Hailed The Initiative to Honor Yassin.. Amer Abdul Rahman: Ready for the Important Challenge

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Al Ain First Team “international” player, Amer Abdul Rahman, emphasized the importance of clinching the three points out of the coming match against Al Sharjah despite the numerical shortage in the lines of the team in this important round of the competition to achieve the fans’ aspirations who are loyal to Al Ainawi logo whatsoever. He pointed out that the team should take advantage of all the conducive conditions to finish off the opponents’ ambitions with all due respect to their history and ambitions.

Amer Abdul Rahman described the pressures which the team is facing in this edition of the league as positive ones and not the other way round. Such pressures push the team to compete to achieve positive results and boost the chances to snatch the points of all confrontations.

In response to a question on Al Ain Club’s initiative to honor Al Ain’s loyal fan, Yassin, Amer said: “This is a humanitarian and noble duty and it affirms the consolidated values and principles of our stunning sport entity with all its honorable history and glories.” He concluded: ” Such initiatives deserve appreciation and requires us to be responsive to stand next to such a great loyal fan to Al Ainawi logo from Al Ain’s standings.”