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A Two-Phase Tiffo.. Ainawi Fans’ Stands is the Barnd of Excellence and Creativity

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The theme of excellence and creativity was the label of the Ainawi stands at the Al Nahyan Stadium in Al Wahda Club.

It is not unusual for the Ainawi Nation to excel in significant sports events where they revealed a two-phase tiffo. In the first phase, they exhibited plastic squares representing the phrase “We Can” in the stands opposite the VIP stands. The other tiffo held the phrase the “Boss of the Planet”.

Khaled Eisa: All Set for ADIB Final Cup Match Against Sharjah


Al Ain Team goalkeeper, Khaled Eisa, stressed that the coming match is precisely like an open book for both teams, and there are no secrets to hide, given that both teams played two final cup matches previously and two games in the league.

He stated in the pre-match press conference of the ADIB Cup final match held this morning in ADIB head office in Abu Dhabi that both teams know well the strengths and weaknesses of each one and that the Boss squad is all set for tomorrow’s final cup match.

Rebrov Confirmed that Laba Will Not Play ADIP Cup Final Match Against Sharjah


“So happy to play ADIB Cup final match for the second season. I can assure you that the Al Ain squad’s preparations are underway as planned, and all the players are working hard to achieve the pre-set targets and clinch the title again,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of the ADIB Cup final match held this morning in ADIP head office in Abu Dhabi.

Commenting on a question about losing two final cups to Al Sharjah and the impact of that on the mental side of the team’s preparations, he said: “It is expected to lose or win the world of football. I do not fear any team, and I do not fear losing any match at all. Indeed, pressures are always there in football games. It is my duty to analyze the opponent’s playing style correctly. We had a full week to prepare for this final cup match and hope we will be in form and ready to fight to win the upcoming final match.”

He added: “The team’s morale is high, and the players are passionate about winning the final cup match and presenting it to the fans. Therefore, I will adopt a balanced playing style to achieve the desired goals.”

As for Togo’s Laba Kodjo, the head coach of the Boss squad confirmed that he will not play the final match as he needs more time to recover from his injury.

Put an Accent on the Importance of Players’ High Level of Concentration and Seriousness.. Dr. Matar Al Darmaki Affirms the Boss Squad’s Deep Desire to Give Back to the Fans and Put a Smile on the Fans’ Faces

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“All the players of the Boss squad have a deep desire to return appreciation to the loyal fans and draw a big smile on their faces as we are approaching the finish line of the current season,” Dr. Matar Rashid Al Darmaki, Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company stated ahead of the final match of ADIB Cup against Al Sharjah.

Dr. Matar pointed out that the players spare no effort to be in form during the whole season and perform well on the pitch, although they needed to be luckier in specific matches. He stressed that the team fought hard in all competitions of this season in which they proved themselves they were an unbeatable opponent and enjoyed high enthusiasm to win all titles.

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki underlined that Al Ain enjoys excellent support and attention from the Club’s presidency and permanent follow-up from the Club’s Board of Directors, in addition to the robust support of the Club’s loyal fans in all stadiums. He affirmed that such support and attention give Al Ain Team the upper hand over all opponents.

He added: “Al Ain players know well what they are meant to do in the whole minutes of the upcoming final match to fulfill their ambitions and snatch the title of ADIP Cup.”


“We are confident that everyone in the squad will push himself to the limit and enjoy a high concentration level to achieve their pre-set targets in the match. We do wish them all the best of luck,” Dr. Matar concluded.



The Boss Squad Wears the White Kit and Sharjah wears the Black



This afternoon, at the headquarters of the Professional Association in the capital, Abu Dhabi, the technical meeting for the final match of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup, scheduled between Al Ain and Sharjah to be held on Saturday 27th May 2023 at Al Nahyan Stadium in Al Wahda Club, in the presence of match officials and representatives of the two clubs.

Ahmad Al Shamsi, Al Ain Team Manager, revealed the “Boss” jersey in ADIB Cup final, full white with purple strips, while the goalkeeper will wear the yellow jersey. Meanwhile, Al Sharjah will wear the full black kit, and the goalkeeper will wear gray.

