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Souso and Awadallah Gave The Boss Over Al Sharjah in U-21 League



Al Ain U-21 Team won the guests, Al Sharjah U-21 Team, by 2-1 in match week 10 of PLC U-21 League. The match was held at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium on Sunday 13th November 2022.

The match referee sent Al Sharjah’s player Hamad Fahad off the pitch with a red card in his pocket at “79”.

The Boss squad took the lead in the first half by 1-0. Al Ain squad scored through Solomon Souso at “6” and Mohammed Awadallah at “77” from the penalty point. Al Sharjah scored thrie sole goal at 58” by Khalifa Smaij.

By this result, Al Ain Team’s points become 15 and placed in the 7th spot. Al Sharjah balance of points froze at 18 points and placed 2nd on the standing table.

The “Boss” Sqaud
Al Ain Team head coach selected the following players to start the match: Mohammad Bu Senda, Sampson Agyapong, Khaled Saleh, Ahmad Al Qutaish, Solomon Souso, Obada Al Hamayda, Manea Al Shamsi, Mansour Saeed Al Shamsi, Mohammad Awadallah, Adham Khaled and Danilo Odoud. The coach made the following substitutions: Youssef Abdo and Walid Khaled.

Al Sharjah Sqaud
Khaled Tawheed, Abdullah Al Hammadi, Hamad Fahd, Ali Al Hadidi, Mohammad Somaj, Maid Al Kass, Ali Taher, Khalifa Sambij, Abdul Rahman Murad, Youssef Al Nuwairi and Yao Mawoto

Match Officials
The match was run by Youssef Gharib Al Mansouri, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by, Hamad Al Ketbi, “First Assistant Referee” and Khaled Al Jasmi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Abdullah Obaid Al Rumaithi, “Fourth Official”, Saeed Al Yammahi, “Referees Assessor” and y Yasser Boumajid “Match Commissioner”.

Hailed the Robust Support Shown by Ainawi Nation Before, During and After the Match.. Rebrov Commended the Boss Stars’ Reaction During in Tonight’s Clash Match


We Came to Al Sharjah to Win Home Team and We Will Fight to Maintain the League Title

During the post-media conference, the head coach of Al Ain Team commended the players’ reaction during the match against Al Sharjah when they returned to the match and scored two goals in the dying minutes of the match.

He wondered why the players did not show such a fighting spirit as of the beginning of the match.

Sergiy Rebrov added: “I am sure the fans would be happy by today’s match. We came here to win the home team and will fight to maintain the league title.”

The Boss head coach thanked the fans for their robust continuous support before, during and after the match.

Sergiy Rebrov stressed that it was so difficult to start a match when you concede a goal in early minutes. He said the goals were scored due to a mistake committed by the defenders.

He signed off by saying: “I stated in the pre-match press conference that we will play against a tough opponent and has strong and fast players in the front line. They are one of the top five teams in the league.”

Rahimi’s Brace Grants the Boss a 2-2 Draw Against Al Sharjah


Al Ain squad was satisfied with a 2-2 draw against Al Sharjah by the end of matchweek 10 of the ADNOC Pro League. The match was held at Al Sharjah Club Stadium on Saturday 12th November 2022.

Al Sharjah Team took the lead in the first half by 1-0. Rahimi scored double goals for Al Ain Team at “87-90”, while Al Sharjah scored by Ousmane Camara at “13” and Francisco Alcácer at “77”.

By this result, Al Ain Team added a point to their balance and be “17” points and placed fifth. Al Sharjah’s balance turned to 20 and placed fourth on the standing table.

