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Al Ain’s Fans are the “Difficult Number”.. Rayan Yaslam: Sights are Set to Return Home with Three Points in Hand


Al Ain’s midfielder, Rayan Yaslam, pointed out that his team’s matches against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai throughout history are always featured to be challenging and competitive.

He added: “I expect that both teams will perform well and in line with the name and reputation of the UAE football. We are heading on Friday to Dubai to show our quality performance, and we look forward to heading back home with three points in hand with all due respect to the home team.”

In the pre-match press conference held today, Rayan expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to the Al Ain Nation. He described them as the “Difficult Number” even though they are not available in the standings due to the breakthrough of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He stressed that they are always behind the team through social media platforms and inside the city.

He signed off by saying: “I hope they would keep going in supporting the team in the right manner. On our turn, we would save no effort to payback their favor by performing honorably and winning our opponents to keep them happy.”

I Have Passion to Play Big Matches.. Pedro: I Trust My Team’s Potentials to Perform Well Against Shabab Al Ahli


Al Ain First XI Will Include the Fully Ready Players

“We are working hard to prepare the squad for a strong match against a strong and well-organized team that has quality players,” Pedro Emmanuel stated in the pre-match press conference dedicated for the matchweek 2 of the Arabian Gulf League scheduled to be held on Friday 23rd October at Rashid Stadium in Dubai.

Pedro said that the opponent might not be in the best conditions in terms of the players’ physical fitness, but he highlighted that Al Ain is a big club, and any big team prefers to play such matches.

He pointed out: “Despite the current challenging conditions we are facing while we are preparing our team, such injured players and the longtime of suspension of football activities due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have to continue our work. This week we are bringing together as many players as we could in preparation for the upcoming clash match on Friday, and I feel confident that the team performance will be up to expectations.”

Pedro added: “As of January 2021, I will complete full one year with the team. I always seek to select the best quality players to join the team. Sometimes, you have players at their top level, and they are in their day, but after three or four weeks, you detect other better players. However, we do not change the main lineup as we have good and skillful players. This allows them to play more matches, and, definitely, the best players will always have a place in the first XI list.”

Responding to a question on his aspirations he would like to achieve this season, he said: “Our strategy is crystal-clear, and our objectives are the same each season. Our focus is always on the next match as it is the most important one for us. It is always important as it grants us three points, which contribute to adding more points to the total balance and beat all teams by the end of the season. This is our explicit goal, and each week we set goals which mainly centralized on snatching the three points of each match, and we will continue adopting the same way of planning.”

The Portuguese head coach pointed out that he was so happy with the past week’s result not only because they won Khorfakkan but also for showing that Al Ain Team has many young players and a young team that needs to improve its performance. He stressed that they all work hard to be the best.

“This week, I am so pleased as we are recovering certain injured players although they are not fully into form. However, we would select the best to enhance the team’s lineup and boost the team’s performance against a strong opponent. The players we would select have the quality that would lead to winning the home team, and this is the goal we set to achieve every and each week,” Pedro said.

As for the absent players who did not play against Khorfakkan and those who are expected not to play the upcoming match, he said: “Mohsen Abdullah would not play for receiving a red card last match. Meanwhile, tomorrow we will check the players’ status. We all aware that some players are not ready to play by 100%, but we would seek to give the chance to play, for the team needs to have them on board.”

He concluded his statement by saying: “In each match, we are in deep need of the quality players. We would see if they could play for 90 minutes, and this would be a good option; otherwise, they would miss playing this coming match.”

Pedro Congratulated His Squad for A Well-Deserved Victory and the Good Starting Match of the League


Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, Head Coach of Al Ain First Team, opened the post-match of matchweek 1 of the Arabian Gulf League against Khorfakkan FC by congratulating his players for such a stunning starting point in the team’s first match and snatching the first three points by winning the guests 2-0.

He stated that the match was difficult, but the players performed well during the whole minutes of the game, even during the match’s critical moments.

“They focused on achieving the pre-set goals, i.e., to score and maintain our sheet clean as of the kickoff whistle until the last minute,” Pedro said.