The Professional League Committee representatives assigned the stands on the left of the main viewing stand for Al Ain Club fans as Team A and the right side assigned for Sharjah fans as Team B.

It was confirmed that the pre-match press conference of ADIB Cup final would be held at 11:00 am in the morning at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank head office.

In Appreciation of Their Active Contribution with Al Ain Club in Serving the Society.. Al Ain Honors 40 Public and Private Entities at Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium

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This morning, Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club held at the Chairman’s Lounge in Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, a special ceremony under the theme the “Success Partners”. Al Ain Club honored 40 public and private entities and institutions, in appreciation of the important role that they have played throughout the current season in contributing with the club in providing the local society with the best services.

Hamad Nukhirat Al Ameri, Managing Director of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and its subsidiaries, presented the representatives of public and private entities institutions with the Club’s memorial shield and certificates of appreciation, in recognition of the sincere efforts they have exerted along with Al Ain Club in providing the society with the best services.

The honored entities and institutions are: Al Ain Traffic Department, Al Ain Police Directorate, Civil Defense Authority, Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, Al Ain City Municipality, General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Human Resources Authority, Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Center for the Emirate Abu Dhabi, Department of Economic Development, Department of Culture and Tourism – Zayed Central Library, Zayed Foundation for People of Determination – Autism Center, Zayed Foundation for People of Determination – Khalifa Bin Zayed Charitable Foundation, Public Institution for Zoo and Aquarium in Al Ain, Social Solidarity Fund – Fazaa, Abu Dhabi Council Sports, Emirates Professional League, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company.

Tadweer, Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company, Al Ain Distribution Company, Strana Manufacturing Company, Abu Dhabi Transportation and Control Company – TRANSCO, Outpatient Therapeutic Services “Examination and Preventive Medicine Center”, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “Hospital Tawam, Blood Bank, Higher Colleges of Technology, National Center for Space Science and Technology, Al Ain University, Al Qattara Company, National Health Insurance Company “Daman”, Royal Health Group and Emirates Transport.

It Makes No Difference to Me Facing Any Team in ADIB Cup Final.. Rebrov: My Contract is Still Valid, and My Love for Al Ain Club is Unlimited


“Today it was not easy to win Al Nasr Team, especially after the result of the first-leg match, which ended in our favor 4-1, and the truth is that we did not have the opportunities to score properly, unlike the home team who had created lots of chances.” Al Ain Team head coach Sergiy Rebrov, said in the post-match press conference held at Al Maktoum Stadium in Al Nasr Club.

He commented on the reasons for the unexpected decline in the performance of the players in the second half of the game saying “It is due to the weather factor, from my point of view, and we are now required to prepare well for the ADIB Cup final.”

Commenting on a question about the team he prefers to face in the final match, he said: “The players certainly hope to face Al Sharjah, but for me it makes no difference which team I should play against because both of them, whether Sharjah or Al Jazira, deserve to be in the final.”

Regarding his future with Al Ain Team, he said: “My contract with Al Ain Club will finish a month from now, i.e. it is still valid. After the final match, we will make the decision, and I assure you that my love for Al Ain Club is without limits.”

The Boss Squad Qualifies for the ADIB Cup Final


The Boss squad qualified for the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup final despite losing to the home team, Al Nasr, 0-1. The match was held this evening at Al-Maktoum Stadium in Al-Nasr Club as part of the second leg of the semi-finals of the competition, and the result of the first-leg match ended with a victory where Al Ain beat Al Nasr with a score of 4-1.

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw, and the winning goal was scored by Adel Taarabt (59).

Adel Taarabt also won the award of Man of the Match, which was handed to him by Majed Bashir, the Match Commissioner, at the end of the match.

Al Ain: 0
Goals: None
Starting Line-up: Khaled Eisa, Saeed Jumaa, Rafael Pereira, Kwame Aton, Eric Gurgenes, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Mahdi Al Mubarak, Yahya Nader, Matias Palacios, Andriy Yarmolenko and Soufiane Rahimi.
Substitutions: Falah Walid replaced Bandar Al Ahbabi “69”- Ahmad Barman replaced Yahiya Nader “79”- Eisa Khalfan replaced Andriy Yarmolenko “82”- Mohammad Ahmad replaced Matthias Blasius “88”- Nasser Al Shukaily replaced Soufiane Rahimi “88 “.
Yellow Cards: Falah Walid “88”.
Red Cards: none.

