Led the Online Training Sessions of the Special Olympics Champ.. Mohannad El Enezi Puts a Joy on the Faces of People of Determination

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Al Ain is A Club of Values and Principles, and I am Proud to Share the Best Moments with the Champs

Feelings of Pride and Pleasure are Always Associated with Our Permanent Input in all Creative Initiatives

Al Ain “International” Defender Mohannad El Enezi expressed his most profound pleasure, and honor for joining the Special Olympics champs in the evening online training sessions on Thursday 2nd July 2020 via the virtual platform.

They were all over the moon while participating in the training sessions, particularly when the pure-hearted champs discovered the genuine and warm feelings their beloved star show in each and every word and movement. He expressed to them how much he cares for then and appreciates them while training at home in the yard he dedicated for personal training sessions due to the breakthrough of COVID-19 pandemic.

Holding a BA degree in media and Training License “C”, Al Ain star supervised the training sessions of the men and women football teams. This motivated them to exert more effort and show their best during the time allocated for the training session.

El Enezi stated: “Al Ain Club’s principles and values push all its members to actively participate in the creative initiatives and social activities in support of the loyal UAE nation. Al Ain Club strives hard to consolidate the comprehensive club’s concept whose activities are not only limited to sports activities. This explains why all the players show their desire to be part of any social activities and embody the humanitarian message’s genuine meanings in our beloved homeland.”

In response to a question on the training session held for the champs, he commented: “I arranged a light training program under the theme of active participation and deepest appreciation for the champs of the Special Olympics. I was so keen to keep a close eye on the movements of each one of them through the virtual platform during the warming-up session and then running and controlling the ball. This made me happy, and I could see that in their eyes. It could not be described, and I feel speechless. Indeed, everybody was so keen to train.”

As for the chat he had with the champs of the Special Olympics following the end of the training session, he said: “All of them requested to have an online private session to answer their questions. It was a pleasure to meet their request as I felt so relaxed while dealing with these champs who receive our wise leadership’s attention to activate their role in all aspects of work.”