He hailed the young players’ performance and expressed his pleasure to have them in the first starting XI list. “Five players of the starting lineup are under 22 years old. They need the opportunity to improve their skills. I believe Rayan’s return into form after a long period of not playing due to his injury is one of the great gains we have achieved. We have Mohammed Khalfan, who suffered a serious injury, but he is back better than ever. We have to keep going with such great performance.”

As for the penalty kick awarded to Khorfakkan, he said: “Indeed, I was away and did not see it well, but since the VAR decided it was a penalty, then I have nothing to say about it.”

He signed off by saying: “The most important thing is that we kept scoring even in the dying minutes of the match. We dominated the match, and I am satisfied with this fair result.”

By Wilson and Rayan Goals.. Al Ain Kicks Off His Journey in AGL and Earns a Critical Win Over Khorfakkan


Al Ain FC kicked off his journey in the Arabian Gulf League with a significant win over the guests, Khorfakkan FC, in matchweek 1 held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium today, 17th October 2020.

The Boss ended the first half taking the lead by 1-0 through Rayan Yaslam at the “27th minute” of the match. In the game’s dying minutes, Angola’s Wilson Edwardo scored the second goal at “90,” though he wasted his team’s penalty kick at “73rd”. Meanwhile, Khalid Eisa succeeded in saving his net when he palmed off the ball of Brazil’s Dodo of Khorfakkan Team from the penalty point at “53rd”.

By this result, Al Ain won their first three points of matchweek 1 of the league.

Highly Determined to Achieve the Best Results.. Ahmad Barman: Al Ain’s Fans are the Key Factor to Boost the Team’s Strength


“It is so important to play well and aggressively to ensure winning the guests, Khorfakkan Team, as this match marks the beginning of the new season of the Boss,” Ahmad Barman stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 1 of the Arabian Gulf League scheduled to be held on Saturday 17th October 2020 at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

He added,” We respect the opponent’s aspirations who played well against our team in the first leg match of the Arabian Gulf Cup. They were well-organized.”

Barman pointed out that coach Pedro Emmanuel set up his plan and implemented it during the training sessions and fix the mistakes committed by the team during the previous match.”

He stressed that all the players are entirely determined to achieve the Ainawi Nation’s aspirations by the end of this season and be crowned with titles.

The Boss Squad Needs the Fans’ Support.. Pedro: The Return of the International Players Boosts the Team’s Strength


Portuguese Head Coach Pedro Emmanuel stated that the most important thing for the team is to have the international players back to the team. He stressed that this would allow him to select the best players for the starting lineup to play the league’s first match.

He added: “We desire to have all the players on board, especially those who joined the UAE Football National Team. However, as you know, some of them returned to the team injured, and some of them are not in form while some are all set to play. Tomorrow we will make the final decision in terms of the final lineup.”

“I believe that all the players might be ready for our next match, and the reason why is that the Khorfakkan Team showed to everybody that the beginning of the new season would be so strong. This team is well organized, and this means that the Al Ain players should exhibit their high level of performance and do their best to clinch the three points of the match,” Pedro said.

Pedro hailed the Khorfakkan team and described them as a well-organized team, and they proved that last week. “The players are skillful in set pieces and turn to a strong team when they win the ball. Additionally, they have good players in counter-attacks.”

Al Ain coach highlighted the formula to be adopted to ensure winning the guests, saying, “we have to be patient and be organized when we have the ball. Also, we have to be highly focused on scoring goals, keeping our sheet clean, and, most importantly, not committing mistakes. We are at the beginning of the season and suffered from a long period of not playing football. This led not to play in any competitions and add to that we are missing certain key players, but we have to prepare well for the upcoming match by the end of the day.”

Pedro addressed a message to the fans where he stressed that the team deserves their trust. He went on to say: “We promise them to kick off the matches of the league with a high level of concertation. I know that we are not fully ready by 100% as we used to be in the past, but we would save no effort to boost the level of concentration and enthusiasm to achieve a good result.”

He stressed that the team needs the fans next to them even if they are not available in the stadium.

He signed off: “We are in deep need of their support to return stronger this season.”