I Will Keep Going and Work Silently to Serve Al Ain Better.. Caio: We All Set for Al Wasl Clash Match and to be Back from Zaa’bil Stadium with Three Points in Hands


The “international player” of Al Ain First Football Team, Caio Canedo, emphasized how important his team’s match against Al Wasl is exactly as any other matches.

“We need to win as the Al Ain Club always aims to win the title of the Arabian Gulf League. We know that our mission will not be easy as I know Al Wasl team and the players very well, but we are heading there to play a strong match,” he said.

Caio stressed that this match-winner would be the team that focuses on the small details and commits few mistakes. He emphasized that the Boss squad is all set and ready to be back home with three points from Zabeel Stadium.

Commenting on a question about the fans’ positive reaction for scoring his first goal with the “Whites” in the recent match against Al Bahrain, he said: “I feel so excited! Since day one, the fans show their deep love to me. I am a player who exerts lots of efforts, and I feel deeply that I can perform well and up to the fans’ expectations and I know if conditions are in my favor, I will play and meet their aspirations. So, I thank them for their support, and I did what I am meant to do, and I have to keep going with the same level with my Club.”

He also pointed out that the team needs him, but he prefers to work silently and spare no effort to serve the team.

“I feel thrilled these days as I have my wife and daughter with me currently. My mother has medical issues back in Brazil; yet, I feel so happy. We have to close the Whites’ good matches and focus on serving my Club,” he said.

Caio expressed how happy he is to live in Al Ain City, which he described as a quiet and great city. “I love this city, and it suites my family and me. I prefer to stay at home and not hanging around all the time. Sometimes, I go to the cinema. Indeed, I am happy to be here, and this city suits me. I always try my best to be positive and work hard.”

He concluded his statement by saying: “All is all right, and I have to go on with what I meant to do and do good work for the Club. I know that the team needs me, and I have to be ready and be 100% ready.”