I Expect a New Record in the Number of Ainawi Fans this Season.. Leko: We Focus on the Opponent’s Weaknesses and Fully Ready to Win Al Jazira


We went on in our training sessions as we prepare for any other match,” Ivan Leko, head coach of Al Ain stated in the pre-match media conference dedicated for his team’s matchweek 6 of the Arabian Gulf League scheduled to be held on Friday 1st November 2019 at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium at 08:45 p.m.

He added: “The upcoming match is between two big teams and requires a high level of concentration and exerting lots of effort. I believe it will be full of enthusiasm, and I am sure all players will be so serious about winning the match.”

“We evaluated our performance in the right manner and set the records straight. We also assessed the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses while keeping in mind to determine the best style of playing that helps us to win and snatch the three points of the match,” he stressed.

Leko put an accent on the fact that he believes in his squad’s potentials as it is all about confidence in your skills.

He also pointed out that in all the team’s away matches, the fans in massive numbers were there cheering up their favorite stars. “I am expecting this Friday to see the standings of Hazza bin Zayed full of loyal supporters, given that the match will be held at home. They will break the record in the number of fans attending AGL matches this season.”

Commenting on a remark about the problems that the team faces due to mistakes committed by the defensive line and conceding goals from the depth, which one of the strengths of the opponent team, he said: “I acknowledge that we have problem in long crosses and passes, the matter that causes lots of issues during the past confrontations. We are on it and gives it more attention during the recent training sessions. Ahmad Barman will not play the next game, and one of the solutions is to let Shiotani play next to Yahiya Nader as a central midfielder. However, we have to wait until the match day to assess how things go on.”

On whether he has plans to stop Amoory, the former player of Al Ain, he said: “Personally, I believe that Amoory is a skillful quality player, but I prefer that way that my players play football. We have Laba Kodjoe, Caio Canedo, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Mohammed Abdul Rahman “Ajab”, Yahiya Nader, Khalid Eisa, Ismael Ahmad and the remaining star players.”

“I do trust their exceptional quality skills and their professional mentality in facing all circumstances of any match, and I do like the way they play football. By the end of the day, it is the collective efforts that prevail in football. We will focus on the opponent’s strengths and try to neutralize them and make use of their weaknesses with sights set to snatch the match’s three points,” Leko pointed out.

“I believe that in all matches, it is the players who make the difference. The coach’s role is limited to help them, find solutions in the field and prepare the team for the matches in the right manner,” Leko responded to a question on whether such derby matches are coaches or players matches.

As for Mohammed Hilal, Leko stated that he is a great player and enjoys a significant charisma, besides he trains remarkably, and above all, he possesses an excellent professional mentality and quality skills. “However, there is an intense competition among the players who play in the same position, and I am sure that once he wins all challenges, he will find himself a place in the starting lineup list. Indeed, this rule applies to all players and not Mohammed Hilal alone.”