crushed Al Jazira by 5-0 and Snatches the League Title


The Ainawi fans celebrated winning the title of ADNOC Pro League officially ahead of the end of the season by three rounds when the squad won Al Jazira at home 5-0. The matchweek 23 was held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Wednesday 11th May 2022.

The Boss took the lead in the first half by 2-0. Laba Kodjo fired in four goals before Caio Canedo rounded off the scoring with the fifth five minutes from time.

By this result, Al Ain opened an unassailable ten-point gap at the top of the table with three games to go, while Al Jazira placed fourth with 45 points.

Al Ain: 5
Goals: Laba Kudjo “15” – Laba Kudjo “36” – Laba Kudjo “50” – Laba Kudjo “71” and Caio Canedo “85”.

Starting Lineup: Khaled Eisa, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Danilo Arboleda, Kouame Autonne, Erik Jorgnes, Yahiya Nader, Ahmed Barman, Caio Canedo, Soufiane Rahimi, Cristian Guanca and Laba Kudjo.

Substitutions: Khaled Al Blooshi replaced Yahiya Nader “46”- Ali Al Blooshi replaced Bandar Al Ahbabi “80”- Saeed Jumaa replaced Laba Kodjo “80”- Saeed Ahmed replaced Caio Canedo “86”- Rafael Pereira replaced Cristian Guanca “86” .

Yellow Cards: none.

Red Cards: none.

Al Jazira: Zero
Golas: None.

Starting Lineup: Ali Khsaif, Abdullah Idris, Khalifa Al Hammadi, Ali Mabkhout, Mamadou Coulibal, Abdullah Ramadan, Mohammed Rabie, Toulani Serero, Abdoulaye Diaby, Bruno de Oliveira and Mohamed El Yammahi.

Substitutions: Youssef Ayman replaced Mohammad Al Yammahi “53”- Zayed Sultan replaced Abdullah Idris “53”- Nawwaf Salem Dhawi replaced Mohammed Rabie “62”- Saeed Al Abdouli replaced Abdullah Ramadan “74”- Ali Al Maamari Ali Mabkhout 74″.

Yellow Cards: Abdouli Diaby “14” – Mohammed Rabie “23” – Khalifa Al Hammadi “64”.

Red Cards: Abdoulaye Diaby “90+3”.

Match Officials
The match was run by Omar Mohammed Al Ali, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by Mohammad Ahmed Youssef, “First Assistant Referee”, Hassan Al Mahri “Second Assistant Referee”, Nawaf Al Zyoudi, “Fourth Official”, Saqr Al Zaabi, “Video Referee”, Hassan Al Hammadi, “Assistant Video Referee”, Khaled Al Doukhi, “Referees Assessor” and Mansour Al Harbi “Match Commissioner”.

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki: The Spirit of One Family is the Secret Behind Snatching this Season’s Two Titles

Community, Press

Congratulated H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed for Winning the League and Cup Titles

Stressed that the Vision of H.H. Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed is Behind the Team’s Coronation With the Double Titles

The Boss Stars Spread Joy in the Most Beautiful City of UAE

A Special Salute to the Ainawi Nation Who Gave the Team the Upper Hand in All Stadiums

The Work Team Handled All Challenges Professionally in Expressional Circumstances

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, congratulated His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and President of Al Ain Club, on the occasion of winning the title of the ADNOC Pro League 2021-2022.

Noteworthy, this is the 14th shield that the Al Ain Team has won throughout the team’s history. The team secured the title following thrashing Al Jazira by 4-0 in matchweek 23 of the ADNC Pro League.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company availed the opportunity also to congratulate His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the Executive Council of the Abu Dhabi – First Vice President of the Club – First Vice President of the Honorary Council – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, on the occasion of winning the double titles of this season.

He stressed that His Highness’s insightful vision led the Boss to be crowned with the titles, noting at the same time that it was His Highness who put into words the strategy of success, excellence, advancement, and a quick return to the fields of glory.

Al Darmaki added: “I would like to congratulate my brothers, members of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, for the snatching the second title of this season after winning the PLC Pro Cup. As a result, Al Ain Team was able to earn the league title ahead of three rounds before the end of the competition.”

He also hailed the crucial role of the affiliated companies and all its departments and sectors for working in the spirit of the one family to furnish all the grounds for success. He indicated that this enabled the Boss squad to realize the desired ambitions in the current season.

He went on to say: “I also congratulate my brothers, the Vice. The chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company handled all challenges with wisdom and skill in exceptional circumstances. Together, we overcame them, thanks to Allah Almighty, and then the precious trust granted to us by His Highness, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club.”