Al Ain: 2
Goals: Soufiane Rahimi “87”- Soufiane Rahimi “90”,
Starting Line-up: Khaled Eissa, Saeed Jumaa, Rafael Pereira, Kouame Autonne, Erik Jorgens , Ahmad Barman, Yahiya Nader, Matias Palacios, Soufiane Rahimi, Caio Canedo and Laba Kodjo.
Substitutions: Bandar Al Ahbabi replaced Saeed Jumaa “69”- Andriy Yarmolenko replaced Caio Canedo “69”- Jonatas de Santos replaced Matias Palacios “78”- Khalid Al Blooshi replaced Ahmad Barman “84”.
Yellow Cards: Soufiane Rahimi “17” – Khaled Eisa “92”.
Red Cards: none.
Shots: 18
Shots on goal: 6
In-box shots: 13
Out-box shots: 5
Corners: 7
Offside: 0
Ball Possession: 60%

Al Sharjah: 2
Goals: Ousmane Camara “13” – Francisco Alcácer “77”.
Starting Line-up: Darwish Mohammad, Shaheen Abdullah, Caio Lucas, Mohammad Abdel Basset, Francisco Alcácer, Khaled Al Dhanhani, Marcus Vinicius, Luan Pereira, Ousmane Camara, Constantinos Manolas and Majed Hassan.
Substitutions: Majed Rashid replaced Luan Pereira “75” – Majed Sorour replaced Majed Hassan “75”– Ma Kate Diop replaced Francisco Alcácer “86” – Hassan Saleh replaced Abdulbaset Mohammad “87”.
Yellow Cards: Francisco Alcácer “58” – Ousmane Camara “62” – Majed Sorour “83” – Constantinos Manolas “85” – Adel Al Hosani “94”.
Red Cards: none.
Shots: 10
Shots on goal: 4
In-box shots: 8
Out-box shots: 2
Corners: 7
Offside: 1
Ball Possession: 40%

Match Officials
The match was run by the Serbian” Srdjan Jovanovic, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by his countrymen Aros Stojkovic, “First Assistant Referee”, Milan Mihajlovic, “Second Assistant Referee” and Emirati referee Suhail Abdullah, “Fourth Official”, Lazar Lukic, “Referee Video”, Emirati Saqr Al-Zaabi, “Assistant Video Referee”, Saleh Al Marzouqi, “Referees Assessor”, and Nasser Al Hammadi “Match Commissioner”.

Remembering His “Legendary” Goal in Al Sharjah’s Net.. Yahiya Nader: It is the Minor Details that Will Make the Difference in the Coming Clash Match


Al Ain Fans Have No Competitors in the Standings of ADNOC Pro League

“Preparations for our clash match against Al Sharjah are on the go and as planned,” Yahiya Nader stated in the pre-match press conference dedicated to matchweek 8 of the ADNOC Pro League against Sharjah Team.

Al Ain Team’s midfielder pointed out that all the players know well what they are meant to do while stressing that it would not be an easy match.

“It is the minor details that will make the difference and give the team the upper hand over the opponent, given that it is “el clásico” clash match and that we will have a long break,” he stated. 

He accentuated the importance of saving no effort to back to Al Ain fort with three points in hand from the home team stadium. 

He commented about his memorable and legendary goal against Al Sharjah: “There are always great moments in the world of football game that sticks to the memory. I consider that goal against Al Sharjah one of the most beautiful goals I scored in my whole career. However, what is important now is to snatch the three points from the home team field.”

Yahiya commended the Ainawi fans saying that they have no competitors and are incomparable. He plainly expressed his confidence in their support of the Boss squad in all matches.

He concluded his testament by emphasizing that the coming match against Al Sharjah will not be an easy mission, and they need the fans’ substantial support while promising the fans to save no effort to make them happy in all remaining matches.

We Will Fight Hard to Make Fans Happy.. Rebrov: All Set for Our Match Against Sharjah with All Due Respect for the Opponent’s Aspirations


“For me, all matches are difficult. However, there is a difference between playing at home and playing away matches.” Sergiy Rebrov opened the press conference dedicated to his team’s match against Al Sharjah held this evening in Al Ain Club.

The head coach of the Boss squad explained: “In away matches, we miss all our fans as per the PLC regulations that give the home team the advantage to have more spaces for their fans.

However, he stressed that he has confidence that all fans will come to Sharjah to support the team and promised that the players would fight for them and spare no effort to make them happy.

As for our match against Al Sharjah, he emphasized its importance by pointing out that it is a special match and like a “derby”, given the opponent’s high level of performance in the past and current seasons.

“We must be serious and be aware of the level of the team we are playing against. Again, and as I always say to the players, we must respect the opponent, focus on our team’s affairs and the plan according to which we are playing against this good team,” he stated. 

