Laying emphasis on Its Commitment to Furnish All Grounds to Achieve the Desired Goals.. Al Ain Football Club Company Renewed Its Trust in the Boss’ Coaching Teams and Squad Stars

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Ainawi Nation is a Role Model in Ample Support and Upholding Sportsmanship Values

In an official press statement made public through the Al Ain Club official website and social media platforms, Al Ain Football Club Company hailed the prominent and massive support of Ainawi fans and their innovative cheering initiatives.

The statement underscored the role of fans in supporting the Boss squad for being the motive and incentive for all members of this lofty sports club to push themselves to the limit, while emphasizing that such a role embodies the spirit of the one family and upholds the sportsmanship.

The Club’ management expressed their pride and honor of the efforts exerted by the Ainawi Nation who is a milestone in the club’s history and invincible compared to other club’s supporters in all football fields, and assuring that they are a role model for all fans locally and regionally.

On a separate level, the Al Ain Football Club Company renewed their trust and confidence in the efforts exerted by the Boss squad’s coaching teams and players putting an accent on the Company’s keenness to furnish all the grounds to ensure achieving the pre-set desired goals in all competitions the squad taking part in this season.