Dzsudzsák: The Boss’ Spirits Are High Ahead of Al Jazira Clash Match


“The team enjoys high morale, and the atmosphere of the changing room is sensational, especially after having the injured players onboard and winning Al Sharjah to qualify for the final match of the President’s Cup. This made us a step away from winning the title,” Al Ain’s Hungarian midfielder, Balázs Dzsudzsák, said in the pre-match press conference of his team against Al Jazira.

Responding to a question on the players’ celebrations in the changing room, he said: “We play football for such great moments. When we are so close to achieving our targets, it is normal to express our feelings. Yes, we celebrated and closed this chapter, and we play our upcoming matches as they are finals. Our goal is crystal-clear, i.e., to win Al Jazira and snatch the match’s three points.”

Dzsudzsák responded to a question on the capital’s derbies he experienced in AGL by saying: “All our matches are important, and we focus on doing our best regardless we are playing against Al Jazira or any other team in AGL. Our target is to win the opponents and the match’s three points.”