El Mehdi Moubarik is Ainawi Until 2027.. El Mahdi: The Mutual Desire and Seriousness Settled the Transfer Deal for Al Ain


The competition in the ADNOC Pro League is Tough… and My Presence with Rahimi in Al Ain Team Boosts the Level of Responsibility

In 2018, The Boss Squad set a great example for Arab football

I Thank the Ainawi Nation for the Warm Welcome and Motivational Messages

I received all the support and encouragement from the management and fans of Al Fateh Sports Club

Al Ain Club has recently announced that the Moroccan midfielder, El Mehdi Moubarik  “21 years “, signed to Al Ain Team for five seasons coming from Al Fateh Sports Club.

Following the official announcement of signing his contract with the Boss, the newly arrived player stated: “I am very happy to join this great club, and Al Ain Team is well known for their achievements. Indeed, I want to thanks the Club’s management for their highly appreciated trust in my skills and I hope to be up to their expectations and be of an added value to the squad and contributing, with my fellow players, to achieving the aspirations of the Ain’s fans.”

He added: “I would like also to thank the management of Al Fateh Sports Club for their professionalism in handling the details of the transfer deal showing their dedication to serve the best interest of the Club and the player as well. It also gives me a great honor to thank the loyal fans of Al Fateh Club, who have been supportive of El Mahdi throughout my journey with Al Fateh Team wishing them all the best of luck.”

Responding to a question on receiving several offers from Arab and European clubs, he said: “Actually, I preferred Al Ain’s offer as that was my desire, besides the Club’s management to join me to the squad. It was the most serious offer.”

He commented on the Boss achievements by stating that he is still remember that in 2018 Al Ain Team was able to present an honorable image of the Arab football in the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018.

He pointed out that since that time and he has that desire to join the Boss squad and my ambitions with the team will never soar below the skies.

Commenting on a question about his communication with the players who defended the Al Ain badge, he said: “Actually, I contacted several Moroccan players who defended the Al Ain Club badge as soon as I received the “Boss” offer. Indeed, it is not a secret to tell you that I felt at ease when they hailed the Club’s management professionalism and that boosted my desire to join the team.”

when asked if he watches matches of the ADNOC Pro League, he said: “I certainly follow the UAE league, especially the Al Ain Team matches. If you ask me why, I will be frank with you because Soufiane Rahimi plays for this club, and I felt that the competition is fervent  among  the UAE clubs.”

And about his presence with his compatriot Soufiane in same team, he said: “Seeing Soufiane playing by my side in Al Ain Team will certainly boosts the competition among us to represent Moroccan football honorably through defending the badge of biggest Arab Club. Also, you have to consider that our presence will upsurge the number of Moroccan followers who are willing to watch Al Ain matches. The fans of Raja, for example, follow Soufiane Rahimi for sure, and I am confident that the fans of Al Fateh Sports Club will do the same.”

El Mahdi concluded his statement by addressing a message to the Ainawi fans, saying: “I thank you for the wonderful welcome and warm and motivational messages I received  after announcing the conclusion of my transfer contract. I can assure you all that I am highly motivated to meet you at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in support of the team’s ambitions and work together to achieve our mutual goals for the new season.”


El Mehdi Moubarik  grew up showing great passion to play football since his early childhood and while playing in the neighborhood. El Mehdi received a substantial support and strong backing of his parents to achieve his dreams and follow a career in football. For that reason, he joined Al Fateh Sports Club and played in the junior teams at the age of 15.

His quality skills made coach Zakariyya Abboub to offer him a position in the Morocco’s Football National Youth Team  until he was 18 years old  to be offered another position in the Al Fateh Sports Club’s First Football Team as the Moroccan coach Walid Regraki selected him. Then, coach Mustafa Al Khalfi gave him the confidence to become an important player in the team list. During that period, Al Fateh Club management offered him all the facilities to be one of the best talents in Moroccan football.

El Mahdi contributed with his former club to win many achievements, and was chosen by the International Football Association “FIFA” in the ideal squad, after his remarkable participation with the Moroccan National Football Team in the North African U-20 qualifiers.

Personal Information

Name: El Mehdi Moubarik

Birthdate: 01-22-2001

Nationality: Moroccan

Position: midfielder

Clubs he played for: Al Fateh Sports Club, Morocco