Got No Choice Except Winning Al Jazira.. Caio: We are Still Competing to win AGL Title


All is Well and Recovery of injured Players Boosts the Boss’ Power

Caio Canedo stressed that his team would be playing a strong and tough match this coming Thursday when playing matchweek 12 of the Arabian Gulf League against Al Jazira.

He said in the pre-match press conference: “The star players of both teams will show up and exhibit their superior skills. We do respect Al Jazira Team, but we are playing at home, and we must play well to secure the match’s three points.”

Caio pointed out that the Boss is still one of the competitors to win the AGL title and that the players got only one option, that is, to win the guests.

Commenting on a question on the Boss’ chances to win the title despite the seven points between them and Al Sharjah and Al Jazira, he said: “Yes, the difference is big between Al Ain and the top two teams, but we experienced difficult circumstances. However, we are focusing on our team and not others and what we are meant to do. We have to deal with each match alone.”

Then, Caio addressed a message to the Ainawi nation, saying that “I call upon the Ainawi fans to keep supporting the team, and I know them well; they are very supportive.”

He also stated: “We will take it to step by step, and as I stated earlier, we got no choice except winning the guests. We have to play each match as it is a final match in the league and focus on winning the opponents.”

He concluded his statement by stressing that “if we do it this way and in the way, we are preparing for the coming match and our hard work, I am fully confident the seven points between Al Ain and the two top teams will be fewer.”