“Not to forget also to highlight the vital role played by the staff of Al Ain Football Club Company in the various sectors in charge of developing statistics and technical analysis dossiers, beginning with the Pro Committee members, the Company’s Executive Management, the Technical Analysis Office and all the work teams who had a heavy burden, but they won the great challenge and fulfilled their promises amid a state of pressure, which is very natural for all big clubs,” he said.

He pointed out that big clubs are always required to return strongly to championships and achieve their goals. They work hard to make their fans happy regardless of the circumstances, “given that the staff and work teams worked tirelessly, and analyzed the team’s situation realistically, adopting the best the practices established in the world’s largest football clubs, and they set goals after identifying the reasons for the decline in an unusual season. Indeed, their work deserves to be saluted and praised.”

Mr. Chairman also hailed the men of the “Boss”, the champions of the ADNOC Pro League, the stars of the first football team, the coaching teams led by the competent coach Sergiy Rebrov, the administrative staff led by Abdullah Ali Al Shamesi, the medical staff and every member of the football company for their commitment, seriousness and working in the spirit of one family. “They did their best until they could achieve the club’s goals, which are consistent with their ambitions and contribute to spreading joy and happiness throughout the most beautiful city of our homeland.”

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki saluted the Ainawi Nation, who directly contributed to the Club’s accomplishments in the current season.

He commended the fans’ role by saying: “It is not unusual for the Ainawi nation. The Al Ain fans were, are, and will remain Number One and the main reason for winning championships throughout its great history. The Boss succeeded in making the difference in all stadiums inside and outside the Al Ain City.”

The Ainawi Nation Gives Us the Upper Hand Over Opponents.. Laba Kodjo: Al Jazira’s Match Is Special as It a “Derby” Match and Winning the Guests Means Winning the League Title


Fans Give Us a Genuine Feeling We Are A 12-Player Squad

“I am thankful for the fans who support us every match. When we see them in the stands, we have twelve players on the pitch against eleven players. They motivate us to perform well,” Togo’s Laba Kodjo stated in matchweek 23 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Jazira.

He stressed: “This is why we have to do our best to put a smile on their faces and make them happy. It is an important thing for my teammates and me.”

Commenting on the general atmosphere in the changing room, he said: “The atmosphere in the changing room is good and positive. As you know, we have a critical match this Wednesday, and all the players enjoy a high concentration level. However, we have to enjoy the match. We all enjoy the atmosphere of the one family, and we will focus on achieving a positive result in the coming match.”

Al Ain striker and top scorer added: “I can say that the next match has its specialty. First, it is a big derby. Second, winning means winning the league title. This means we have to be focused and together we will win its three points. It is important to finish what we have already started this season. We worked hard to enjoy this moment.”

He concluded his statement by saying: “As I always say, I am a striker and will do my best to support my teammates and score goals. I will spare no effort to assist my teammates in scoring. Indeed, winning the coming means a lot for us.”

Expressed His Pleasure with the Fans’ Interaction and Commitment to Support the Boss Squad.. Sergiy Rebrov: We Must Fight and Concentrate in the Next Game and Do Not Think About Opponents’ Results


We Got Four Chances to Win the League Title, and the Last Step Is Always Difficult

“So pleased with the fans’ interaction and being behind the team all the time,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 23 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Jazira.

The Ukrainian head coach of the Al Ain Team pointed out that the presence of the loyal fans in all home and away matches motivate the players stressing that “it does not matter whether they are ten, fifty or one hundred fans, players do well for them.”

He added: “I really feel happy when I see that fans drive for two hours or more just to cheer up the squad layers, exactly like what happened in our recent match against A Dhafra as winning that match put the team on the verge of winning the league title.”

As for the team’s preparations for the coming match scheduled to be held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 08:45 pm, he said: “As I stated before, preparations are pre-planned, and we are experiencing a tough stage. We planned to snatch its three points in the last match, and we did it. Once again, after three days, we have another clash match, and we are focusing on recovery, and we set up a training program for the players who did not play before.”

Rebrov indicated that everyone knows well that winning the next match means winning the league title, and “this requires the players to play seriously and ensure winning the opponent, given that we are playing at home and among our fans.”

Commenting on the importance of the next match, described as the last step to win the title, he said: “The last step in the journey to snatch the title is always considered the most difficult one. I am well aware of that, and I will explain to the players today that we have to focus on the team’s affairs and not wait for miracles to happen or wait for the opponent to make mistakes. We must complete what we have done throughout this season and focus on performing well and being serious in the match. Yes, we have four chances left to finish the season, but we have to focus on finishing the season in the next game and making the most of it.”

On the expected absentees, along with Muhammad Abbas, he said: “We will see today and assess the level of players’ readiness, but I am sure that even if there are players with minor injuries, they are all ready and have the desire to participate in the next match. We will choose the best and most prepared players.”

He signed off by wishing Mohammed Abbas a speedy recovery due to his recent injury, which he considered strange.