Dr. Matar Al Darmaki: The President’s Cup is not a Mere Sports Championship But Rather A National Event

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We Affirm Our Commitment to Our Values, Loyalty and Love to Our Leaders and Our Loyalty and Passion to Our Homeland

Hailed the UAEFA Creative Initiatives and Preparations for the Final Math of the Most Significant and Dearest Championship

Dr. Matar Rashid Al Darmaki, Chairman of Al Ain Football Club Company, confirmed that reaching the final match of the dearest championships is a great honor for both competing teams. It is an important championship as it named after our leader, role model and head of state, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State. May God protect him”

Dr. Al Darmaki pointed out: “In this occasion, we affirm our commitment to our values, our loyalty to our leaders, our affiliation, love and adoration for our blessed homeland.”

“The President’s Cup is not just a sports competition or a regular football championship, but rather a national event through which everyone seeks to embody Zayed’s ethics in us and to work per the principle of “The House is United” and devotion to our benevolent homeland. We all pray to Allah Almighty to perpetuate the security, safety, progress, elevation and prosperity of our state, preserve our leaders, and spread love among the UAE nation.”

Dr. Matar Al Darmaki stressed the importance of the team enjoys high level of focus during the match, stressing that: “Al Ain is armed with the required support from the administration and strong backing from the largest and biggest grassroots. All of these factors give the Boss squad the upper hand over opponents in all stadiums.”

He stressed that everyone is required to demonstrate sportsmanship, a strong desire to win, and insistence on achieving the desired goals, in addition to playing real and genuine football, seeking to turn the efforts exerted since the pre-season stage into celebrations and be crowned with the most valuable championship.

Mr. Chairman put an accent on the fact that “We are always very confident in the players’ skills and capacities to fulfill their personal ambitions represented in winning the invaluable and important title to please the Ainawi Nation. We are fully confident that they are well aware of what they are meant to do since the kickoff whistle until the end of the match.”

In his statement to the media representatives, Dr. Al Darmaki hailed the creative initiatives adopted by UAEFA, including the theme “Sport Brings Us Together”, as well as the notable preparations for the final match of the most important and dearest championship.

“I am sure all will go as planned and we will enjoy a splendid and enjoyable sports and national event,” Dr. Al Darmaki concluded.