Mohammed Shaker: It is Highly Important to Win Khorfakkan


Al Ain star defender of Al Ain Team, Mohammed Shaker, stressed that it is important to win Khorfakkan give that Al Ain’s squad is all set to kickoff the new season.

“It is highly important to win the guests with all due respect to their aspirations,” he said in the online pre-match press conference.

He commented on a question on the pressure the defenders were exposed to, given that the team conceded seven goals in only two matches of ACL-2020, he said: “Definitely, the head coach is trying his best to fix all issues facing all the team’s lines including the backline. Improvement could be realized especially in the last two matches of ACL-2020.”

He concluded his statement by wishing his team all the best and be able to meet the personal and all the fans’ ambitions.