Ghanem Al Hajeri: Big Thank to Homeland and Nation

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Big Thank to Homeland and Nation

H.E. Ghanem Al Hajeri
Chairman of Al Ain Football Company

Our hearts beat with deep genuine love for God Almighty, for the blessing of being Emiratis belonging to our dear homeland and following the steps of Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul in peace, the “Arabs Wiseman” who loved not only his country but all nations.

Thanks to our wise leadership for furnishing all grounds of excellence, development, progress and prosperity for our beloved homeland, and spare no efforts to harness all capabilities and work honestly and sincerely to ensure that we live on this medical land in comfort, prosperity, security and safety.

Thanks go to our wise leadership who does not know, the impossible and only recognizes the language of giving, doubling efforts and sacrifice for the best interest of our precious soil and make all citizens and resident of the UAE live in peace and security. Thank you for the immense care and generous support for sports and athletes and all other fields. Thank you “Stars of the Boss” with whom we experienced great, fervent and historical 10 days while hosting a global event, the FIFA Club World Cup, where proved to the whole world that the Boss’ goal was not a merely for participation; quite the reverse you honored your country and the whole nation by your unbowed spirit. However, the law of human nature was not in your side in the last milestone of your achievements against Real Madrid whose stars showed in the field their spirit of challenge and great respect Al Ain FC, Big Boss of Asia and the holder of record numbers.

Thank you, the 2018 generation who made the history to be entitled to be called the “Golden Generation” meritoriously and deservedly. Thank you for not accepting to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of this glorious sport entity except on the way of the stars. You were and still are up to the occasion and all expectations. You made it and thrashed all the champs of three continents with all the pride of “Men of Zayed” and made the global event a big ceremony where it was impossible for the biggest international event management companies could do it better than you have done. This is you as always! You made the history and made your club’s anniversary golden. A big thank you to the fans of the UAE football and every loyal Ainawi and all communities and residents of the UAE who attended to support the Boss, in addition to all international clubs who participated in this big international and global sport event held on this precious land. Thank you for all who supported and congratulated Al Ain from the standings, social networks or messages. We all united holding the name of our country “UAE” to embody the concept of a nation and homeland joy and consolidate and instill the themes of loving the homeland and belonging to its soils.

Thank you for all the sport officials in UAE and thank the organizers of the FIFA Club World Cup for the sincere efforts they exerted to have such an incredible and great success.

Thank you for the balanced and moderate mass media for their outstanding coverage. Thank you to the newspapers writers, editors-in-chief and heads of sport departments in the UAE whose efforts contributed to keep the team on the right track. Thank you to the distinguished writers, observers, journalists and bloggers on social networking sites for the unlimited support you showed to the players, the club’s management and coaching team while addressing and tackling so important notes and remarks which enlightened our path and helped us a lot in keeping the team on the right track.

Thanks to the champions of the world’s continents, New Zealand’s Team Willington, Tunisia’s Esperance, Japan’s Kashima Antlers, Mexico’s Deportivo Guadalajara, Argentina’s River Plate and Spain’s Real Madrid for the incredible and great performance that was in line with the global event.

Thank you, Florentino Perez for the heartful words and sincere feelings you expressed in love for the UAE and your kind words hailing the Al Ain Club. I congratulate you on winning the title and echo my congratulations to the champions of Al Ain for ending the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup as the runners up.

With God willing, the next will be better and greater.