Extended His Appreciation to Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed.. Mohannad Al-Enezi: I Raised 12 Cups High with the Boss and Sights Set High to Clinch the AFC Champions League Trophy


So Proud and Honored Simply Because I am “Ainawi”

Leko Provided Positive Atmosphere to Work dynamically to Realize the Ainawi Nation Aspirations

My Efforts to get the Bachelor of Media had a Negative Impact on My Performance Last Season

Al Ain fans are the number one player and the most important pillars of the team

Al Ain defender Mohannad Salem Al Enezi, Al Ain Club Player expressed his sincere gratitude and most profound appreciation to H.H. Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council, First Vice President of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club, First Vice President of the Honorary Council & Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club.

He stressed that Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed is the founder of Al Ain Club’s success strategy and his unlimited support and sponsorship boosted the Club’s position to be an international club and turned the Club to be a role model at the local, regional and continental levels.

He added: “I would like to avail this opportunity to congratulate the Ainawi Nation on launching Al Ain Media Company and its integrated media and TV channel system.”

“We all in this big club and its loyal fans have full confidence that the new channel will be of an added value to the visual media in UAE through the first-class content that is consistent with the aspirations of all of us.”

Mohannad stated that the team observed the great efforts exerted by the media team in the preseason away camp to convey the actual image for those interested in the news of the team as well as the loyal fans.

Reason for Performance Drop

On the reasons for the significant drop in his performance, he stated: “I have to agree with you that there was a decline in my performance in the past season. The reason for that drop was my final semester exams at university and was required to register more subjects. That necessitate to exert more efforts to pass my exams, and my university is located in Dubai.”

“On the other hand, I was keen to double my efforts in the training sessions, but I was really affected. Add to that, I was injured during the past year away camp, which reflected negatively on my performance the whole past season. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.”
Feeling Happy

As for his career with Al Ain Club which started in the year 2008, he said: “When talking about Al Ain logo, you find that it is about the feelings of pride, honor, and happiness to belong to this great club.”

“My late mother was always praying to be transferred to Al Ain Club since I joined Al Wahda Football Academy- junior teams. At that time, Al Ain won the title of the AFC Champions League 2003.”

“Finally, her prayers came true and was moved to Al Ain Club in 2008 and succeeded to raise high 11 or 12 cups in addition to the unprecedented achievement of participating in the FIFA Club World Cup. I am looking forward to achieving more titles this new season.”

He added: “During the past 11 years, I lived in Al Ain City nice and great years. During these years, I received great support from the Ainawi fans who spare no efforts to support the team and be behind the players wherever r and whenever. Indeed, the word “thank you” is not enough.”

Commenting on the question on the most important championships he won during his career with Al Ain FC, he stated: “Actually, the most important tournament I am so eager to win with the team is the AFC Champions League and regain the trophy back to the Club’s closets and participate in the FIFA Club World Cup again. However, each championship has significant memories in my life and career with the Club. One of the most memorable tournaments is the President’s Cup and the Etisalat Cup which we won in my first season with the club 2008/2009. Such achievements instill in players the desire to win more titles and championships, in addition to the confidence and experience in playing high-level championships to defend the logo of the Boss.”

He also said that it took the team a long time to back to crowning podiums and win titles. “Thank God the team won the league title 4 times, the President’s Cup 3 times, the Super Cup 3 times, the Etisalat Cup and the UAE-Moroccan Super Cup once, also, to be the runners up of the FIFA Club World Cup.”

Difficult Circumstances

In response to a question about the most challenging moments he experienced in defending the logo of the Boss, he said: “I believe that we lived the most difficult moments in the 2010/2011 season when we were struggling to avoid relegation. However, with the will power of the Club’s management, coaching teams, players, and the fans, we passed the questionable circumstances. The miracle happened in the next season when snatching the title of the league.

“Bit the most dramatic and difficult moments was when we lost to South Korea’s Jeonbuk Hyundai in the AFC Champions League 2016 in the final match at home. We took the lead in the first leg match but wasted lots of chances, and we missed the chance to win the guests at home when we missed a penalty point. At any rate, it is God’s will.”

Commenting on a question about why he rejected several offers he received from other clubs and sticking to staying in Al Ain, he said: “First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the clubs that have expressed their desire to be part of their squads. For me, I could not see myself except wearing the Boss jersey and wearing the Boss badge. I am really linked to my team, and through the achievements of Al Ain, I was selected to join the UAE National Football Team. I do aspire to clinch the AFC Champions League before I retire and end my football career with Al Ain.”

