Ghazi Fahad: We Aspire to See the Maximum Number of Fans in the Upcoming Match Against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai


Iraqi Ghazi Fahad, Al Ain head coach, called upon the loyal Ainawi fans to respond to their call and be there behind their team during the Thursday’s matchweek 12 of the Arabian Gulf League against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai scheduled to be held at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.

“The next match is a big challenge for our squad in a round that will have a critical influence on the Boss’s journey to win the title,” Ghazi stated in the pre-match press conference held on Tuesday at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium.

He underlined that the Boss would play against the opponent with high spirits of confidence and soaring morale they gained following thrashing Al Wahda in the team’s away matchweek 11 by two distinct goals.

The head coach pointed out that “the players are highly determined to perform honorably bearing in mind that they want to stay on the right track of victories following beating Dibba Al Hisn in the AGC and Al Wahda in AGL recently.” He assured media representatives that all the indicators show that the team players will be at their best level on the match day.

The Iraqi head coach hailed the opponent team by highlighting the fact they have good quality players, while underling that Al Ain squad has stars and skillful players. “The most important thing is to win all the remaining matches, and the team’s performance will be getting better as the days go on.”

He also refused to underestimate the two victories over Dibba Al Hisn and Al Wahda and said, “Football is football wherever you go. It would be best if you did not underestimate any victory you achieve. This is the result of the players’ efforts on the pitch, whether you are playing against Dibba Al Hisn or Al Wahda. Really, It does not matter.”

He commented on the team’s performance in the match against Al Wahda by saying: “The players committed to fulfilling their tasks during the two halves of the match. We achieved the required result, i.e., the three points. For example, Laba’s second goal was scored as exactly we trained to do so in the training sessions. I do know that our stars enjoy high speed in counter-attacks.”

Ghazi underscored that he would take various preventive measures in the next match against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai compare to the previous games. He said: “When it comes to us, we deal with any opponent as a force to be reckoned with. Indeed, our opponent this Thursday is at the top place of the standing table, and definitely, they have their strengths, which we will deviate them and weaknesses that we would take advantage of.”

Responding to a question on whether the team still needs a playmaker, he said: “The team’s scoring average is high, 26 goals, which indicates that we are one of the best teams in scoring goals. For the moment, we did not concede that massive number of goals, and we were able to win Dibba Al Hisn and Al Wahda with a clean sheet.”

As for the absent players, he mentioned that he is still waiting for the medical report to assess the players’ fitness and readiness for the upcoming match. He confirmed that Ahmad Barman and Algeria’s Abdul Rahman Meziane are injured and will miss the chance to play the next game.