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Expressed Cheerfulness Over Score vs Baniyas.. Hernán Crespo: Al-Ain Moves Along the Right Path in all Tournaments


I Decided to Withdraw Laba when Endured a Muscle Pain, and I Wish him to Return Very Soon

Josna Epifani Loulendo is an Up-and-Coming Player and his Efforts Deserve Praise and Appreciation

Hernán Crespo, the Argentine manager of Al-Ain, expressed deep cheerfulness over the important victory and magnificent performance of his squad vs their host Baniyas, explaining: “Our task was not easy vs a powerful competitor on their pitch in the light of great many chances we lost along the match, as well as continuously playing an official match every three days, but we managed, while the match was drawing to an end, to claim victory, even if the winning goal came late in the match.”

He went on: We are moving along the right path in all tournaments, from Pro Leage to President’s Cup, ADIB League Cup and AFC Champions League. We have manage to accomplish this because we have some distinguished players who are well aware of their affiliation to a big team, and they are required to compete for titles and trophies to the end, while we will not find an excuse for ourselves over the busy schedule of matches and we will deal with the current circumstances according to the strategy we adopt in the time being.

He went on: I wish to talk about the up-and-coming forward player Josna Epifani Loulendo, who worked very hard until he managed to transform his team’s efforts, with high confidence and great focus, to scoring the winning goal while the match was drawing to an end.

Answering a question on the injury of the squad’s forward Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba, whether he will be joining the squad vs Saudi Al-Nassr FC, he said: “The truth is that I decided to withdraw the Togolese forward because I did not wish to risk him being injured after he endured a muscle pain, while we must wait for medical reports, which the player is scheduled to undergo in the upcoming 24-48 hours. Afterwards, we will talk about the possibility of him joining the squad’s scheduled match in AFC Champions League, and I wish him being available until that time, since he is an important player in the squad’s list.”

Scoring in the deadly time.. The Boss “Al Zaeem” returns with an important triumph from Baniyas Stadium



Al Ain returned with an important victory against its host, Baniyas, with one goal, in the match that brought the two teams together this evening at Baniyas Stadium, within the 14th round of ADNOC Pro League. The first half of the match ended in a negative draw.

Al Ain goal was scored by Josna in the extra time “90+3”

With this result, Al Ain raises its score to 28 points and remains in second place, while Baniyas’s score freezes at 16 points, inthe tenth place.


Al Ain 1

Josna “90+3”

Line-up: Khaled Issa, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Michel, Kouame Autonne, Eric Jorgens, Yahya Nader, Matias Balasius, Jonatas da Santos, Soufiane Rahimi, Kaku Alejandro and Laba Kodjo

Substitutions: Josna Abianfi substituted Laba Kodjo “17” – Omer Atzili substituted Jonatas da Santos “59” – Mohammed Abbas substituted Yahya Nader “59” – Hazem Abbas substituted Alejandro Kaku “76”.

Yellow Cards: Bandar Al Ahbabi “45 + 5” – Michel “67” – Hazem Abbas “89” – Gosna “90 + 3”

Red Cards: none


Baniyas Zero

Goals: none

Lineup: Fahd Mohammed Al Dhanhani, Joao Victor Wisner, Fawaz Awana Al Musa’abi, Gaston Suarez, Youssoufou Nketiah, Issa Ali Al Mazmi, Khamis Saleh Al Hammadi, SalesSamuel Souza, Khamis Ahmed Al Mansouri, Sascha Ivkovic and Taulant Soljmanov

Substitutions: Ahmed Shehdeh substituted Samuel Sousa “67” – Fialjo Mbongo substituted Youssoufou Nketiah “76” – Abdullah Sultan substituted Issa Al-Mazemi, “85”

Yellow Cards: Sales Samuel Souza “33” – Khamis Saleh Ismail “48” – Joao Victor “85”

Red Cards: none



The match was officiated by Sultan Abdul Razzaq, “field referee”, assisted by Mohammed Ahmed Youssef, “first assistant referee”, Muhammad Al-Mazmi, “second assistant referee”, Khaled Al-Mulla, “fourth referee”, Ahmed Al-Naqbi, “VARreferee” and Masoud Hassan, “VAR assistant referee”, and Walid Taher as the match commissioner.

Al-Ain asserts capability to overcome all challenges.. Hernán Crespo: We consider winning matches one by one, while our focus now is on Baniyas match



Hernán Crespo, the Argentine manager of Al-Ain, asserts that the past weeks held many challenges, thus we have to handle those challenges with big and professional team’s mentality. We will work according to our strategy in preparing the squad for the upcoming matches, especially that our next match in Pro League will be vs Baniyas. And, we are well aware of what is required from us in our next match, which will not be easy.

