Hails the Players’ Commitment and Diligent.. Ahmad Al Shamesi: The Head Coach Has Daily Training Plans and Players Train in Three Football Fields


Rayyan Yaslam and Mohammed Jamal Add More Teeth to Boss Lineup

Mohammed Khalfan Joins a Rehabilitation Program on the Go to Join Collective Training Sessions

Ahmad Al Shamesi, Manager of Al Ain First Football Team, commended the players’ commitment and high diligence they effectively exhibit during the training sessions of the home preseason training camp.

He stressed: “Pedro Emmanuel split the team into three groups, and each one has its training program to be conducted in three separate football fields. The three training fields are “Abdul Kareem Mitsuo”, “Mahdi Ahmad,” and “Khalid Abdul Aziz”.”

Al Shamesi added: “Part of the positive indicators is seeing some players who missed playing next to their teammates in the past season due to injury. On top of these players is Rayan Yaslam, who showed significant improvement during the preseason preparation phase and Mohammed Jamal, who exhibited outstanding performance. I believe that seeing the two players in the collective training sessions is considered an added-value to the team to face all the challenges of the upcoming season.”

“As for Mohammed Khalfan, he underwent cruciate ligament surgery in the past season and kicked off his rehabilitation program before starting the collective training session. Specialists decided that he should start his eight-week individual training sessions,” Al Shamesi stated.

He added: “As of Wednesday, six players would join the home training camp of the UAE National Football Team scheduled to be held in Al Ain City. We all do wish the “Whites” all the best in their international journey. Indeed, the number of players is substantial, but the coach has already set up his plans to compensate for the absence of all the international players.”

Commenting on the results of the AGL and AGC draws recently announced, he said: “Al Ain Club respects all competitors. However, we are focusing on the current stage and prepare the team as planned to win all local and continental matches of the upcoming season.”