Mohammed Ahmad: It Is All About the Boss’ Name and Charisma to Return to Normal


Al Ain Fans Are No#1 and Have the Upper Hand in All Stadiums … The Evidence is Our Last Match Against Al Wahda

Players Vowed to Show Genuine Fighting Spirit to Win All Remaining Matches

We Have Firm Will to Win Al Nasr Team in Matchweek 20 With All Due Respect to “Al Ameed” Squad Aspirations

Al Ain Team Defender, Mohammed Ahmad, affirmed that preparations for matchweek 20 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Nasr are on the right track and as planned.

“Each match is unique and should play it in a certain tactic set up by the head coach considering the conditions of the opponent,” Mahammad Ahmad added.

He hailed the opponent saying: “Al Nasr is good team and deserves to be respected despite their current place on the standing table. Their performance is improving since the start of the second round of the league.”

Meanwhile, he stressed that the squad players should play with high level of concentration considering that competition between teams is fiery. He also pointed out that Al Ain Team deals with each match separately and that sights are set to win the guests and snatch the match’s three points.

Responding to a question on the secret behind jumping from 7th spot to competing to be at the top spot, he said: “After the blessings of Allah Almighty, it is all about the Boss name and charisma. It is not accepted to see Al Ain Team not competing to win titles of all competitions regardless of the challenges facing the team.”

Mohammad pointed out that it happens sometimes in the beginning of any season to be not lucky enough because of injured players or the new players need more time to adapt with their teammates. He sees that it is the role of the head coach analyses the situation and set his plan to achieve the desired goals.

“All the Boss players vowed to exhibit their winning spirit and be serious to fulfill the aspirations of the Ainawi Nation. Not to forget also the spirit of the one family, the massive support of our fans and the consolidated efforts exerted by members of the Club, including the coaching teams, admin staff, players and supporters,” he said.

Mohammad Ahmad commended the efforts of all Ainawi fans and described them as the invincible fans and player No. 1 in the team.

He said: “Fans always boost our team’s strength and as players we must exert double efforts to make them happy, given that our fans enjoy the culture of ideal cheering up.”

“Our fans have the upper hand in all stadiums and it was proved in our recent match against Al Wahda as all tickets sold out and still there were dozens of them kept out of the stadium. I hope they will continue supporting the team and they do not need invitation to attend our matches,” Mohammed concluded.