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Stressed It is Important to Win Al Dhafra.. Laba Kodjo: We Will Fight for Al Ain’s Crest, Grant Victory to the Injured Players, and Make Fans Happy


Togo’s “international” striker, Laba Kodjo, stated that his team’s objectives are still the same, and they would fight to achieve them regardless of the challenges they face, and they play to snatch the matches’ three points.

In the pre-match press conference of matchweek 18 of the league, he said: “Our preparations are being conducted per the plans ahead of our away match against Al Dhafra. We know well that our mission will not be easy. They are an organized team and play well, especially when they play at home. This requires us to play with a high level of concentration to win the opponent and more points to our balance and move forward on the standing table.”

Responding to a question on missing individual players in the upcoming game, he commented: “I believe it is not easy. I think when you miss certain key players as if it is punishment for the whole team. As for injuries, it happens in football, and we cannot change such a reality. Therefore, we have to fight with one team’s spirit to defend the team’s badge and injured players who experience difficult times. We must also make our fans happy by winning the opponent and the three points.”

Our Mission Against Al Dhafra Will Not Be Easy.. Pedro: I Trust the Quality of My Team, and It is Hard to Find a Replacement for Nakajima Enjoying the Same Qualities


“Our away match against Al Dhafra is so important, given the skills they exhibit in front of Al Sharjah. The team has a powerful front line, and in total, they are well organized with a ball or without the ball. I know well it will not be an easy match,” Pedro Emmanuel stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 18 against Al Dhafra scheduled to be held at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium at 17:30 on Thursday 25th February 2021.

The head coach of Al Ain added: “I feel confident this time considering the good performance of the team in the recent match against Fujairah at home and won the match’s three points. Our short-term goal now is to be one of the top three teams. If we win Al Dhafra, we can be close to being in the third spot.”

As for Nakajima’s injury, Pedro pointed out the team is experiencing hard times at present as “we will be missing a significant player who was injured in the last training session. This injury makes it harder for us since we have seen what he could do for the team. We feel sorry for him and hope that he would recover quickly and back stronger in this hard time. I know it will not be easy for him, but we have to find solutions from within the team as it will be difficult to find a replacement with the same qualities.”

He stated that the team faces challenging circumstances at this time of each season due to the players’ injuries, absences, and other issues.

However, Pedro stressed that he relies on the team’s genuine character in hard times. He said: “We always think big and so determined to attain more accomplishments, but we have to analyze our actual level of performance and work harder. Indeed, compared to players’ actual efforts, we still need more as it is not enough. We have to highly focus on our upcoming match against Al Dhafra and select the first eleven who believe that they could play as in our recent match against Fujairah and snatch the match’s three points.”

Pedro addressed a message to the loyal Ainawi fans by urging them to trust the team’s quality performance despite the team’s difficulty and demanding time.

He concluded his statement by saying: “This is our goal this week. We have to show respect to Al Dhafra, who plays strongly when playing at home. This is how we could win the three points of a difficult match.”

We Achieved an Important Victory Over Fujairah.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Must Keep Going with Robust Performance in the Upcoming Matches


“Our victory tonight over Al Fujairah by 3-1 is so important,” Pedro Emmanuel opened the post-match press conference of matchweek 17 between Al Ain and Fujairah.

He added: “We stressed that we have to continue winning opponents before this match. We dominated the match in the first half with and without the ball. In return, we did not play well in certain moments of the match, especially in the last meters, but we scored our first goal.”

“In the second half, we were sure that Fujairah would change their style of playing and play relatively open. When we scored our second goal, the players suffered from fatigue due to the efforts they exerted in our recent match against Al Sharjah, mainly in the last 15 minutes. This is why we made certain substitutions to give fresh blood to the team and boost performance,” he said.

He pointed out that he was not happy with the goal his team conceded, and “Fujairah had two critical chances to score, yet we have to maintain the same level and be committed to the plan to achieve the desired objectives in all our upcoming matches.”

Al Ain beat Fujairah by 3-1


Al Ain earned a critical victory over Fujairah by 3-1 in the matchweek 17 of the Arabian Gulf League held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

Caio Canedo scored for Al Ain at “23, 83” and Laba Kodjo at “72” from the penalty point. Al Fujairah scored their only goal at “89”.

Al Ain earned their second victory in a row to raise their tally to 30 points and move into the top four. Meanwhile, Fujairah remained in 12th place with 10 points.

Sights All Set to Snatch the Match’s Three Points.. Pedro: Our Mission Against Fujairah is Harder than Sharjah’s


Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, head coach of Al Ain Football Team, stated that his team has critical moments and that beating the top team of the league did not grant his team an advanced position at the standing table.

“We know that our victory over Al Sharjah does not mean anything if we do not go on and win the guests, Fujairah Team,” Pedro said in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 17 of the Arabian Gulf League scheduled to be held on Friday 19th February 2021 at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

He added: “Our match against Fujairah is so important, and we must show our quality skills. This week was also important as we regained some players who did not play with the team for a long time.”

He pointed out that the team’s preparations for the coming match were complicated, considering that the opponent terminated the former coach’s contract and has a new head coach. “The coming match would be as if it is our first match in the season as we do not have any clue about the new coach’s ideas. It is expected that he made certain changes during the past days in the team’s lineup. This is for sure a new challenge for us.”

He went on saying: “Our last match was difficult and against a strong team. However, the players’ reaction was good not only at the physical level but also at the mental level. We conceded the first goal in the early minutes, but we come back to the match and won the home team who tops the league standing table.”

Pedro concluded his statement by stressing that the coming match is the most important one and sights all set to snatch its three points.

Stressed that It is Important to win Fujairah.. Welson: We Must Exhibit the Squad’s Fighting Spirit and Keep Going on the Victories Track


Al Ain Team’s player, Welson Edwardo, stressed that his team’s pre-match preparations are on the right track and as planned following the big victory over Al Sharjah in matchweek 16.

“We must continue in winning games and perform well. This will be achieved through hard work and play with high concentration. We have to exhibit our fighting spirit to stay in the victories track,” he stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 17 against the Al Fujairah Team.

He added: “The squad enjoys high morale, and we all always look forward to achieving the best results. It is all about the solid fighting spirit that would make it easy to achieve our goals.”

He expressed his sincere wishes that everybody continues in supporting the tea in this critical stage of the league as “there is no way to lose any point and to improve the team’s spot in the standing table of the league as we are adopting the policy of focusing on each match separately.”