Mohammed Abbas: Defending the Boss Badge is a Massive Responsibility


Al Ain Mohammed Abbas stressed that it is important for the Boss squad to snatch the matchweek 26 three points.

“We must win Hatta with all due respect to their aspirations. We would play the coming match as usual though it is the last one in the season.

Commenting on a question on whether this last match does not make any difference, he said: “Since we were playing in junior teams in the Al Ain Football School and Football Academy that we all are held accountable when it comes to defend the Boss badge. We are all set to play honourably even if it is the last match in this season. We all must redouble our efforts and fight hard in all our matches and hope to end this season well.”

As for joining him to the first football team, he commented that it is every player’s dream to play with stars of the Boss.

“It is the nicest dream ever. However, I have to spare no effort to improve my skills to keep my position in the first team. I hope all will be OK and wish the players and myself all the best,” he concluded his statement.