On how knowledgeable he is of Baniyas team’s performance, he said: “It is for sure we have the sufficient and necessary information for all competitors, but you are well aware that my mind is only focused on thinking how to prepare my team and demonstrate our style and character vs the competing team to claim three points with all due respect for their ambitions. Al-Ain had asserted for all of you the capability to overcome all challenges.”

On tournaments he focuses on the most and which represents the priority for him, he said: “Now, Pro League tournament represents priority for us, because our next match will be in the fourteenth round of ADNOC tournament. Working with match-by-match mentality, the next match is a priority and afterwards we will consider Asia.”

Closed the continental page “temporarily” and are currently focusing on the League.. Laba Kodjo: Al Ain is one of the Asian greatest clubs and it is natural to compete for all titles



Al Ain fans are the best and do not need a call to stand behind the team against Baniyas



Al Ain striker, Laba Kodjo, stated that his team’s preparations are going well for the match against Baniyas scheduled for Sunday evening, at the latter’s stadium in the 14th round of the ADNOC Pro League and we always deal with each match independently and look forward to winning and returning from the stadium of the opposing team with the three points, with all respect to their ambitions.

Commenting on a question about how to get rid of the stress of the pressurized matches, he said: “I always look at the pressurized matches with a positive perspective because it motivates us to develop our performance and show our best in order to help the team. I believe all our matches are cup finals so that we can achieve our goals.”

Responding to a question about the tournament that is closest to him in light of his team’s being a competitor in all tournaments, he said: “Al Ain is one of the Asian largest clubs and not only on the local level in the UAE, so all competitions are of critical importance to us and we seek to get the largest number of titles in the current season, as we are approaching the end of the season and the tournaments. As for the AFC Champions League, it is the strongest tournament on the Asian level, and we will fight till the end, but our focus is currently on the League, which is considered an important tournament for us, and Al Ain is a big club and should compete for all titles in light of the management’s interest, the desire of the team’s players, and the support of the fans.”

He concluded his statement saying: “Al Ain fans are the best and I cannot describe them fairly, because they are the password for the team’s victories and they do not need a call to support the team in all matches. We always promise them to work and do our best in order to satisfy our personal ambitions and make the Ainawi fans happy.”

In parallel with the team’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League.. Al Ain re-launches the historical Asian jersey of the team with the participation of Al Ain legends and golden generation

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A box embodying the concept of luxury and emphasizes “Epic Legacy Passed Down across Generations” concept


Al Ain re-launched the famous historical jersey of the first football team, associated with the Boss “Al Zaeem’swinningthe 2003 AFC Champions League. The idea of announcing the re-launch of the 2003 jersey received significant interaction from the fans, with a great demand for purchasingthe elegant shirt that features the vibrant colors of white, purple, and gold. It was decided to put it up for sale to the fans at the club’s Official Store, in parallel with the team’s strong performance in the Asian tournament.

Legends of the club who defended the Boss “Al Zaeembadge throughout that glorious era participated in the re-launch of the “2003” jersey. The names of these legends have been associated with memorable local and international championships, earning them the title of the Golden Generation” by the media at that time, most prominent of which were the team captain, Salem Johar, Subait Khater, Humaid Fakher, Ali Masri, Brazilian Rodrigo Mendes, ShihabAhmed, Gharib Hareb, Faisal Ali, and Omar Gharib.

The re-launch, entitled “Epic Legacy Passed Down across Generations”, is associated with the team’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League and their strong results in the tournament. The jersey will be put up for sale to Al Ain fans at the club’s Official Store in all sizes for children and adults starting from today morning.

The club has prepared a luxurious box with the jersey, containing messages that include the stories of the Asian championship and the updates made to the club’s badge since its establishment until now.

Appreciating Hazza bin Zayed’s support and care.. Sultan bin Hamdan praises the role of the Ainawi and Emirati fans in supporting Al Ain in the AFC Champions League

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Al Ain players dealt with the matchprofessionally and demonstrated the strong character of the Boss “Al Zaeem

The team should temporarily close the file of local tournaments and the Asian championship and focus on the League

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Al Ain Football Club Company Affairs, extended his appreciation for the noble support and unlimited attention given byHis Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of Al Ain Club, First Vice Chairman of Al Ain Honorary Council, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, to the club, including all its subsidiaries and the first football team. This reinforces the sense of responsibility among all members of Al Ain towards the club’s badge and motivates the players to give their best.

Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan praised the important role played by the Ainawi and the Emirati football fans in supporting the UAE’s representative in the AFC Champions League, leading to qualify for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League. He also praised the players’ performance, as they managed to deal with the match with a champion’s mindset and demonstrated the strong character of the teamand the victorious spirit despite conceding an early goal, they secured a deserved victory with two goals against one, enabling the Boss “Al Zaeemto secure their position among the top eight teams in Asia.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee stated that the team managed to deal with the pressurized matches with high professionalism, due the ideal mechanism adopted by the coaching staff in coordination with the medical team. After completing their mission in three tournaments, starting with the H.H. President’s Cup, making a significant progress in the ADIB Cup, and finally qualifying for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League, the team should close all competition files now and temporarily and prepare for the upcoming match against Bani Yas in the ADNOC Pro League, scheduled for next Sunday.

