Ismail Al Marzouqi.. The Loyal Fan

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Al Ain Club’s distinct initiative to award the Ainawi loyal fan, Ismail Al Marzouqi, the Ainawi Membership Card with holder’s exceptional privileges received a remarkable interaction among social media platforms following posting his photo with Zoran Mamic, Head Coach of Al Ain FC, and Issam Abdullah, Administrative Manager, granting him his own special card package with his photo on it in recognition of his efforts in supporting and encouraging the team.

Al Marzouqi is always supporting the players in all their training sessions and home and away matches of the “Boss” in a stunning scene that depicts the genuine meaning of loyalty and appreciation of Al Ain’s logo.

Ismail Al Marzouqi used to write motivational statements addressed for the players prior the team’s top clashes and he is always keen to read them before the players. Moreover, he is accustomed to use his own way of celebrating the victories achieved by the players, particularly when they achieve a great result in critical and historical confrontations.