Khalid Eisa: Pedro Emmanuel is the Best Gains of the Boss in the Past Season.. Training Sessions are Hilarious and We All Committed to COVID-19 Precautionary Measures


Al Ain FC and UAE National Football Team super goalkeeper, Khalid Eisa, described the Boss preseason training camp atmosphere as fervent.

He pointed out: “It is the first time in whole my career we do not train collectively for such a long period. Definitely, we all are looking forward to achieving our goals with the support and help of the club management, head coach, and my teammates.”

“We missed Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain City facilities, and practicing our childhood hobby. It is not a secret to admit that we all miss Al Ain fans and fervent matches. It is the fans who have a substantial impact on the team’s performance in and off the pitch. They indeed enjoy the world-class culture and reflect that everywhere, even via social platforms,” Khalid stated.

He said that everyone is waiting impatiently for a decision to be issued by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority to open the doors for the public following the end of COVID-19 pandemic.

As for the training sessions held under strict precautionary measures, he commented: “First of all, I would like to thank the club management, the medical committee and those who are in charge of implementing the medical protocols based on the principle of “We All Responsible” to maintain the health and safety of everybody. I believe that preventive and precautionary measures are of high standards. Every member of the Al Ain Club is well aware of their responsibilities, and we provoke to Allah Al Mighty that we have an end of this pandemic soon.”

Commenting on the advantages gained following the recent decision to cancel the AGL and President’s Cup results due to the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, he said: “It is sad to cancel the two competitions given that we were competing to win their titles. Meanwhile, we are fully confident that such decisions are taken to serve the public’s best interests and to protect the safety and health of society.”

He went on to say: “As for the advantages, I believe that one of the biggest gains of the past season is to have Pedro Emmanuel as the team head coach. He has a special charisma and enjoys high and quality skills. He is talented in dealing with everyone.”

“Though he signed to the club in the mid of the past season, he did it and regained part of the Boss image. I am sure that things will be completely different this upcoming season as the head coach will start from scratch. He knows what he is doing as he knows the weaknesses and strengths, and, undoubtedly, he will work hard to fix things.”

Khalid Eisa highlighted that the Boss was not lucky enough in the AFC Champions League 2020. “We have to admit that there were drawbacks, but still we have the chance to snatch one of the two qualifying cards to the last-16 team stage. This requires us to push ourselves to the limit and work in the right manner to make the Ainawi Nation happy. We know that our competitors are working to achieve the same goal.”

Hailing the Croatian football school, Eisa stated that it is not different from the European football schools, such as the Italian and Swedish. “I was trained by three Croatian head coaches during my career with the Boss. I could not figure out any differences except in the manners of dealing with the players and pre-match preparations. I find myself obliged here to hail Croatia’s Zoran Mamic and Zlatko Dalic are the best in preparing the team before matches.”

Responding to a question on playing for the UAE National Football Team considering playing under the command of a new head coach and the new names joining the squad, he stated: “I believe that it is a heavy burden and this requires that the “Whites” lineup should have the best and highly skilled players to achieve the desired goals and aspirations. For me, it is an honor to join our national team and thank Allah for this honor.”

“I believe that under the command of the new head coach, we would be able to overcome any obstacles and challenges with the coach’s help. This could be achieved through the swift adaptation given the short period allocated for the training camp,” he said.