Al-Ain to Meet Al-Nassr Saudi Football Club in Quarter-Finals.. “Al-Zaeem” Wins over Nasaf Scoring 2 Goals by Laba and Rahimi in Asia Champions League



“Al-Zaeem” announces officially qualifying to quarter-finals of Asia Champions League, after an exciting win over Nasaf Uzbek football club 2-1 in a match that took place on today’s evening at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, during the second leg of the round of 16 of Asia Champions League 2023-2024.

The first half was concluded in a scoreless draw 0-0. Al-Ain’s two goals were scored by Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba “55” and Soufiane Rahimi “90+3”, while the guest team’s goal was scored by Akmal Mozgovoy “51”.

The first leg match that brought the two teams together was concluded in a scoreless draw 0-0 on Qarshi Central Stadium, with Al-Ain qualifies over the aggregate of the two matches.

Al-Ain is scheduled to meet in quarter-finals Al-Nassr Saudi Football Club.

Congratulated the Ainawi fans and the UAE football fans.. Khaled Issa: For Al Ain, qualifying for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League is not a miracle



I invite the Ainawi fans to unite because the team is in a badneed of fans’ support more than ever

The Boss “Al Zaeem” “International” goalkeeper, Khaled Issa, and the man of the match of his team against Nasaf, Uzbekistan, congratulated the Ainawi fans and the UAE football fans on Al Ain’s qualification to the quarter-finals, as the qualification to the quarter-finals for the Al Ain, which reached the final more than three times and won the title in 2003, is not a miracle. However, this joy arises out of the absence from this stage for years. We always strive to bring joy and happiness to Al Ain people and every person who supports this club. We represent the UAE in the AFC Champions League and thank God for thissuccess. Our joy will end today, and tomorrow we will begin our preparations for the upcoming tournaments.

We should demonstrate unity in the changing room and even the fans should unite in the stadium for Al Ain because the team is in a bad need of them more than ever and we will spare no effort to make them happy.

Proud of all players and congratulations to the fans on the Boss “Al Zaeem” qualification.. Crespo: Al Ain demonstrated its strong character in the AFC Champions League




Al Ain Argentine coach, Hernan Crespo, expressed his happiness with his team’s qualification to the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League, after seven years of non-qualification to this stage. Thus, I can say that this generation has revived part of the great history of this great club, and they qualified deservedly. We are happy with the performance in light of the compressed schedule and we demonstrated a strong character, achieved the required result, and qualified.

Regarding his plan to deal with the pressurized matches, he said: “It is normal for us to play pressurized matches because big teams compete for all tournaments. Personally, I’m proud of Al Ain players as we have adopted the rotation policy out of myconfidence in their abilities as professional players who are keen to show their best during trainings and matches.”

Regarding his message to Soufiane Rahimi, minutes before scoring the goal, he said: “I prefer Soufiane Rahimi to talk about this, as these were decisive moments and the directions are definitely critical.”

Thanks to Hazza bin Zayed and Sultan bin Hamdan.. Khaled Al Hashemi: Khaled and Bandar have leadership characters and are an important addition to our team



We are always stronger with Al Ain fans in all stadiums

Al Ain “international” defender, Khaled Al-Hashimi, said: “We are ready to Nasaf match and we are also proud of our results and place in the AFC Champions League. We are well aware of our mission in tomorrow’s game, which we will play at our stadium and among our fans. we are confident that we are always stronger with their presence. We ask God for guidance, success and good luck.

Regarding the pressurized schedule, he said: “Al Ain possesses a golden history, and this is our destiny. We must deal with the pressurized matches properly because our destiny is relevant to a great club and the opportunity is ours to embrace glory, thanks to God, administration’s support, coach’s follow-up, and our fans’ support. Pressure schedule is not a justification as Real Madrid, Barcelona, City, Man. Unites play and winchampionships.”

Regarding the renewal of Khaled Issa and Bandar Al Ahbabi’scontracts, he said: “First of all, we must extend our thanks to His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, First Vice President of Al Ain Club, First Vice Chairman of Al Ain Honorary Council, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, and His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Al Ain Football Club Company Affairs, for their care, attention and constant support of the team. Bandar and Khaled deserve renewal as leaders who have great experience in the club and know what is required of the players to embrace glory, because they achieved great glories with Al Ain, and we want to make history with them. We thank the club management for this initiative because their presence by our side made us happy, as they are an important addition to the team.”