Launching Five Ainawi Perfumes with the Fragrance of the Boss Achievements.. Al Ain Unveils a New Partnership with the “Beautique” Fragrances Group

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Rashid Abdullah: Each Perfume has an Inspiring Story that Describes a Notable Milestone in the Club’s History

Yaqoub Al Hammadi: International Products Befitting Only the Boss Crest

We are Proud of our New Partnership and Committed to Boost Sponsorship of Al Ain TV Channel

Al Ain Club has announced the news on concluding a new partnership contract with the “Oud Beautique” Group specialized in producing the finest traditional Arabic perfumes.
Under this agreement, five new perfumes will be launched, holding the Al Ain Club logo on Monday 5th October 2020 to be available in the market, and the official club store, Al Ain Club announced.

The design of each perfume and its unique formula would tell the story of an important milestone in the history of the Club. The agreement also includes provisions for sponsoring the “Sabah Al-Ain” (Al Ain Morning” Program broadcasted weekly on Al Ain TV Channel.
Rashid Abdullah, Executive Director of the Al Ain Club Investment Company, expressed his pleasure to have “Oud Beautique” Group as a new sponsor of the Boss as of the new football season. He stated: “We are so pleased with our strategic partners and particularly the “Oud Beautique” as a new partner.”

“Al Ain Club Always shows interest in the high quality of products provided by our partners, seeking to excel in all areas. We adopt such a principle to be in line with the Club’s vision and strategic plans with sights set to provide the Ainawi Nation with exceptional services,” Rashid said.

Highlighting grounds for signing the partnership agreement, Rashid Abdullah said that Al Ain Club observed an immense desire to offer modern products that meet the Ainawi Nation’s aspirations, “considering that each one of these products has its unique idea.”

“Each one of these perfumes holding the Club’s crest presents a significant and inspiring story experienced by the Club through its history of impressive achievements.”

The Executive Director of the Al Ain Club Investment Company stated: “Each perfume represents a milestone in the history of Club’s journey, starting with the establishment year in 1968 marking the year of establishing one of the best Emirati and Asian clubs. The “1974” perfume marks the year of winning the first title in the ClubClub’s history. When it comes to the “2003” perfume, it marks the historical moment when the Boss clinched the title of the AFC Champions League, adding the first star to the Club’s badge. Those who see this star know really that the Boss is different.”

“The “2018” Perfume marks the year when the Boss achieved a new record locally and regionally to be the first Club to play the final match of the FIFA World Clubs Cup- UAE 2018. The last one is called “Al Jahili”, which tells the story of the Club’s crest.”

Rashid Abdullah sheds light on the Ainawi fans’ role in these significant achievements through their unlimited support. “This is why we have an agreement with the “Oud Beautique” Group to offer a 25% discount on each perfume for holders of the Ainawi Card.”

On his turn, Yaqoub Yousef Al Hammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Oud Beautique” Group, expressed his pride, honor, and a great pleasure for joining the partners of one of the most prominent and best Emirati and Asian football clubs ever.

Al Hammadi pointed out: “The name of the” global “Al Ain Club” motivates all large and prestigious companies to compete to conclude a partnership and sponsorship contract with the Club.”

“We could not find a big name that matches the high ambitions of our group better than the Boss’, given that the five perfumes are manufactured per the international specifications and by French experts and specialists, in addition to our Emirati expertise,” he said.

Al Hammadi went on to say: “We plan to have a partnership with the Boss that lasts for years to come. We do pledge to keep pace with the signs of development and produce the best global products consistent with our big Club’s aspirations and its loyal and grassroots and lovers of the Club worldwide. We wish the Boss all the best of luck and to win more titles.”

Al Hammadi pointed out that the partnership agreement entails providing a unique sponsorship for the “Sabah Al Ain” (Al Ain Morning) Program broadcasted weekly on Al Ain TV Channel.

He hailed the channel by saying, “It is unique with its content meant to keep pace with indicators of prestigious media development.”
Al Hammadi signed off, stressing that “our group looks to boosting its partnership with Al Ain TV Channel by sponsoring other programs as of launching its new programs that would be announced in the upcoming few days.”