Experienced the Best Moments with the High-Moral Standing Ainawi Star Player.. Khaled Eisa Surprises the Players of Al Ain Private Club Academy at Al Forsan Resort in Abu Dhabi

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The Academy Atmosphere Motivates Excellence, Creativity, and Developing the Talented Junior Football Players

Mahmoud Mousa: We Are Always Getting in Touch to Enroll Talented Youngsters in Age Categories Teams

The Academy Witnessed the Registration of More Than 2,000 Participants From September to January

The guard of the “Boss” den, Khaled Eisa, surprised the young players of the Al Ain Private Football Club Academy in Abu Dhabi with a special visit today.

Al Ain’s goalkeeper made the day of all the various age categories players of Al Ain Club playing and training in one of the largest football academies in the beloved capital. They expressed genuine joy and happiness seeing the star player interacting with them.

Khaled Eisa expressed his profound pleasure in visiting the cubs and young players of Al Ain Club. He talked to them, saying: “I promise you that my visit to you today will not be the last because the atmosphere here stimulates creativity, excellence, and the development of your genuine skills and quality football capabilities. I hope you all believe in your capacities and push yourselves to the limit to fulfill your aspirations and dreams in the football game world.”

He added: “I hope to see you all in the lineup of the first football team of Al Ain Club. However, do not forget to enjoy football on all football fields, and focus on your academic studies because you should always equip yourselves with knowledge as it is your weapon to excel, especially the football player.”

Mahmoud Mousa, “former Al Ain Team’s goalkeeper”, Director of the Al Ain Private Football Club Academy, expressed his deep appreciation for the distinguished star Khaled Eisa.

He confirmed that the Boss’ star players always show their keenness to visit the Academy and enhance communication with the members of the Private Football Academy in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain City.

Responding to a question about establishing the Al Ain Club Private Academy in Abu Dhabi, he said: “The Al Ain Club Private Football Academy branch was inaugurated in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, in early September. It was established through the strategic partnership between Al Ain Club Investment Company and Al Forsan International Sports Resort.”

Regarding the number of players and the age groups joining the Academy, he said: “The private Academy in Abu Dhabi has more than 2,000 participants. They joined its programs from September 2022 until January 2023 in various age categories, starting from 4 to 18 years.”

The Director of the Academy signed off by pointing out that there are constant communications between Al Ain Club Football Company and Al Ain Football Academy to promote and join the talented players to the Club’s junior teams.