Laba Kodjo: LKF9 is a Trademark with Exceptional Goals

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Togo’s international player and striker of Al Ain Football Team stated in an exclusive statement to Al Ain TV Channel that the players are keen to attend the training sessions and abide by the head coach’s instructions.

“We also do our best to fix all mistakes committed during the past matches. We are always focusing on each match separately and get ready for matches mentally and physically in the right way,” he said.

He added: “Al Ain fans are always the key pillar that Al Ain Club relies on. All the players need their support despite the current conditions associated with the breakthrough of the COVID-19. The current conditions imposed certain health requirements that prevent fans from being available in the stadium standings. However, they are in our hearts, and I call upon them to continue in supporting us even if they are watching matches remotely.”

In response to a question about the brand he recently launched, he said: “As for the brand “LKF 9”, it represents my name and my favorite number is “9”. I always love to help people in need in my region with my own money. I had direct contact with specific charitable associations to expand their activities, especially after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.”

The player concluded his statement by advising the spectators to take the necessary precautions, wash their hands with soap, and avoid social gatherings.