He commented on the players’ current status: “All the players are fit and fine. No complaints of any injury after the recent match we played. Until now, all the players are still training in preparation for this match.”

He commended Ainawi fans: “I always say that I feel so pleased to see the fans in any match. I am sure they will come to Sharjah to support the team.

Sergiy concluded his statement by stressing that he is always happy to see the fans behind the team, regardless of the results. He also said: “We play for them and will spare no effort to serve the best interests of our fans and club.”

Organized by PLC.. Al Ain Full Team Players Attend the Sports Integrity and Anti-Doping Workshop

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All Al Ain players of the first and reserved teams attended the Sports Integrity and Anti-Doping Workshop organized by Professional League Committee. The online workshop was held at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium- VIP Lounge in Al Ain Club on Tuesday 8th November 2022 under the supervision of Clubs Licensing and Development Department- PLC.

The lecturer, Benoit Pasquier, General Counsel of FIFA – the “former” Director of Legal Affairs in the AFC, who has extensive experience in legal affairs in the world of football, was keen to adopt a wonderful interactive method with the players to communicate the objectives of the special workshop talking all aspects of the sports integrity and the competitions organized by PLC.

Mr. Benoit highlighted the recent updates related to regulations on anti-doping and match-fixing cases. The presentation also included a number of cases with serious risks, instructions and penalties for violators.

In the PLC U-21 League.. Al Ain is Held at 1-1 Draw by Khorfakkan


Al Ain U-21 Team was held at a 1-1 draw by Khorfakkan Team in matchweek 9 of PLC U-21 League. The match was held at Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasemi Stadium on Saturday 5th November 2022.

The first half ended while the scores screen shows the result of the match 1-1. The Boss squad socored at “45” by Yousef Ali by mistake in Khorfakkan net while the home team scored at “3 by Al Al Mutawaa.

The match referee sent off Khorfakkan player Rayyan Eforgi with a red card in his pocket at “49” after giving him a second yellow card.

By this result, Al Ain Team remains in the sixth spot with 12 points, while Khorfakkan Team remains at the last spot with six points in their balance.

The Boss Squad

The Spanish coach, Gerard Zaragoza, started the match with the following players: Sultan Al Mandhari, Nasser Al Shukaili, Danilo Odoud, Obada Al Hamayda, Mansour Al Shamsi, Adham Khaled, Ahmed A Qutaish, Khaled Saleh, Youssef Abdo, Mohammad Awadallah and Sampson Ajiabong. The coach made three substitutions and involved the following players: Eisa Khalfan, Shehab Al Awlaki and Khaled Walid.

Khorfakkan Squad

Ibrahim Eisa, Doro Dabo, Yusuf Ali, Ali Al Mutawa, Saif Ahmed, Alexis Javier Barz, Sebastian Smith, Brian Christian, Joaquín Alejandro, Ryan Alforji and Sultan Mohammed

Match Officials

The match was run by Sultan bin Touq, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by Abdul Rahman Hassan, “First Assistant Referee”, Arhamah Al Shuaihi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Khalfan Al Mazmi, “Fourth Official” and Mohammad Suleiman, “Referees Assessor” and Issam Ahli “Match Commissioner”.

Put an Accent on the Importance of Winning the Match’s 3 Points.. Rebrov Hails the Boss Squad’s Performance in the Second Half


Sergiy Rebrov stressed in the post-match press conference of matchweek 9 that the three points they snatched from the guests were very important for the team.

The Boss head coach also commented that it was not easy to come back to the match especially when you conceded a goal and the result was 0-1.

Commenting on the players’ performance against Khorfakkan Team, he said: “I am so happy with the team performance and the players did show a genuine desire to win the opponent. They all did their best to win the match’s three points.”

He added: “They showed their character in the second half and turned the table and won the guests. As for now, we will start preparing for our next match.”

The Boss Turns the Table and Snatch 2-1 Victory Over Khorfakkan


The Boss squad snatch a deserved 2-1 win over Khorfakkan in matchweek 9 of the ADNOC Pro League held at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium on Friday 4th November 2022.