“Ainawi” and Proud

Commenting on the question of whether he was negatively influenced as he was not included in the team’s lineup in the FIFA Club World Cup, he said: “I assure you that anyone playing for Al Ain team he is proud and honored simply because it is Al Ain.”

“The system in this Club is actually composed of players, coaching teams, administrative staff, medical specialists, the fans, and all who belong to it. All these components work in the spirit of one family to achieve the desired goals at the end of each season, i.e., winning new titles.

“My happiness cannot be described when I see what has been achieved by my team even if I am not part of the starting lineup. It is enough for us that the Boss proved to all that the squad is up to the fans expectations and won the challenge when they ended their journey in the FIFA Club World Cup as the runners up of the champs. Al Ain also proved that they do not believe in the language of the impossible. It is enough that the team made our Sheikhs and all the fans of Al Ain, UAE, the Gulf region, and the Arab countries happy by the significant achievement. The squad showed its genuine character in defending the name and reputation of Asian football,” he said.

Mohannad added: “I was keen to support and encourage all my teammates, especially those who are selected by the coach to play in the backline in the position where I play. This what are used to doing in this big Club. The competition between the squad’s players is to improve and boost up their performance to serve the best interest of the team.”

He stated that he is training hard this season to be in the first eleven players list. He wished all his teammates all the best this new season to achieve the desired goals and make the fans happy.

The Team’s Atmosphere

Regarding the team’s away camp, he said that the spirit of the one family dominates the atmosphere of the camp.

“This is what distinguishes the Boss team from other counterparts. This kind of spirit enhances the level of harmony among the squad players, considering that the team has several new players under the command of a new head coach. Everybody here pushes himself to the limit to ensure gaining the desired and pre-set goals. It is the dream of each player of the squad to be included in the lineup of the team to defend the logo of the team.”

He hailed the efforts exerted by the newly appointed head coach. He stated that he plays a crucial role in creating a positive and motivating atmosphere in the camp. “He gives each player the chance to show his genuine potential, and this triggers their motivation to do their best to serve the best interest of the team. Not to forget the role of Matar Al Sahbani and Issam Abdullah who spare no efforts to facilitate the mission of the team in their away camp.”

Sports and Media

Regarding his successful academic career and obtaining a Bachelor of Media degree last year, he said: “Thanks always go to Allah Al Mighty for leading me to the right path and be able to finish my academic studies. Also, I would like to thank all who supported me during the past four years, especially in my final year at university. Their support made me redouble my efforts and raise my level of concentration to finish my mission in my academic path and sports career successfully.”

“It is not a secret to tell you that my happiness to receive my Bachelor of Media degree is indescribable, and I felt that it is of an added value to me as a professional player. Also, not to forget the massive support I received from my family members and friends was of a great positive impact on developing my performance and to complete all my academic prerequisites.”

He concluded his statement by saying that he selected to study media because of the robust relationship that relates sports to media. “I aspire to get my masters degree and then the Ph.D. degree in the media.”


• I benefitted a lot from Romania’s Cosmin. He supported and motivated me to further boost up my level of performance. Mehdi Ali, Zlatko, and Zoran played a crucial role in helping me during my career.

• Renewing my contract for another five years triggered my motivation to push myself to the limit. Indeed, thanks go to His Highness Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan for their trust in my skills. Also, I thank H.E. Mohammed bin Thaloub Al Deri, the Club’s Management, my teammates, fans, and all who supported me.

• Al Ain signed new highly skilled players who will make the difference and contribute to achieving the desired aspirations.

• My goal in the back nets of Shabab Al Ahli Dubai in 2014/15 season is stamped on my memory.

• The advantages of social media platforms are more than its negative aspects, and the worst is defamation.

• I look forward to regaining my high level of performance to achieve the desired goals and be back to the squad of the UAE National Football Team to qualify or the World Cup and win the Asian Cup.

• The happy moments in my life, including being with my family, every moment I spend with Al Ain Club, obtaining my Bachelor of Media degree, the Star of 2015 Season Award, the global achievement and winning the title of the Gulf Cup with the national team.

• Al Ain fans are the number one player and the most important pillars of the team. The Boss squad always waits for the fans’ massive support I the new season.