Kicked Off His Rehabilitation Programs after Removing the Foot Screws.. Marouf Jamal Experiences an Exceptional Atmosphere with his Fellow Players


The Ainawi Fans Motivated me and Boosted my Morale

Adherence to Medical Treatment is the Secret Behind Swift Recovery as Proved by Reports

Al Ain club striker Jamal Marouf started this evening the rehabilitation programs, in preparation for his return to the training sessions, Al Ain official website announced.

The player’s foot is already free from the screws as he undergone a surgery at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain City. The attending doctor gave the player the green light to enroll a customized rehabilitation program after the good medical reports of his comprehensive medical examinations and MRI that showed that player is in form to kick off the second stage of his medical treatment.   

Jamal Marouf, who experienced a serious injury in his foot bone during his team’s match against Saudi Arabia Al Nasr of the AFC Champions League 2020 held on 24th September 2020, availed the opportunity to express his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Al Ain Club, coaching teams and medical staff for their dedicated efforts and following up his conditions during the whole past period.

“I also would like to thank all my teammates for their kindness and encouragement, in addition to the loyal Ainawi fans. That gave me a boost and stimulate my morale to be patient and do my best to be ready for the next stage of medical treatment in preparation for rejoining the squad,” Jamal said.

Commenting on the role played by the Medical Committee of Al Ain Club, he said: “At the beginning, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the sincere efforts made by the members of the Medical Committee of Al Ain Football Club Company. They were there all the time and were following up on my health condition. They assured me that it was based on medical examinations which I have recently undergone and continuous dedicated efforts that would exert, I would speed up the recovery period and gives me the chance to rejoin the training sessions. In turn, I would do my best to adhere to their recommendations and redouble my efforts as I really missed the team’s atmosphere.”

He added: “The Medical Committee set up special programs for me which I followed strictly throughout the past period and their results were great. I would continue to do the same and hope I will be able to join the team per the pre-set program.”

Jamal humbly stated that he received a warm welcome by everyone when he attended the training session of the team.

He described that moment as he was “over the moon and that motivated me to spare no effort to recover and be back to my family members here in Al Ain Club.”