Khorfakkan squad took the lead in the first half by 1-0. Al Ain Team scored their draw goal by Kouame Autonne at “52” and Laba Kodjo at “80”. Khorfakkan Team scored their sole goal at “7” by Mehdi Obaid.

By this result, Al Ain Team moves up to the 2nd spot “temporarily” with 16 points in balance. Meanwhile, Khorfakkan Team remains in the 11th spot with only 8 points.

Al Ain Team:  2

Goals: Kouame Autonne “52” – Laba Kodjo “80”

Starting Lineup: Khaled Eisa, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Rafael Pereira, Kouame Autonne, Erik Jorgnes, Ahmad Barman, Yahiya Nader, Andriy Yarmolenko, Soufiane Rahimi, Matías Palacios and Laba Kodjo.

Substitutions: Khaled Al Blooshi replaced Andriy Yarmolenko “66” – Caio Canedo replaced Matías Palacios “66” – Jonatas de Santos replaced Ahmad Barman “79” –Saeed Jumaa replaced Bandar Al Ahbabi “79” –El Mahdi Mubarak replaced Soufiane Rahimi “87 “.

Yellow Cards: Kouame Autonne “30”

Red Cards: none

Shots: 20

Shots on goal: 7

In-box shots: 13

Out-box shots: 7

Corners: 13

Offside: 2

Ball Possession: 71%

Khorfakkan Team: 1

Goals: Mehdi Obaid “7”

Starting Lineup: Ahmed Hamdan, Lazar Rosic, Abdulrahman Yusuf, Ali Muhammad, Adel Sabeel, Benjamin Ayem, Amer Mubarak, Mahdi Obaid, Panagiotis Tashtsiddis, Aylton Felipe and Antonio Valmore.

Substitutions: Simon de Barros replaced Panagiotis Tachtsidis “69” – Khalaf Mohammad replaced Benjamin Ayem “80” – Ismail Al Hammadi replaced Antonio Valmor “80” –Fahd Hadid replaced Amer Mubarak “85”

Yellow Crads: Adel Sabeel “37”

Red Cards: none

Shots: 2

Shots on goal: 1

In-box shots: 1

Out-box shots:

Corners: 3

Offside: 1

Ball Possession: 29%

Match Officials

The match was run by Sultan Abdul Razzaq, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by Jumaa Al Mukhaini, “First Assistant Referee”, Ibrahim Al Ajmi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Ahmed Bilal, “Fourth Official”, Omar Mahammad Al Ali, “Video Referee”, Mohammad Ghalita, “Video Assistant Referee”, Hamad bin Hanifa, “Referees Assessor”, and Salah Al Marzouqi “Match Commissioner”.

Al Ain Team is Significant for their Big Grassroots.. Erik: I Accept Criticism Gratefully and Promise the Fans to Fight for the Boss’ Badge


We Have a Firm Will to Win Next Match … Not in Words but Deeds

Al Ain Team’s player, Erik Jorgens, stressed that the players have been working hard this week to correct all mistakes committed by them during the previous match.

In the pre-match media conference held today, he said: “I would like to thank the loyal fans and the massive number of the team’s grassroots for their dedicated efforts in support of the team during the recent match.”

Erik expressed his sincere wish that they would continue supporting the team and that such grassroots is what distinguishes big teams, such as the Al Ain Team.

He pointed out that he looks forward to winning all matches, starting with the next game and that seeing the Ainawi fans behind the team will be the most incentive for the players to boost their efforts.

Commenting on a question on the fans’ dissatisfaction due to negative results of the team, he said: “For sure bad results are always annoying for the fans and all members of the big clubs. However, as I stated earlier, we worked hard to avoid all mistakes committed in the previous matches.”

Erik also stressed that the players got together and discussed points that would improve the team’s performance in the coming matches and back to victories.

He insisted that all the players vowed to show their genuine character in deeds, not words and that they will prove that on the pitch.

Al Ain player stressed that he accepts criticism, mainly introduced by the Ainawi fans, while pointing out that “next match you will not see different Erik. I always do my best on the pitch and seek to improve my skills in each match.”

He signed off by saying: “I am sure that all the players will spare no effort in the next match and will fight to defend the team’s badge.”