In the Meeting of the Ainawi One Family.. BoD Renew Their Trust in the Boss Squad Ahead of the “Derby” Match

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In a special meeting with the first team players held this evening, the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club, chaired by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki, expressed plainly their confidence and full support of the football first players.

The meeting was held before the training session in preparation for matchweek 6 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Wahda FC, scheduled to be held on Wednesday 29th September 2021 at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.

Abdullah Ali, Supervisor of Al Ain Football First Team, expressed his most profound appreciation for the Board of Directors for their sincerest care, trust, and uninterrupted support.

He stated: “Today’s meeting was held under the theme of “Openness in the Spirit of One Family” preceded by a regular closed meeting with the head coach usually held after each match to tackle certain technical details of the team’s official matches.”

As for the details of the recent meeting, he said it was about the team’s performance during matchweek 5 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Orooba.

He added: “Definitely, the team’s performance in the second half in the last two matches does not match the aspirations of the players, coaching teams, administrative staff, and fans. Everybody here feels responsible for all that happened in the second half of our match against Orooba FC. Honestly, I am held responsible for the major part of what happened as a supervisor of the team.”

He explained that the purpose of this meeting is to handle all internal issues and correct mistakes committed in the last two matches based on sound foundations and transparently with sights set to serve the best interests of the team.   

He went on to say that all of us are responsible for the drop in performance as one team and not a specific person or staff.

“We, in Al Ain Club, work as one family. The players vowed to learn from the mistakes committed in the past round and play more seriously. They all have the strong desire to boost their efforts as they are all responsible for defending the Boss badge to retain balance and back to the track of victories. We have to close the chapter of the last two matches against Ittihad Kalba and Al Orooba,” he said.

Responding to a question on grounds for such a surprising sudden decline, he said: “Reasons are clear, and we all tackled them realistically. But, as I mentioned to you earlier, we bear it as a team composed of administrative and coaching teams and players. Therefore, we cannot blame any person in particular, especially after we analyzed everyone’s performance in that match and identified the drawbacks.”

“We looked at what happened in the Al Orooba match as a “cold shower” and an important lesson to learn from. However, the Boss is still at the top of the standing table, and all the team members are well aware of what they are meant to do in the next stage,” he said.

Abdullah Ali stressed that the administrative teams would react to fix things and bring things back onto the right track.

He added: “We affirm our confidence in all the players in light of the great support of the Board of Directors of the Al Ain Football Club Company and the robust support of the loyal fans. Statistics showed that the Boss players enjoy high skills, and I believe they can achieve their personal ambitions and make all fans and lovers of this lofty sports entity happy.”

Commenting on the opinions of certain critics who state that the Boss has not been playing against solid teams until the recent fifth round, he said: “We all agree that we need to improve the team’s performance as of round 1 until the end of the season. This means we need to improve gradually by taking advantage of mistakes committed. This is implemented by any football team looking to achieve their goals. However, I have no comment on these opinions because big teams would not win titles and championships if they did not adopt the principle of respect for competitors.”

Abdullah Ali stated that he was surprised to hear such messages. He wondered, “what is the concept of the real test intended here? Does it mean that the four teams we played against except the last match against Al Orooba are less than the rest of the competitors?”

“I would say that we, in Al Ain Club, respect all the teams playing in the ADNOC Professional League. All the matches we played were challenges to overcome, and the team dealt with them according to a solid strategy, and players succeeded to win all opponents.”

He concluded by saying that the foremost principle we adopt is respect for all opponents regardless of their position on the standing table.