Al Nasr: 1
Goals: Adel Taarabt “59”
Starting Line-up: Abdullah Mohammad Al Tamimi, Saud Abdul Razzaq Al Muhairi, Mohammad Fawzi Gohar, Antonio Jose de Carvalho, Ryan Isaac Mendes, Glauber Sequeira Lima, Maid Ali Al Tunaiji, Caio Eduardo Germano, Hamdan Ismail Al Kamali, Adel Taarabt and Rashid Mohammad Omar.
Substitutions: Abdullah Anwar Al Amri replaced Ryan Isaac Mendes “46”- Omar Jumaa Rabia replaced Rashid Mohammad Omar “46”- Abdullah Toure replaced Maid Ali Al Tunaiji “63”- Penel Coco Malaba
replaced Saud Abdul Razzaq Al Muhairi “73” – Codjo Jean-Claude replaced Caio Eduardo Germano “73”.
Yellow Cards: Saud Abdul Razzaq “56”
Red Cards: none.

Match Officials
The match was refereed by Adel Al Naqbi, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by Jumaa Al Mukhaini, “First Assistant Referee”, Talal Rashid Al Nuaimi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Nawaf Al Zeyoudi, “Fourth Official”, Eisa Khalifa, “Video Referee”, Ahmad Al Rashdi, “Assistant Video Referee”, Khaled Al Doukhi, “Referees Assesor,” and Majed Mohammad Bashir “Match Comissioner”.

I Was Not Happy with Al Nasr’s Goal in the Last Match.. Rebrov: We Must Be Highly Motivated and Serious to Ensure Qualifying for the Final Match of the ADIB Cup


Laba and Tin Do Their Best in the Recovery Programs to Be in Form

“I could not say that I feel relaxed for winning the first leg match and hope the players have the same feeling as everything could happen in the cups’ semifinals,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of second leg match of ADIB Cup against Al Nasr held this evening.

He added: “Yes, everything is possible, given it is an away match and such matches are always difficult. However, I would have been happier if the team had not conceded a goal last match as 0-3 or 3-1 are different, and good we scored a fourth goal.”

Rebrov stressed that the players should know well that to win against the home team, they should show a high level of seriousness and be highly motivated, as anything could happen. He pointed out that he would explain that to the players during the training sessions.

“We know we have the advantage by winning Al Nasr in the first leg match. Yet, we still have another match, and this is why we should prepare well and play seriously,” he said.

He emphasized that Al Nasr would fight hard to win Al Ain for sure, and they scored the last match even when the result on screens showed it was 3-0. He stated that this is why players should be highly motivated and serious.

Regarding the injured players, Rebrov replied: “We will see who is ready, especially from those who did not play the first leg match, and they are doing their best.”

“Tin and Laba Kodjo are doing well with their recovery programs and hope both will be ready for the upcoming match,” he concluded.

Ainawi Nation is #1 in UAE.. Kouame Autonne: Al Ain Fans Deserve to Be Crowned with A Title This Season


Our Aim is to Win Al Nasr with All Due Respect to “Al Ameed”

Al Ain Team central back Kouame Autonne stressed that the Boss squad is in form and all set for the second leg match of ADIB Cup against Al Nasr Team following beating them in the first leg match 4-1.

“We all know how important to show high level of concentration and be serious regardless of the last match. We are meant to win the home team with all due respect to the opponent to draw a smile on the faces of Ainawi fans who are always demanding the team to achieve the best positive results,” Kouame stated.

He added: “Our preparations for the upcoming match are the same and nothing special as we are approaching the end of the season. The coaching teams kicked off the recovery programs and we all ready to implement all the head coach on the pitch.”

Al Ain defender emphasized that all the players have a firm will to do their best to win ADIB Cup for the second time in a row because Al Ain fans deserve to win a title by the end of this season.

“Loyal Ainawi fans have never let us down throughout this season. Indeed, they are number one in UAE and hope we could clinch the title of ADIB Cup,” he concluded.